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Spring Begins @ 133!

Spring will have officially arrived when we invite you to join us for our 2nd Annual  Spring Open House March 20 – 22 !  It is all about the “Natural Farmhouse” trend, a new season and how to feather your home decor .  It has been so invigorating getting the shop transformed and folks I have flipped our decor completely001 already two times in 2015.  I know I must be possessed.   I plan this out on paper for weeks knowing all of the new decor I have ordered and getting to execute it is like giving birth.  I can hardly wait to see if you are as excited over the changes as the shop girls and I are.  The girls have all worked hard to give you new quilts for our “2015 Spring Collection”.  The quilts are like the frosting on the cake, it is the inspiration I count on to make everything exciting for all of you.   This is the year we can say028 in fanatically one of the trending colors that has been been missing is back!  If you look at my new Settlement Collection you will see it is a big player it is BLUE!  Blue is comforting but what I am loving is “Textures”.  I am beginning to see texture is the secret ingredient, that is where you get depth, create interest and richness that complement your natural homes.  the quilt on the bed is called “Independence Day”, it was my inspiration for the Settlement Collection, it is a whole clot011h fabric and it has been put together and quilted exactly like my antique.  A big thank you goes to our quilter Sue for making this happen.  You will also get a small version alternative in the pattern to make a table topper.  The large quilt is 85″ x 92″ and kitted sells for $99.50.  You can see from these photos that grey and 011brown play well with the blue.  

Selma has designed “Mississippi Flyway” using the grey, brown, cream and blue combinations in the new fabric line.  It is hands down another winner, it has great movement and interest this could easily be a choice for your spring sewing project.  This quilt measures 62″ x  76″ and the kit sells for $116.00.

“Whippoorwill Lane” is a new natural designed by Suzanne.  It is visual014ly soothing to look at and has that Natural Farmhouse feel that’s trending today.  This quilt measures 75″ x 85″ and kitted sells at $124.50.   Patterns are needed for all of our kits and retail for $9.00.  We can always add backing if you want us to. 

The next quilt is known as “Aubrey Corners”.  Aubrey Corners was designed by Suzanne.  This pattern001 came out last fall and our kits sold out immediately and that is when we decided that the Settlement fabric would be a wonderful alternative so that is how this quilt evolved.  It is a great quilt for spring and when we were getting it ready for fall market it was great shown off with fresh Christmas Greens too.  The colors dance through the design and are like looking at Easter eggs or Christmas bulbs.  I chose to show this quilt off as a topper on our table.  Fresh blo015ssoms and white dishes are just the perfect accent this quilt can support.  Aubrey Corners measures 63′ x 70″ and the quilt kit is available for $105.00. 

Suzanne also made up this Laundry Basket Quilt pattern called “Scrappy Chevran” .  You have to admit this is a pretty impressive quilt.  It is also patterned after an antique quilt Edyta Sitar owns.  This quilt really fits into our spring theme too.  It measures 64 1/2″  x 76 1/2″ and requires a whole lot of fabric to create the visual th019at’s needed.  The kit is $183.00 and the pattern is $10.00. our Vintage Doll sells for $58.00. You will find the urn filled with pussy willows, fresh bags of lavender, nests with greens, metal organizers, and the reproduction bee canvas I used as the backdrop all drawing you into the new season.   We can order the  Apiary Printed Canvas, they are sold as a set for $150.00.   You might want to consider a smaller scaled framed set for $137.50 and we have them in stock.

We have another new quilt in our spring collection by Edyta Sitar.   We fell in love with this at fall quilt market  it is called “Gift Basket”.  I could hardly wait until it was made but finding the right fabric is always the first ingredient for us.  It just so happened Marcus Brot022hers New Spice Palette Collection was what got us inspired.  The quilt measures out to be 56 1/2″ x 64 1/2″. This size is great  for your wall or used as a spring cover up.  The kits are $107.00 and the pattern is $10.00.  I will have a picture for you sometime before Friday, Gwen is finishing the binding 024tonight.  Its pretty swell for sure.

I hope you can remember our “Long Winter’s Nap” and it has been a long winter for many of you but this quilt is the perfect way to welcome Spring.   I love this quilt and when you see it again you will agree it is a classic.  It is 72″ x 90″.  The  setting fabric, a woven homespun, is what makes this quilt come together.    The kit is $164.00. 

“Friendship House” was another great quilt we introduced to you last year.  It is a pattern designed by Suzanne.  It is a very usable size measuring out at 81″ x 94″.  The kit sells for $187.00.  I have it displayed on our mantel.  I am expecting a beautiful sampler to arrive that will be displayed with it.  Its a007ll definitely a good natural look that f028its into our Farmhouse themed open house.

The last quilt I will talk about tonight is called “Jamestown”.
This pattern is also designed by Suzanne.  It uses my Settlement Collection.  The kit is $112.00.  It is a s
maller quilt that would make a great cover up.   

Spring Blooms natural eggs, old grass , great wooden bowls, fresh scents, olive display buckets, antique bottles I am loving to use, olive branch stems, and citrus and boxwood wreaths and wire angel wings are just some more ideas for you to ponder on. 

Here is another real013 great thing you have already seen our new handwork  it was made for our Natural Farmhouse theme for sure.  Everything goes and that couldn’t make me any happier that is a023lways my ultimate goal when I am buying.   Just look at Chessie & Me’s new spring handwork.  ”

This is one of our n023ew  Mona B spring bags which is kind of perfect.  We also have many new  infinity scarves to dress up your Easter attire you will also enjoy.    I am going to stop here and will plan to add more pictures before Friday.

Happy Spring!