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More Ideas with Timeless Appeal for your home!

One of the my n016ew favorite items we bought this past market is a  great pre-finished runner for your table scape.  There are three new ones but this one spoke to me.  I love this soft neutral020 plaid because it happens to be classic style that never goes out of style and goes with everything. It is soft grey, old muted mustard and tan.  Right now it  fits and has become a wonderful summer addition for my table.  I love the olive branches we sell and using them in old jars seems right for me.  I am slowly getting ready for Carol Hopkins arrival.  It is always fun to freshen you space so this was one of the things I thought would lighten things up in my summer decor.  The runners are all pre-hemned on the sides so you just need to determine your length and allow for hemming the ends and you are ready to enjoy. 

All of the new runners run $8.00 per 024yard.  The all neutral runner is just that but has texture and the red stripe could definitely be used in several ways.  I see it patriotic and used for the 4th of July but in Wisconsin badger country you wouldn’t miss there either.  Everything would work with most dish patterns.  It’s a good thing.

It’s not officially “summer”  but after Memorial Day we all begin feeling it is.  It’s time to day dream big with us!

  I hope your weekend was not dampened too much by the rain.  We had a great Saturday but after tha040t the rains came and Sunday was a soaker.  Finally it has cleared out and the sun is out but they say more is on the way.  Lucky for us it was gentle and we needed it, so we are literally sporting lush spring green in Spring Green just in time for all our June events!  Our hearts go out to customers in Texas and Oklahoma  041that may be facing mother natures worst.

I had a great Memorial Day!  I was able to play in the shop.   When I’m alone and can think with no interruptions it’s a good day!  I moved  furniture and began to get ready for guests arriving for the Wisconsin Shop Hop and Grand Old Flag.  I always feel good when things get changed up.  It will change again as we get to reveal our Wisconsin projects but not drastically.  We can hardly wait for this event the fabric this year has been really fun to work with and the shop girls have have really knocked it out of the park.  

Surely you have been noticing there is alot of blue in our palette this summer.  It’s ba002ck, it was  super hot for years but I really think we all got tired of it.  I personally think when grey came on the scene it revitalized all the blue hues.  Its a classic color that never goes out of style and with grey being used 014as a neutral you have a wining combination. 

Take another look at Selma’s “Mississippi Flyway” quilt hanging on the cupboard door on the left.  This quilt is really neutral , it has an airy feel and has great movement in the blocks.   On the right you see “Rochelle” hanging on top of the bed rails.  This really is a classic summer quilt.  This pattern and quilt is Suzanne’s.

“Jamestown” is another classic.  Suzanne designed this quilt too.    The stripe fabric and the setting fabric are favorites of mine, I loved them in the antique quilt and everytime they are used I always love them more.  All038 of the fabrics in these quilts are from my Settlement Collection.  This has been a fun line to work with, its classic, it can be bold, it can look very patriotic and super soft.  I like it because it works with my previous lines and is relevant enough to work into the fabric we have on the floor 006something I think is important. 

Bee’s are the other hot item this year.  Many folks we know are putting them on there properties and enjoying tending them with hopes of harvesting some healthy sweet honey.  “Bee Garden” is a quilt we have on special this month and the colors work well with the new classic style you are seeing.  It is all about layers, architectural elements and textures.  Our reclaimed aviary canvas prints, old skeps and interesting silks make your  decor standout and have been hot items this spring.  026 

These tin drawers are so great to look at but the fact they are useful makes them even more special.  You can stack several and store lots of great necessaries in them.  What a great idea for organizing your 001handwork and priced right at $45.00. 

“Dream” is a new pillow you might have a special place for and on the serving tray you can see Selma’s “Desoto Stars”  this makes a super topper for your summer table.  She also used the Settlement Collection and this shows you how you show off more color but the borders and background really complete this. 

I am already working hard on my next new line.  It will be shown in Houston this fall.