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The Sampler’s Story of August!

Can it be August?  Some how it is and I’m all of a sudden there!   The leaves are falling due to lack of rain and the it just seems that fall is in the air, the growing season is coming to an end, and that means it is time for a new story from us.  I have been playing in 001the shop all day today which is what I love.  It is bittersweet for some as summer nears its end but it also meets a yearning for fall and all its splendor.  We have twenty seven days to savor August so that’s twenty seven days we can give you a glimpse of what is to come.  I s017ay its going to be exciting, inspiring and meet your expectations of us.   The girls are busy finishing many new quilts which will be previewed when we have our Fall Expo Open House. 

Today I’m thinking about how much fun it is to begin the process of transforming your decors into a whole new season.  What a rush!  Our “Fall Expo Open House” is relatively close and I am confident you will enjoy the Schoolroom setting this year, it will be a giant showroom for you to enjoy filled with what we would be bringing to the Expo only there will be much more for you to see and enjoy envisioning in your own home setting.  Let the anticipati033on begin.  I filled our bin large antique scoop with new fall foliage today.  It retails for $170.00 but it makes a great decorating statement filled just right for any time of the year.  We have new fall berries, rose hips and other foliage perfect for the new season.  I have new turkeys, pumpkins, and our reclaimed wooden birds on pedestals with tin wings reall034y are super special. 

Remember the old “Bars and Stripes” antique I found and had the girls reproduce this spring?  We introduced it to you at Grand Olde Flag but I finally got to put it on a bed for you to really appreciate.  I love how old it looks and hope you will love it as much.  It measures 70″ x 80″  the pattern can be purchased for $9.00 and the kit is priced at $132.00.  

So when you think of fall in Wisconsin you surely are thinking football at Camp Randall.   There is still time to get your“Game002 Day”on007 with our stadium coverup it measures 69″ x 88″ and the kit sells for $71.00, we like the idea of adding a soft cozy flannel for the backing to keep those cold winds at bay, so if you do decide to get you blanket pieced and want to have us include the backing please let us know when you order so it can be included.  The pattern is sold separately for $9.00.  Don’t forget about our “Badger Bash” runner and “Tailgate Topper” which will make those parties even more extra special. 

If you have begun to think of fall piecing and handwork we have a super collection of fall prints by Stacy West who is the pattern writer for Buttermilk Basin patterns.  They really are quite perfect for the season just see for your010self.  Selma is using several in a new quilt you will see in our New Fall Quilt Collection.  As you can also see we are still into the Bee’s around here.  The old canvas prints and the framed p014ieces really add to your wall eye candy.

Still love this sign:  “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take“.  Lots of truth in this little sign and sometimes we just need to throw the caution to the wind and go for it.  

The quilt we called “The Northwind Quilt” Gwen did up for us last winter is another fall idea that might have slipped your mind.  The colors Gwen chose make this  a perfect choice for your fall table topper. Measuring at 56″ x 56″ you could also put it into y006our wall decor.  The kit is $150.00 and the pattern, a Paula Barnes, is $10.00.   You will  also notice one of the new turkeys on our table display.  He is quit020e handsome and sells for $31.50.  la D Da’s Krissy Nelson is also in the picture.  Another sampler with good colors.  You can see Stacy Nash’s Turkey Hill in the first pictures posted.  We have lots of good fall ideas.

FYI:  The new Prairie Schooler Santa will be here this week along with some other new patterns.  Stacy Girl Club is shipping, so the shop girls are keeping busy.  If you are member of this club and think of some other needs please call us and we will be happy to add to your auto ship to save on shipping costs.  I hope you enjoy the August story @133.