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It’s that Time: Please enjoy a preview of our Expo Open House!

It is hard to believe we are about to open the doors at 133 for our 1st Annual “Expo Open House”.  This has been a big gamble for me this year but with my aging staff including myself we all knew last year it was time for a change. Loading and unloading that U-Haul, putting things back and the long h001ours just was not working anymore. But here is the good thing about this,  many of you make a point to visit the shop every year either coming or going or while you are at the show anyway.  So with that in mind and knowing I had the capability of being able to simulate the booth  in our spacious SchoolRoom I decided to make it happen.  The SchoolRoom is 1400 square feet verses a 10′ x 20′ booth space.  This showroom atmosphere makes shopping easy, we are set up to do all your transactions right here.  We are offering some amazing005 extra perks.  You will be able to purchase my selected, retired Quilt and Cross -stitch models and I have a SHOW SPECIAL that I think you will be interested in as well.   You will be able to purchase my New Settlement Collection Fat quarter and Nickel fabric cuts at a greatly reduced price.   I hope you will take advantage of seeing us at 100133, the shop is full of great fall Home Goods and quilt inspiration.  

Now it’s time to get acquainted with our new Fall Quilt Collection.  The first new quilt was inspired by a photo I cut out of a magazine.  It was a classic primitive and knowing the fabric we have in stock I was sure we could make this quilt come to life.  It is presented on the bed in the shop and it is stunning, we used my cotton velvet in the quilt and as a border and binding so guess what?   It not only looks awesome it f015eels awesome to.  It is 90″ x 108″ and the “Vintage & Velvet” kit retails at $182.25.  Suzanne made this one for us and you can get her pattern  for $9.00.  You can also see several other great quilts from the Settlement Collection in the pictures shown.  “Jamestown” is on the bed and the colors are so right with our new Vintage and Velvet.  You can also see “Mississippi Flyway” hanging on the cupboard door.  The next quilt I am going to show you begins my virtual tour of our Expo Showroom. 028

“Pioneer Trails” is a wonderful quilt project you could incorporate into your fall/winter decor and it was designed by Gwen.   Again we used texture to add interest and our new Vintage wood and iron buckboard arrived in time for display.   We just happen to be using using this piece in our Christmas decor this year.  The quilt measures at 66 1/2″ x 76″.  Kits are $77.50 and the pattern is $9.00.  

The next quilt was designed by Carol Hopkin’s we all fell in love with it when she was here for Gran021d Olde Flag so Selma got to make it up.  FYI: Carol’s model will be featured in a future Quiltmania pub.  You will be happy to know kits are available for this little masterpiece at our open house. 

This quilt is known as “Give and Take” and is 69″ x 90″.  Kits sell for $150.00.  Carol also had another new pattern we were drawn to it is called “Dominoes”.  Jeanne made this mo020del up, it is a great wall size measuring at 30″ x 41″ and the colors are rich and appealing for this time of the year.  I think it even looks like dominoes, the kits sell for $48.00.   

Our Selma is always on the look out for a good Halloween quilt.  She and Jim were married on Halloween so it has a special place in her heart as it does for many of our customers.  It is not always easy to find these great quilts but this year the Fall issue of Primitive Quilts mag019azine had just the perfect quilt for us.  We call it “Jack-A-Boo“,  this quilt is for grandson Jack who also loves Halloween.  There is wool applique used to give it just an added element of texture and it is just a great size to grace an entry at 48″ x 48″.  The kit is $72.00. and magazine with the pattern which is full of great pattern is sold separately.  Suzanne has been wanting to do a remake of our Wate020rman pattern since we had so many wonderful linens and  fabrics I was totally up for this one.  It is a classic neutral quilt one that can be used easily in any decor.  The quilt is 72″ x 90″.  We are all loving it and I had Suzanne make up a linen toile pillow to just show you how it can be dressed up.  She calls her quilt “Cottage French”.  This kit sells for $177.75. 

You can see another Gwen quilt in back of the bed. We call this the “Southern Wisconsin Rail”.  Tha015t is the name of the train that makes its way through the village every day.  Now isn’t that just about perfect?  I love it when we can make it personal.  This particular quilt is 70″ x 80″.  The kit is available for $120.00.  It really is a lovely fall quilt idea. 

We always have to give you a little incentive for Christmas and this year we have some really wonderful offerings.  You know we started a new club this year called Tied t002o the Past.  This was going to be for the club but we ended up having more members that kits so consequently it has been re-purposed for our show.  We call this beauty “Carriage Ride”.  Lavonne made up this model for us, she is so good with color that we knew this one was going to be a winner.   It was quilted and tied just right for a cozy winter carriage ride and as luck would have it a  new sleigh arrived just in time so the quilt is right at home displayed in it.  This quilt is 56″ x 72″.  The kit is sold for $110.00.

Several years 032back we made up a quilt called Boxed Blessings.  That pattern is such a great one and when we began getting our new flannel fabric in we knew this would be one of the quilts we needed to get made up.  My Reed thinks this is our best quilt.  They are all good but he loved the colors.  It is a quilt like Big House, it makes a statement and lights up a wall.  I know you will enjoy putting this one together.  We are calling our quilt “The Gift”, it is 56″ x 70″ and the kit is $99.00. 

Speaking of gifts, Selma has just finished a new Nickel Club quilt.  It is ca022lled “Lizzy’s Gift”.  That would be for her granddaughter, Lizzy!  We made extra because we knew it was one you would want to make so if you are in the club you are getting yours shipped this week and if your not we have several extra available at Open House.  This will make a great topper for a table or wall quilt, it is 54″ x54″.  Your kit is packaged with the pattern for $101.50. You are sure to love Selma’s new pattern.

Our last new 015model is a  great table runner for the season, simply known as “Homespun Table runner”.  It is 16 x 42 made up out of our great homespun fabric in the shop.  It is packaged complete with backing and binding for only $39.75.  The pattern is needed.  I can see this little beauty on the table with a basket of gourds and Indian corn, a great Thanksgiving idea.  It seems to me it must be time for some new handwork from 133.  I hope you will find a way to visit us during this busy Quilt Expo week, the girls have worked so hard to entice and inspire you to come out.  I hope you have enjoyed getting a sneak peek for before the actual Expo opens.  We will open tomorrow if you are traveling our way please stop by.