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It’s the most wonderful time of the year again @133!

It seems surreal056 to me that it’s suddenly Christmas!   I love the season and this year I even think I love it even more.  The great feeling you get when you walk in our door really says it all.  Its Vintage, its Classic, it’s “Christmas Thyme” !  Our New Holiday Quilt Collection gets previewed005, all the new stitchery is hung and done our way , and the great Home for the Holidays home goods through out the decor is magical.  It is a good day everyday at the sampler this time of the year.  I hope if you haven’t visited us you will take the time to make the trip and let us get you in the holiday spirit.  As you peer in our windows you will see the most wonderful new tree quilt.  It is called “Four Oaks”, it was designed by Jeanne E.. I wanted to have a new tree quilt this year and I was seeing it done in old reds and I couldn’t love it more.  It surely is one of our best efforts.  It measures 72″ x 72″, the kit retails for $148.00 and the pattern is sold separately for $9.00.   I  displayed this beauty over a swell vintage 001reproduction buckboard seat with lots of little trees all around, it just seemed appropriate and set the scene.  It could be a great way to greet your holiday guests. The aged weathered green buckboard is $825.00 and we only have one left.  This could be a great Merry Christm017as idea. 

Looking into the other window you will begin to get the idea of that vintage feeling I’ve been talking about.  The old tin vintage ornament boxes have been popular and then there’s that wonderful old vintage red truck?   We can almost all relate to one of those.   It sells for $185.00.  We only have one left to sell but there are still possibilities of re-ordering if you are in love.   The bottle brush trees seemed to add a festive touch but wouldn’t a fresh green tree be perfect too?  We are all in love with the ne015w Windsor Settee and Estate mirror and the old steamer trunk the truck is on is another wonderful home goods item you may want to think about.  It’s storage and doubles as a coffee table.  i love anything with a purpose.

This next quilt could be one of your new holiday favorites for sure.   It was the hot quilt kit over the  weekend so you can be the judge.  It is calle001d “Peppermint Starlight“.  It is a great size 62″ x 75”, the kit sells for $162.00 and the pattern sells for $9.00.  Trees, wreaths, lights its Christmas again at 133.  I have many wreaths to choose from this year because wreaths are welcoming and its so easy to find


them a home.

Antique quilts are always a good source for my inspiration and when I found this basket quilt and showed it to Suzanne this summer we knew 010it would somehow be a part of our new Christmas collection.  The colors are traditional but it does not scream Christmas.  I like that because good classic design and color is lasting and that’s what we want our collections to be all about.  This kit retails for $148.00 , pattern is not included and sells for $9.00 and it measures out to be

64″ x 73″. 

This is the time of year we  love  to entertain family and friends, we dress our holiday tables from simple to elab012orate and I  appreciate them both ways.  I have dressed our table in the shop with  crisp  white dinnerware, layering simple green wreaths under the dinner plates and then I added a simple compote with pomegranates to the setting.   I am also in love with the stunning sepia tree paper goods we are selling 016this season, they couldn’t be more suited for our classic look.   If your family brings in the tree every year like mine.  Maybe you are lucky enough to have a sleigh or maybe you hunt for the tree, tie it on the car or put it in the pick up truck.  What ever you do its all about the memories,which can be good or bad but they are memories and that is what this season is all about.  we have some great tales at our house and somehow every year they get better.  I think you will love our new “Vintage Tree Farm Quilt”.  It is the right size, 38″ x 46″, to get016 done for your holidays and honestly this size can quilt can go almost anywhere.  The kit comes with wool included to applique the truck and binding for $82.00. You will need the pattern which sells for $9.00.

  You are also going to  notice in the picture a great 076old red reproduction sleigh filled with the coziest holiday “Carriage Ride Cover-up“,  this kit is $110.00, it has been quilted and tied and has a double layers of batting to keep you even warmer when you are out on a cold winter night.  Its a nostalgic idea don’t you think? 

If you love a cozy cover Gwen’s “Pioneer Christmas” quilt is made from our best flannels and sized to fit a bed at 76″ x 85 1/2″.  This quilt will keep you warm and snugly and its aged coloring will be perfect for a cabin setting or primitive 013Christmas room.  Gwen’s pattern is $10.50 because she gives you a great bonus Tree pattern which she has pieced into the backing.  The kit has enough fabric leftover to piece the tree you will just need to choose the yardage for the pieced tree backing if you are piecing the tree.  Its great and its fun and we a071re  highly recommending this option.   Our kit is available for $148.00.  These shop girls do all love Christmas don’t they!  

There are greens, berries and wreaths everywhere you turn around this year, we even have magical fresh wreaths and arrangements for your holiday tables.  The holiday stitchery is better than we have seen in oh so many years too.  There are a couple of good reasons for this, linen and fiber is at its best and that makes the creative finishing end easier for us.  It’s so great to have the right tools when we play.   I love the look of just one color on a sampler too.  023

What would 007Christmas be if not for Santa?  We have several new colors of velvet Belsnickels but the paper mache’ are high on my list of  favorites this season. They are older primitive looking and fit into my collection.  It is getting late and I need to go home and rest up for  my little Jenna’s 3rd birthday party in the morning so I will leave you with a few things to ponder and 014add more next week.  I feel honored to have had Barb and Alma from Blackbird Designs bring friends for this event.  We had a great dinner out, good wine, good conversation and its been a good day for a good day at the s016ampler.  Thank you to all that felt we were worthy.  The letters and numbers are new this year.  Everyone has loved these.

Merry Christmas! 

Today I have a couple more pictures for you to enjoy.   There is nothing like candlelight and the new LED flicker and plain ba048ttery candles are a great choice, you don’t have to worry about someone knocking it over and then having a fire start.  I am sure I have not shown off our  beautiful aged, vintage wreaths yet this year.  The cost per wreath is $67.35 and you can have a bow added for $2.65.   So when I was dressing the new Candle Sconces I was compelled to complete these amazing vintage home goods by layering my favorite wreath over the top .  So051 if you want only the sconce the cost is $110.00 but I think you will want the complete look, add the beautiful flicker candles, the green candle rings and the cost is $220.80.  We also have just the brown battery candles that are just as great they just don’t flicker and move the same as the more expensiv057e ones but they still look swell and that ensemble is only $151.80 and I frankly like just the plain wreath.  It’s classic!.  Speaking of classic, traditional wreaths this amazing full Ho064lly wreath could be another good choice ,it is done in silk, its very regal and would look amazing  on the front door or over the fireplace.  The cost of this beauty is $120.00.

I have to say our beautiful wispy, snowy bottle brush trees, which are new this season, have been so beautiful  when coupled with the new glittered Santa’s.  If you need  a little bling, we have it too!

  Pillows are one of those things that are fun to display, they add a p056op of color to a chair or sofa and make your home feel festive.  We have lots and you can see more on the gallery and with the beautiful linen we have for the holidays you can even make your own.059    Pops of colorful studded lemons and oranges are always a classic choice, I like these because they are done and don’t spoil.  I make the real ones and feel horrible after all the time I spend when they spoil and need to be thrown away.  I like this option and thought 047you might too.   The other thing I love this time of the year is berries, red and white seem to be favorites.  They look so 053good when  put  in amongst fresh greenery. 

Signs are  popular again this season and we have several new ones to choose from so keep us in mind if you have the right space that is calling for one. 

Gotta love this new sampler!  It is one o067f my new favorites this year!  O’ Christmas Tree !  I will continue showing you more tree ideas tomorrow.   I imagine you have all been racking your brains for gift ideas.  We all do, b005ut I know I have found several good things to think about this year.  We just got the most adorable little Red Putford Scissors in the shop.  They are only $12.95.  That’s a great price for a really swell gift.  If you want to add more to it, I have another perfect idea.  If you haven’t seen Stacy Nash’s new“Merry Christmas Pinkeep Drum”, you are about to.  We have it kitted for $24.65.  This is a very quick stitch and when the snow starts to fly why not cuddle up b001y the fire and do some really fun handwork for yourself or a great friend..   I keep showing off our signs and thought you might of missed seeing this one.  It’s always the Nig006ht Before Christmas in this shop!  I like trees, but my favorite little pine trees are these.  This one is 39 1/2 inches tall.  it is full, doesn’t shed its needles from year to year and is a tree to keep out  and enjo010y all through the winter.   It looks really grand in an olive bucket.  We have these too. No mess, no fuss, and only $90.00.  They also look good in urns and old tins.  I have them all over in my house and keep adding more every year, t007hey look great in every room.  We have smaller sizes available too.  Merry Christmas ribbon is available on these antique wooden spools, it is the frosting to your wrap, you might want to try it out on your special gifts, it retails for $12.50.  The ne011w Quiltmania quilt magazine arrived this week along with the new 2016 agenda calendars.   Speaking of gifts the Agenda 2016 is beautiful filled with the most amazing quilt and handwork candy and only 14.95.  What a wonderful way to keep track of you and your quilting adventures!  That could be another good Merry Christmas idea!  When it’s time for a retreat getaway please remember us!  Merry! Merry!  

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day with family and or friends.  It is one of my favorite days for so many reasons.  We all get to visit, nothing was hurried the rain kind002 of came in handy at the right time so the hunters got discouraged and stayed at home with everyone instead of going out hunting.  The shop is busy and now it is getting time to get down to some serious shopping, tree trimming, table dressing and decking the halls.  There are only 26 more days left for shopping on line an001d in the shop before we close for the Christmas holiday.  The holiday hours are posted on line under our Events so if you haven’t had time to check please remember to

Today I have to tell you about what I think is one of our greatest Christmas quilt kit values.  Whenever we can offer you an option to make two quilts up with one kit we think our customer are the winners.  Gwen designed the greatest holiday pattern for us.  It is called “Pioneer Christmas”.  She used our popular homespun plaids and we love the end result.  You have seen the all over patchwork pictured but here is your second option a great “Pat001chwork Tree” design.  The quilt is a great usable size, you could reverse it or make two.  If you reverse it you will be just adding the backing needed to complete the quilt top.  The kit is priced at $148.00 and makes two  76″ x 85″ quilt designs, remember to order the pattern you will need it.  Christmas is so fun!    This week our  Christmas flour sack 001towels arrived.  Oh my goodness there are five great designs to choose from.  These little gems could be the perfect hostess gift idea priced at $14.95.  We also got in the most adorable  New ” Putford Scissors” I think these are keepers and what a great gift to tuck in with a present for your handwor004k buddies!  The quilt dots are another super good idea  affordable and they are really great.  You can find about any quilt pattern, there 014are collections of Jo’s favorites and Paula’s favorites the list is amazing.  I love the Candy Cane tins for only $7.50 you get 3 really neat red and white dots for the season or the bookmarks for only $6.25.  Add a bracelet, a necklace or key ring. and you have one swell little gift.  Ho! Ho! Ho! Isn’t this fun!!