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Getting Festive

I added new items to the blog yesterday December 14thActually some really swell deals you might want to check out! 

Today is new day, its a good day because its our shop girls Christmas party!  We were all going to our friend 029Ruth’s house but she is sick so onto plan B, I 034have to say I have been scrambling to get things ready at my house but hopefully it will be just fun to be together.  Party On, it is going to happen!   I have not done a lot this year at home as we are going to Riverbanks for Christmas.  Reed is out to the farm combing the hills for a tree we leave in the morning and I have two days to get the house ready.  I can hardly stand it that I don’t have a real tree at my house.  It’s kind of making me crazier than usual but I thought I would show you a few snippets of my holida025y crazy! 

Several of you ask and seem to enjoy seeing what I’ve been up to so I will attempt to give you a peek.  I don’t kn031ow about you but I do have my favorite handwork and this is the one time of the year I like to get it out.  I seem to like my samplers and Christmas  handwork best.  It does seem like my Santa’s love to get out and mingle with the antiques and  a bit of fresh boughs and yes a they like the handwork too.

The other thing I always like  to try and do is to place things just right so they reflect in the mirrors I have through out the house. 

I love natural, classic table settings so my table  right now is pretty plain as it is017 ready to enjoy a buffet style party with friends that might stop by.  I am a white dishes fan, I like to use risers and greens always add the frosting. 

I do seem to have a thing for  wreaths, they are simple but make me happy and I think they are welcoming to all that enter.014  Since I haven’t been able to part with all of my pumpkins  and since this is a hardy one he is the center of the game table and all he needed was for me just add greens.  I also like to dress the top of my old cupboards 010 that I have filled with some of my  collectible treasures.  Then there are baskets, crocks, old bowls, olive bu013ckets and tins that seem to get filled up too with quilts, greens and red and white pillows.  Notice my favorite framed Vintage paper?  I love these old papers when they get tucked abo001ut, they are only $5.00 and look how great they make your h007oliday home look.  Now all you need is to add the scents of the season which we have lots of ranging from the Thyme’s diffuser sets which  just a reminder folks they don’t wear out!   I am still using mine from last season.  Amazing!  I also the love the sounds of the season, I find the seasonal favorites comforting and stimulating.   So light your candles, turn on the music and wrap your presents and finish up your gifting.  Keep it classic and simple and try to enjoy!  It is the season and all of us girls are pretty amazing as we take it all o016n but its rewarding when we see the enjoyment it brings to the family and that’s what we live for.  Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me!  Hope you enjoyed my Merry Little Christmas!  I will show you Riverbanks if I get there and get it ready.  I can hardly wait.  Biggest kid Ever!!!