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The 1st Day of December:

I thought I would share with you some of my very favorite finds for the season. First I have just a quick FYI  for you before I get into it:   I am consta027ntly adding to blogs but I don’t know if you actually go back to a blog that was written and ever look at it010 again.  I have been adding new things weekly since our Open House, so even if the date is December 1st first if I feel the product falls into the title I will continue the blog by adding new thoughts and product to it and it probably will be toward the end.  

My first favorite thing is our trees, I’m sure you have already noticed I am always a little out there when it comes to trees.   One of my favorite things to do is put our pines in our old olive buckets or let them stand alone.  We bought several antique ones and I love to put trees in them at home so I thought you might want to entertain022 the same idea since we have some really swell little pines this year and old and new buckets in several sizes to fit your needs.  Ther028e is something about them that makes you smile.  You could even have them at your front door to greet your holiday guests, add the battery lights and what is simple looks so great. 

Bottle Brush trees are another favorite, the new white airy ones are new this year , we also have green ones all decked out in there finery and in adorable little red buckets.  There are tinsel brush and olive brush trees as well. You could start your own tree farm with the choices we have to offer.  020

Tinsel trees are an019other favorite.  They fall into more of the Vintage decor.  I remember when I was growing up my mother went through a faze and loved the tinsel.  Here’s the thing, the tinsel trees we have today are so much better, come in antique holders and sparkle when the light hits them and they lo014ok great mingled in with your traditional greens and antique decor.  

Remember St. Nicholas Day is coming this week:  So I was thinking just because Santa’s happen to be on my list of  favorite things I will have a great little surprise for you beginning on December 1st – December 5th!    You can order any of our Santa009‘s and receive a 30% Discount!!   This year our Santa’s come dressed in elegant velvet coats in many colors, they are glittere011d and have Vintage chenille trims. The newest Santa’s are made out of paper mache’.  So much fun and they love our trees and greens so much I know they would love to be part of your holiday decorating decor!  Now that things are  about to get really fun don’t miss o001ut on this offer! 

My next favorite thing for your consideration is something I think is important.  Wreaths welcome you into the house, they are equally welcoming in the wind002ows , I put them on pedestals with my favorite punch bowls and cookies to just add a holiday touch.  Its simple, its all classic but if you need a little frosting so to speak I love to add beautiful ribbons and we have seve008ral to choose from in many styles and widths the rich velvet on the light wreath really speaks to me.  Its new and worth a look.  There are more yet more new styles you might want to picture.  Our silk Holly wreath is one of the nicest I can remember ever seeing and fol057ks as with any of these wreaths you see you will have them forever and they are timeless.  I picture this one on old shutters on the wall its an idea trending and a good one.  If you want a bit of glitz you might want to think about this one.  I  really love our primitive sconces, they are new and I picture these flanking your m048antel or on the wall flanking a mirror.  When you add the new battery flicker candles things get even better. 

Wire wings!  When Selma and I first saw these we 010were so excited.  They had them displayed so uniquely on mirrors with wreaths.  You can layer them with wreaths, hang them over your cupboard door or even put them on a wreath with ribbon streaming down to invite guests in at the front door.  Are you getting any ideas now?  Its a good look for the holidays an012d really all year.  I will never be too old for these paper dolls.  The Old Primitive Sheep have been a great addition to the holiday plan, they are lightly glittered and come in two sizes. 

Pillows se016em to be another great way to add to your holiday home decor.  I can’t imagine how you could resit these.  They have the old flour sack look, colors are subtle, have that old farmhouse feel that is trending in homes today.  I  also love the idea they are reversible, one is cuter than the other!  Ho! Ho! Ho!  This holiday Cookie and Candy pillow looks like it belo017ngs to the baker in the family but there is one  called Kringle Coal and that is for those naughty and nice folks you kn015ow.  Its just an idea that you might want to add to your shopping list they are affordable and something most people will treasure and remember.  I am going back to my favorite trees.  Selma just finished her new “Pine Tree Table Topper023.  This pattern will include instructions for pillows and the topper for $9.00.  I can not think of a better way to dress your table for the holiday season and the pillows will be great w021herever you decide to put them. 

Kits are available for the topper at $60.00 which measures 41″ x 41″ and the pillow kit makes 3-5 pillows for only $20.00.    We have limited numbers so if you are in love this is the time to jump on this magical Christmas idea. 

Do you feel like a sleigh ride?   I do but there is no snow, we have had wagon rides with our Christmas event so for now that’s as good as it gets.   The horses are all decked with ligh044ts and bells in the evenings, its so cool..  I hope the snow will comes soon.  

This year we have three wonderful sleds we are trending in the shop, a Vintage repr042oduction that’s old red metal, it sells for $440.00.  I love this sled, and it is sturdy enough for a child to even sit in it.  It has infinite decorating possibilities, a tree, greens, a wreath, packages under your Christmas tree would look oh so special It’s a great find.   We have it shown with our “Carriage Ride” quilt. 

Remember the red flyers you loved as a kid?  I had one and so loved a good sleigh ride.  These are much smaller and are perfect for display or serving purposes.  They sell for $82.00.  It is sturdy and a perfect addition to  your holiday decor. 043

The last sled is a antique reproduction made out of reclaimed wood, this one is $138.00.    You will note it is made well.  It would love to stand up by the hearth or your front door or  think about taking it out for a ride.

I feel you039 have missed noticing our wonderful “Vintage Train Set”.   I have had one in our window and it was mentioned but now you can really see it as I have been playing store again today.  This little engi040ne that could has a caboose, a freight car and and engine, and they are not small, they all hook together and just imagine them under your026 tree, they are are significant.  Presents could be in them but I have ours filled with Santa and trees from the north Pole.  This is made by the same company that made our great red pickup. 

The set could be yours for $337.50 and I guarantee it will be a family heirloom.  I hope you are notining our wonderful bells.  They ring really good, you might decide to tie them on a special package or use them as an ornament but if you “BELIEVE” than you will will tuck them in the greens and around your holiday decor.  They come in two s034izes the ones in the pictures are the smaller size for $4.50 and the larger bells sell for $6.00. 

Tis the Season peeps!   I am continuing the Santa extravaganza, 30% OFF seems like it is working for all of us so if you are decorating and kind016 of feel you might need some Santa pzazz give us a call.

OK! Now I am trying to get my Christmas together, its not in Spring017 Green this year like I’m used to.  We are all going to Riverbanks, my mojo is off, and I’m missing my real Christmas tree, I love it at the house, it soothes me and makes me happy all through the season.  I think this is going to be a bit of a challenge for me, I get one day here and one day there and the lights aren’t twinkling yet.  Here is a couple pics of the cottage, I 014really can’t get there until the 16th to really dig in.  Who knows the state of mind I will be in by then.  I made my own studded clove oranges and lemons last year.  Now why would I do this when I can buy ones that never spoil and always look great? The fresh are pretty fragran046t but so time consuming to make, I think I can give up the fresh, buy our orange clove candle and fill my compotes, or whatever I desire and be happy, they are priced at $5.50 a piec049e, the candles are $16.50.  We do know how to make your holiday decorating fun.

Speaking of fun I have another great idea for you but I’m going to make a it a big deal.  Our tin “Merry Christm051as boxes”  are really swell. They are just waiting for someone to love them like we do. So what if instead of $72.50 you could own one of these treasures for only $55.00.  Beginning tomorrow December 8th we can make that happen.  The shop elves have been running around like crazy filling orders so lets keep it up.  We are sending the new Stacy Girl Club autos so this 012could be an easy add on. 

Merry! Merry December! 

The elves are pressuring me today,  they say we are running out of time to get some of our fun gift items out to you before Christmas.   Here is what that means I better think of something quick!  So here’s my Christmas idea!  Do you remember how special the “Holiday North Pole Delivery Bags” are?   They are made out of the old soft  printed flo008ur sack material, they are really roomy, look magical, and this is what I like to do with them.  As a Nana I like to package the different families gifts all together in bags and put them under the tree.  It looks really special and definitely worth thinking about.   The bags were $31.25 b017ut since its the holidays and we think you would enjoy these you can purchase them this week you can take one home f009or $22.00.

I’m not quite done yet, I’m thinking about our Vintage Christmas signs.  They won’t do us any good in the shop, they need a home so you are invited to take a 30% discount off any Christmas sign that suits your decor or what a gift idea.  Kids love them, grown up love them, everyone is a winner when it comes to our nostalgic holiday signage.  Tune in next week for more holiday cheer! 

Toda029y is December 14th!  Time for us to make some amazing holiday Steels and Deals! 

Beginning today quilters we are discounting 032The Gift” quilt kit.  This is such a quick and easy quilt to make and its made out of our best flannel fabric, its so festive peeps! This was Reed’s favorite Christmas quilt this year he thought I needed to have it on the wall at Riverbanks. He has one thing righ001t it would light up your entry wall and if placed by the holiday tree it would indeed be a gift to you and your guests. Another idea would be to use this great quilt to snuggle up in.   The quilt measures 56″ x 70″ and was $99.00 plus $8.50 for the pattern, since me and elves are feeling kind of Merry this week you can have the kit and the pattern for only $70.00. Its ki002nd of magical.

  That is not all we are doing this week!  All of our holiday pillows will be discounted by 40%.  I tell you the shop elves are really excited over this idea and gosh what great gifts these will make. 

It’s all about the art of celebration.  I love this festive holiday setting idea.  Our French wire compote has so many possibilities and looks so swell with greens and fruit, its very traditional and classic for sure.  Don’t forget our great holiday flour sack toweling.  Santa’s Cookie towel works for all the little and big believers.