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Time to Refresh Your Nests:

This is the time of the year we officially get the unique opportunity to “Refresh” ourselves, we get to do a do over so to speak, get091 it right or if we work hard enough we can get it even better.  W090hat a challenge!  I really enjoy this wintry time of the year.   I get to put away the Christmas I loved and get myself into lighter, calming hues.  That is what I’ve been working on for several days in the shop.  The shop girls and I are so ready for this and my guess is you are too.  Whiter, lighter pops mixed with great neutrals feels right, notice the creamware in the cupboard and the “Country French” quilt on the bed.  We are all ready to move in for a long winters nap.  Selma’s “Wintergreen” quilt is on the chair and her “Evergreen” Pillows fit into the decor scheme perfectly.

“Yuletide Baskets” is another sup068er classic quilt Suzanne reproduced from my antique collection.  The thing about classic is it never goes out of style, we introduced it with our Christmas colle104ction but folks this classic is good anytime.  It is displayed on everyone’s favorite quilt rack on the right.  You can also see the wreath I am about to talk about in a couple of the pictures.

I love to add our home goods so the one new thing I have really enjoyed this year is our neutral pine wreaths.  They have looked spectacular everywhere I have put them, you can bow them or just enjoy them plain.  The thought of integrating natural  white tallow berries, tangles of wild rosehips, snowdrops, using our pine trees in old olive buckets just seems right, it brings in texture and the beauty of nature during these wintry 049months.

That brings me to the inspiration for one of my front windows. I was hoping to get out sle109dding but it has decided to rain on my idea.  The smell and warmth of a good wood fire burning, hot cocoa, roasted marshmallows and a good sleighride.  Maybe another day.  This year as in the past we have found wonderful vintage sleds that look amazing inside and out so I am enjoying them in the shop. 

  Cozy quilts are a necessity when you are enjoying a wintry day and we have created several for you this year.  “Long Winters Nap” is one of my favorites and we ar052e getting close to selling through this one so if you are eyeing it you might want to get 102it before we put it to bed for good.. 

“Carriage Ride” is another good choice, I love the way we put this one together.  I had our quilter add a double bat, we tied it and be assured you will stay cozy and warm if you choose this quilt option.   

You can see our favorite sign on the mantel.  In This Home is simply the best, says it all makes a great gift for family or for you.  I have even given it as a wedding gift.  Along with the sign you can see m004y very favorite clock and some of our newest primitive lighting.  Mixing old and new is the style I like best.  “Pioneer Christmas” was Gwen’s new  holiday quilt and it is made out of our favorite flannels and brushed homespun.  You are sure to love this qui110lt and it comes with a bonus as she gives you instructions on how to piece the greatest tree into your backing fabric.  Its two quilt projects in one. 

Vintage home goods fit us and the “Vintage Red Pick-Up Truck” has been a real favorite.  I was able to get my hands on a few more and I believe we still have three left if you had your eyes on one.  I had it filled with trees for the holidays but now it is full of a bucket of silk snowdrops, I alread003y know it will change with the seasons.  It is fun!  Just a quick FYI:  The truck is not easy to ship but it can be done if you need us to.  Notice the letters on the table, I have to tell you people really loved this idea.  They spelled there names,046 towns, greetings. dream, snow even the year.  Its another one of those good things to think about. 

My other front window is peaceful and houses a great vintage linen sofa we sell and my favorite “Velvet & Vintage” quilt.

   I am not sure if anyone has even thought about February yet but for us it is really a big deal.  Beginning on February 1st – 29th our South Central Wisconsin quilt shops “Celebrate the Heart of Quilting” with an incredible Road Trip.  We partnered with the American Heart Association and last year through a silent auction we raised $2500.00 for this worthy organization by selling red and white quilt models.  We have set our sights higher this year and with your help I am confident we will be successful.  All of the participating shops theme there 099shops and dress them in red and white of course you probably already know with our recognizable style there isn’t a stark white involved but neutral whites are definitely what you will see from us. 096

We have brought back two quilts I held from last year, there are not too many kits available but this is your chance to own one of them before we introduce a whole new collection of classic and Farmhouse quilts.  We will have six brand new quilts by February and if you are like most of us February is one of those months you begin to feel cabin bound and need to get out and get inspired.  This is your chance and a challenge i hope you will take and enjoy with your quilting friends.  If you would like more information on our event please check out this web address for more in depth details. 

Here is an example of the red and white projects that are available now.  On the left is “Journey” and on the right our angel is holding “Hugs and Kisses”.  Like I have mentioned these kits are limited but if you are in the mood for some handwork and love the idea of working on a red an113d white project you might have an interest into checki117ng these out.  All of the quilts I am showing can be purchased on line. 

We don’t just have red and white quilts in the shop we have a great array of amazing ribbons in reds and other colors too.  I’m not sure if you are aware but ribbon is kind of a big deal around here.  We use it to wrap our quilt kits but customers use it for projects just because they appreciate how special it makes a gift look.  It’s the frosting so to speak we all love to receive.  I have to tell you about a very interesting “French Wire Compote” that has limitless decorating possibilities.  For Christmas I had it filled with greens, a wreath and our clove studded lemons and oranges, very stunnin074g to say the least.   It will be a great compliment to your table or serving buffet and it sells for $45.75.  Now I want you to visualize with me what will come next.  I am seeing this filled with Spring bulbs or eggs at o005r “Vintage Farmhouse” Open House March 18 – 20.  This is when we welcome Spring into the shop!  We are looking forward to another inspiring year in 2016.  Thank you for your continued belief in us!

Happy New Year from all of US!