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Spring Awakens @ 133!

Thankful its March!  Time for Spring to awaken, even though we awoke to a snowy morning by afternoon it wa001s sunny and melting, that’s what I like about March!  For me it was a good weekend, I was able to get the roping and wreaths down outside and all of t031he winter pines and remnants of Christmas finally stowed away that were bogging me down inside.  It freed my mind to get my house in shape, I had moved things earlier but  things were not quite in place, I was feeling unsettled with it, and now I can’t wait to go home, for now I think I got it right.   I got my tulips, daffodils, lavender and cherry blossoms out and what a lift they give to your decor.

That’s a good thing and when I got that under control I was ready to tackle the shop!  All good news since I leave for needlework Market tomorrow.  Now, I  can feel good about leaving.  So I will share some photos of my nest at home and in the shop in hopes it helps you shop your style with us.  It is kind of amazing when you begin to get everything put away024 and freshen things up in preparation  for a new season.  Its like birthing a  new b040aby without the pain. 

We have amazing rabbits, eggs, nests, new tall urns, wreaths, tulips, pear blossoms, lavender, angel wings, white dishes, quilts, samplers, fresh scents, ribbons, great new inspirational books, baskets, I think downright amazing Vintage Farmhouse goods for your home.  This is just a preview of what you can expect when we celebrate our 2nd annual “Vintage Farmhouse Spring Open House” March 18-20.  Easter comes  early this year so its time to freshen up your nests, dream big, keep it clean and simple and enjoy.  053

I have also put several ne001w pictures up on Facebook you might enjoy viewing.  We are here to help inspire you and I hope this is something you have been longing to see.  

Next week it will be all about needlework.  If you are looking for ideas on displaying your needlework.  I have a great idea.  We just brought the greatest Vintage Tobacco Baskets, mount them on the wall or on a antique shutter and then display your favorite antique sampler in the052m. 

I do love this idea, the baskets are sold in a set of two for $90.00.  You will be amazed how great this idea works and looks.  The color is another thing 036that works great with our recognizable style.  Speaking of baskets this quilt is a favorite,  Its called “Gift Basket”, it measures 56 1/2″ x 64 1/2″.  Are you noticing how much grey you are seeing?  I say it is truly the new black, its stunning and works well with color, it can read neutral or be a focal.   The other color you are going to see a lot of this season is navy.  I have to admit these are two of my very favorite classic colors.  Our quilt kit sells for $107.00 and your will ned the pattern and it is $10.00. 

It’s that gathering seaso050n so fill up your baskets with our vintage finds! 

I couldn’t resist showing one of our favorite samplers, I so  love what 051it says!  It really is what we all want to figure out and find in our lives!  What an idea!  Happy March!