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Spring Market:

I love to be able to say “Spring Market”.  The magnolia trees were in full bloom, the birds were all a chatter, and the temp when we hea002ded North on Monday was 70 degrees.  It is safe to say Spring has sprung in Franklin and I am pretty happy with high fifty degree temps in good old Wisconsin.  Market was  fabulous!  Now we just have to find the customers to buy the amazing projects we have to offer you.  I brought loads 001of linen back you know we can never have enough of linen and I had pre-ordered several linens needed for the projects I knew I would be bringing home so we are good to go for sure. 

I will highlight my favorite finds so you can get excited and inspired as I am and Gwen has everything on line in the cart and posted under the 2016 Market tab on the left.  Stacy always has the greatest booth, its those amazing fresh flowers she  brings to dress her booth.  I snapped a couple pictures but it was not only the flowers she had the super great new projects she designed were pretty inspiring too.  The other new thing she had was old magnets, and thread keeps that were just the best.  Love those needful things and ladies she will be with us at stitch Camp006 in July.  I took a count today and we are already at 19 so that means we could take five more guests.  The roister looks great, so many returning Stacy fans will be with us again.  We can not thank you enough for being apart of our gatherings. 

The sampler you see on the right is called “Sarah Liddle”  It makes up into a beautiful Sampler Bag but it would be great framed so you can decide how you want to see it007.  If you did not make her last Sampler bag this would be a great project to do up, we display ours over our vintage manikin and it always looks really swell.  All of the patterns she did this time  are priced at $12.00. 

I also loved “Mary Bovee”, there is a great urn, a house  and a rabbit, it meets my check list.  It was stitched on 32 count Murkey one of my new favorite Picture this Plus linens.  We did up several pieces on this linen for the holidays and 002had amazing raves.  Who doesn’t love a good old primitive pig?  “Spotted Pigs Pinkeep” was also stitched on Murkey.  This little pinkeep is whimsical, primitive and will be a fun stitch.   

We are all in love with this exclusive market kit.  It is called “Adam & Eve on the Farm Sewing Tray”, it comes kitted complete with everything you need for $56.00.  Awesome sauce I gotta fin009d some time, I have all of sudden put a whole lot of stitching on my bucket list.  This is going to be so much fun to do.  This is only a few so remember to check the market finds for a complete look at everything.  

  “With T008hy Needle and Thread”, Brenda, Brenda how do you do it?  So many good things you will have a hard time deciding what you want to stitch first.    Tone on tone is one of those things that fit our Vintage Farmhouse look because they are pleasing in any decor.   This is going to be a winner.  Love, love this little sewing tray its called “The Gilmore House Sewing Tray“.  We have the trays available to complete this and they are $15.00.  She tells you ho010w to finish it and you will need the 40ct. ale linen and two Weeks light khaki threads.  All of Brenda’s patterns are also $12.00.  One more tone on tone I also loved is called “A Weaver’s Work”.  I took these pictures to share some of Brenda’s  great display ideas.  So many times we all have something we love but don’t think to utilize it and display our treasures inside it.  Well it looks great and you get a bit more bang out of our antique treasures. 

Easter is coming and “Spring Frolic at  Bunny Hill” would be a great addition to your Spring decor.  The hand made band boxes made by Lone Elm are amazing.  They are available from us for $120.00.  The good thing is you can easily pop several designs in and out of your box making it a great display tool all year.  Notice the idea of adding eggs and grass in the box.  It’s a good thing for sure and we carry the eggs 016and grass too.014

  I know so many of you  prim lovers enjoy making needlebooks.  “A Stitch in Time” is a needle and scissor keep and the pattern also includes an adorable Pin Ball.  This was stitched on 35 count gun metal which is on order so if you want the complete look we can help you get it.  This photo also is meant to inspire.  Look how simple this looks and you can show off your antique hoop collection, old threads any antique treasures.   FYI:  We also have the packs of Linen Braid you will need to finish your Pin Ball, it is $2.00.

“Where Hearts 013Rest” and “Red Bird Fraktur” are both great patterns for the bird lovers out there.  The Fraktur is a great piece of stitched folkart and the Hearts Rest nest is just a perfect spring project to cheer you up.  Another favorite that when I first saw it pictured I was not sure about turns out to be down right adorable, you use some of your old button collection.  It is called “Needle & Thread”.  It’s happy and I know it will 019be a great stitch and addition to your sewing room decor. 

There were also patriotic patterns, my favorite was “Liberty for All”, love the urn, bird and flags and its stitched on 36ct. Wren. 

“Good Deeds” is a very sweet garden themed sampler that is worth your consideration as well as  many more you will want to check out.  Love the use of the white iAnn-Harding-1811ronstone and old buttons.  I hope you find this inspiring.

This market I was on a quest to bring back Gigi R Designs.  I know my sampler people will love these designs.  Gigi is from Belgium and so her patterns are not always easy to obtain, I am thrilled and can’t wait to have some models done.  I must be drawn to polka dots for some reason Stacy’s Pigs and now “The polka Dot Cow Sampler”  Ann Harding 1811 is an EnglisThe-Morris-Dancerh antique sampler.  Pigs Cows, whats up with that?  What ever it is, its good, and another good thing is it uses Gentle Arts threads and Weeks 40ct.”Linen” not to say you have to use 40 count.   “The Morris Dancer” is another favorite of mine.  This sampler was  adapted  frThe-Red-Deer-Sampler---GiGiom Maria Cooper’s Sampler, 1790.  I think this sampler will be super fun for you to work on.  The last one I will show you today is called “The Red Deer Sampler” circa 1861 – 1866.  This is a sampler that will stand out, it is a very  impressive design and full of great colors its totally worth your consideration.    There are several more choices and you will find them all on line. 

La D Da is another designer I always enjoy keeping up with in the shop.   Lori’s designs fit us, she likes primitive with a little whimsy and samplers.  We love her style.  Her Rabbits are always funBriar-Rabbit---La-D-Da, love how she took an older rabbit, “Briar Rabbit”, stitched hiCat-&-Dog--LDDm on a smaller count and made him into a little pillow.  Well now it’s perfect, I love it when we can bring back a great design and blow it up with a whole new look. 

I had a favorite, it is called “Cat & Dog”, two simple designs, stitched with the Gentle arts Wool Collection.  We have the thread packs coming and the 32 count Confederate Grey linen and being only about 4 x 4 makes them easy to display.  “Summertime Roll-Up” kit is another one of Lori’s amazing kits.  These are market kits so pretty exclusive aSummertime-Roll-Up-kitd we only have 12 I am sure you will find this kit a perfect fit for a new project.  The kit is complete with accessories, linen, wool, and finishing fabric for $60.00.  the last design I will show is the “Tall House Needlebook”.  I loved this design and am experimenting with a new saffron linen I picked up from Dames of the Needle.  By the way I love what this Dame is doing she has found her niche.  Her new colors of linenTall-House-Needlebook---LDD, pom poms, ribbons, and  even velvet make me crazy.  Wait until you see Sweeney Red Velvet.  I am pretty positive you will be seeing this at Stitch Camp this summer.  I am definitely into houses.  Patterns 006sell for $10 -12 dollars. 

Blackbird Designs finally did it they brought back the Christmas Garden sampler this year in there NEW ” Home for the Holidays” book.  Love this book and most of all the idea all of the customers that loved this amazing sampler can get it again but the book is full of wonderful ideas, and many more new and older retired des020igns we get calls for all of the time.  $26.00 and twelve projects later you will be smiling.  Look at these little treasures, instructions to make them are in this book, I know I will be trying this technique.  The girls always share so many wonderful ideas.  The also started a new collection it is called the Tender heart series, there are four and I am sure you will love 021them all especially if you love making needful pinkeeps.  “Pledge of Affection” is the first and “Sweeheart” pocket is the fourth.  These patterns are $10.00 a piece.  I think you are going to love the new format used for these designs.  Gwen will be adding these designs tomorrow.

  Moving right along, I wanted to put up at least one moGrant-House-1865re today before I go to the newsletter.  Linda from Chessie and Me has released “Grant’s House” from the 2015 Grand Olde Flag Gathering. Everyone has been waiting for this amazing sampler and several other fabulous new designs you will want to consider.  She always Chessie-&-Me-1776has at least one new kit and this year it is called “American Stag”, the kit is packaged complete for stitching and finishing and sells for $30.00.  I know many of you collect her designs and this is one you just won’t want to miss out on getting.   I think I have found a sampler for everyone this year, that is how good the market was.

The Scarlet House is another designer that had many new designs that fits are shop and there are antique samplers that have been reproduced and many designs that are original to choose from.   Several of the designs sold out before I could even get in to see heMary-Linley-1829---Scarlettr so  we are waiting for them to ship in, but not to worry Tanya will have them in our hands by next week.  One of my favorite samplers wasMary-Cook-1795-by-Scarlett- “Mary Linley 1829“, its the bird that strikes a chord with most stitchers and the fact silks  were used is another appealing factor..  So Good, the pattern is $20.00!

Mary Cook 1795″ is another great motif sampler, there is an Adam and Eve and two by two animals, urns, its a really fine sampler you will enjoy stitching, the pattern sells for $26.00.  Both of the Mary samplers were stitched on Lakeside linens and both suggest silkCoverlet-Candle--Scarlet-Hothreads but a conversion to DMC is always offered. 

Coverlet Candle” is one of  Tanya’s original designs  that  could be framed or done as shown as a mat. 

  Heartstring Samplery is one of our younger designers that has always created Feniscowles-Hall-1824---Heaamazing designs you can’t help but notice.  Beth did “His Eye is on the Sparrow” which every time I see the sampler I fall in love with it again.  This year she did “Feniscowles Hall 1824”, it is not a reproduction but was reproduced from an old photograph and since it was in her family tree we are lucky enough to get to enjoy this beautiful sampler.  The chart is $10.00 and is worth your consideration andATS-1871 please note the saying.  The color palette is done in soft over dyed threads on an over dyed 32 count linen. 

Here are a few more of our new samplers from the GiGi R sampler designs.  This sampler is know as “Sampler from Saxony” ATS 1871.  It’s truly remarkable and an amazing sampler project that will be a enjoyable journey for a sMary-A-Bunce-GiGiR-Designsampler lover. 

The chart is $20.00.  I also liked


Accessories, you know how I love these, Stacy did “Primitive Threadkeepers” and “Needle Holders”.  They are not your norm peeps, they are great and I think you will love owning one or more.  cost $12.00. 

The last thing I’m going to  leave you with today is from the Primitive Hare, yes, I met Isabella and what a thrill.  She is such a delight to visit with her and I think you will love what I bought.   I got her dyed linens and have a speci002al limited kit coming but her Rabbit cards spoke to me most.  Easter is coming ladies and what a great way to send a greeting to an old friend that shares your passion for handwork or a favorite family003 member you miss seeing.  The caption reads “Stitching with Love”.  I don’t even want to use them, the rabbit is just the best, it pleases me to just look at them.  You get 6 cards and envelopes for $12.00.  More posts to come.

Happy Handwork!