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Time for my Spring Open House preview: “Natural Farmhouse”

I love this time of the year for so many reasons but right this minute it is mainly all about how the shop feels.  I hope 001I can inspire you to want to create a  part of our special look in your own home decor.  If I can I have accomplished what 012I set out to do.

With the change of season comes a definite change in our color palette.  We expect to see the always popular neutral natural colors, the beautiful fresh lime greens, but you can also expect to see the sunny colors that brighten up your nests but used in our recognizable fashion.  It kind of feels like we have nailed it all this year.  I am all about the look and feel of a “Vintage Natural Farmhouse” so I hope you will enjoy this mini tour of our Spring event and it would be even greater if you would plan on a018ttending. 

You know how I like to use mirrors that reflect the beauty across a room or  something you have placed on a shelf that reflects a favorite heirloom treasure.   You might also want to think about using one of our aged reproduction Tobacco Baskets, hang it on a wall and fill it with a favorite sampler or special painting.  I do like to think out of the box and when I can encourage you to do the same, I will.  We have all 030of the necessary tools to make this all happen for you, we are not just a quilt shop that is only a part of how we want you to think of us.  The little quilt you are seeing displayed in our front window is called “Springtime in Paris” its a pinwheel design. The pattern is designed by Jeanne and Selma and our Barb made it up.   We used the new Basic Grey line of fabric, it just spoke to us and I am pretty sure it will to you.  Its whimsical and the colors say happy!  I love how our old blue antique bowl is the perfect fit.  You will also notice the cotton wreaths you see hanging about the shop.  I love them, had them a few years back and couldn’t get anyone to consi018der them and now that you see them used on Fixer Upper they were being shown in every showroom we frequented in January.

I know through the years my audience and focus has been directed at the boomers because I am one. We are aging, things are changing in our lives but that does not mean we don’t need or want to change up our home goods and style now and then.  When I am too tired to do handwork my home is where I want to focus my energies.   I’m told sixty something is the the new 034forty.  Praise the Lord for that one! 

My goal this year is to try and bring in the X’ers, those forty something couples that love their homes as much as we do but have busy families to care for and they have to work, work, work because there are not that many of them to work.   Just because they are busy folk and haven’t had time to pursue handwork we all love does not mean we can’t help them define there homes with unique, vintage hom010e goods.   I hope to also encourage them to try some handwork along the way, I think its our job to do this  because we know this is what has given us so much happiness over the years.  We have found lasting friendships and its been therapy in so many ways.   This will not be a part of the next generation if we don’t do our part soon. 

If you look at the photo of our bed I had Suzanne make us a new bed cover out of the most wonderful new fabric we are carrying in the shop.  It is light weight, gauzy in appearance and comes in great relevant colors. Its a cotton cloth that washes and drys like no other.  We saw it used at 004market as swaddles for babies, bed ensembles, and even used for sleepwear.  You use the gauze fabric on one side and the coordinating Cuddle Dimple on the other for the swaddle.  It’s so soft, and the colors are so pleasing I think my forty something baby would like to own one of her own considering her favorite blanket is in shreds. 004

Silk flowers are an easy way to lighten your homes and help with the transition into Spring and Summer.  We have so many beautiful styles to choose from.  There are tulips in all sizes and colors, olive branches, pussy willows in two colors, cotton branches and there are numerous ways to show them off.  You have probably  noticed we have several large display pieces this year, but homes today have the high ceilings and can take a signature piece like the the red iron weather vane.  It’s kind of swell! 

Rabbits are our thing every year  and the running rabbit is one of my favorites this season.  I see them and think of012 run (Forest) I really mean “run rabbit run” but I couldn’t resist throwing it out there.  These guys can go anywhere, they are priced  moderately @$41.65, they will easily mount on the wall and if you look back you will see how I have played with that idea too. 

“Kathleen’s Doll Quilt” is one of my favorites, I would use it o006n the table and just look how great it looks with our Vintage blue bowls!   Fill that bowl up with our bags of natural grasses and eggs and its a winning table top for your Easter guests to enjoy.  The pattern is in the new “Jo’s  Little Favorites” book.  Our kits are available for $23.00 and the fabric we used is Betsy Chutchians “Eliza’s Indigo”.  We are all in love with 020this new quilt and the colors couldn’t have been more perfect for the season. This is a quick sew and could be done in time for Easter and ready to enjoy all spring.  Gwen made this up for us.  We have so many sheep that fit too as does the new tin medallion in the background.  The vintage lights are something you might want to notice too.  005

You know how we all loved our red pick up truck this past Christmas well I can also see it used on your table or buffet as the the Little Red Express Egg Truck.  Can’t you just imagine its box filled with eggs and grass.  I just had to throw this idea your way because if you already have the truck this might just be something to think about.  If you011 like to theme your gatherings, and you are thinking about Paris I wanted to remind you of the great napkins that go so well with the white cream ware dishes we love, and the Farmhouse blue and tin bowls.  How perfect is this color?

It seems only appropriate to mention our candles.  Just a flicker of a pleasing fragrance and the glow could begin with us.  We carry some of the finest.  We have amazing new potpourri too, perfect colors, subtle scents it all makes sense.  014

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the arrival of my new “Manor House Fabric Collection”.   We do not have any of the pre-cut packs we ordered but they will be in hopefully next week so you can leave us with your wish list if that is something you would like to own.  The cottons and yarn dyes are so good I am pleased to f016inally get to see them all together and hope you will enjoy seeing the quilts the shop girls have designed for the the line.  We have some on the floor and the others are displayed in the SchoolHouse.  You must stop there anyway and get yourself a little  energy sweet  that makes you smile and think of spring.  Krista is working on the treats.   We have all been working towards this event so I hope you will find it a025 worth your while journey and join us. 

I still have a few more pictures of ideas that I will  be adding tomorrow when the rest of the quilts come.  

Gwen was able to get019 all of the Manor House fabric and kits on line today and will have the new Spring Quilt Collection up tomorrow.  It spells a lot eye candy enjoyment for all. 

You have seen Jeanne’s “Dutch Treat” but our angel is loving cradling it and the colors are pretty perfect, I just had to share her with you again.  Notice the cotton ball picks on her left side and the 008tobacco basket with the a set of  wings hanging on the wall behind her on  her right other side. 

This old picture on burlap looked so good displayed on a  our cheese board I had to share the idea.  The other good practical idea is our egg soaps, they can be purchased individually and displayed  in our popular farmhouse tin soap dishes.  The new soap  you see boxed is called Sweet Tea.   The name alone is surely a sign of spring and 035summer entertaining to come. 

Can’t help pointing out the bunny ribbon, we also have bees and cats.  As you are seeing we are full of good ideas we can’t wait to share.  It’s been a really long winter and I do believe I  have shopped my way through it!  Suzanne has finished her projects.  008

We always love  good doll quilt patterns so Suzanne decided to create “Lolly and Vivian”, those were her girls favorite dolls when they were growing up.  One measures 17″ x 21″ and the other is 18″ x 24″.  We have a kit that makes both of these quilts, backing  and binding is included for $65.50.  Pattern is available for $9.00. 

The next quilt  that sang out to us at market this past fall was called “Driftwood”, its a Laundry Basket004 Sitar Family Traditions pattern.  We tend to love Edyta’s designs.   This particular chevron pattern is done in a colorful array of old prints that fits the new season perfectly.  Our quilt is 65″ x 83″ and kitted sells for $151.00.  We are loving the pops of fresh green throughout  and how it looks with our silk florals. If you have  wall space this would be an amazing006 way to greet your quests and dress your decor for Spring. 

The most wonderful new French Stripe Linens just arrived.     They can be purchased to fit a rectangular or square table and we also got the linen cloth napkins that go with.  The color makes it the perfect choice when it comes to dressing your Easter tabletop.   Its neutral and neutral works  for any occasion.  I hope you remember our great  antique silverware sets, we have carried for the past few years but from to tim013e I like to remind you.   It is the in way to use your  old silverware.      We also have  antique spoon napkin holders that look  swell with our new table linens I was just telling you about. Now I need to mock up a table setting so you could see for yourself.  I am012 using our great creme ware dishes, the vintage silverware and linens but I really wanted you to see Jeanne’s E.’s new “Spring Ahead” table topper.  It measures 42″ x 49″, the patterns are $9.00 and the kits are $59.75.  The linen napkins are $12.95, the rectangular linen cloth is $150.00 and the square linen 011cloth is $75.00. 

I was so excited to get this order, but of course, it came in today so its a little too late to dismantle the whole shop but I had to show you our newest piece of furniture that can be ordered it is called the Farmhouse Sideboard.  I think it is so functional, the Sideboard sells for $2,237.50.  This is a piece that has to be picked up from the sh017op as delivery to residential is not an option.  It will be on display in the SchoolRoom this weekend.   In the background you are seeing several of our other Manor House quilts.  There are a few that did not get kitted yet this week because components were still being shipped to complete.  We will take pre-orders on any of these you might fancy. 

The last thing I will men010tion this week is our block of the month quilt called “Latmer Farms” designed by Paula Barnes.  We have finally gotten the fabric in and will begin to go ahead with  club member orders.  I believe we have eight openings left so I know our potential members that are waiting to see the quilt finished will have a little sneak peek.   By the way it was done our way as you can always count on us to do.  Happy Spring to all!