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Springtime in Wisconsin!

You never know what you will wake up to these days in Wisconsin.  Reed and I had to go over to Riverbanks this past weekend, he had cut d016own 23 dead trees and had lots of clean up planned.  My gosh folks, we had blizzard condition002s, sleet, rain and 20 degrees for two days.  Our little daffodils are holding on by a fine thread.  I shot a few pictures so you can see of what I speak, crazy, ridiculous to say the least.  We did however enjoy the different birds that frequent our feeders, we watched the American Idol finale and the river flow by us,  old movies, I cooked and I stitched on a La D Da pattern.   I think are we getting old, it was too nasty to even venture out and the one day we did we went for fish at 5:30!  Now I’m getting worried about us both.

We had also scheduled the installation of a carpet runner going up to the second f017loor, good thing I was there, who knew there were a couple of ways to lay that runner down.   Waterfall or Chicago style?   Since I don’t speak carpet we almost had a disaster. Needless to say he started waterfall and thankfully I was there to say STOP!  I found out I love Chicago style, I have never seen waterfall and don’t want to I’m classic and like the carpet001 to fit my stairs, we got lucky they happened to have enough carpet to start all over again.  So the moral of that story is if you are getting an installation be sure you know what you are getting. 

Here is a little good news  I  just got just before I left home, the new line of fabric I had submitted called “Holidays at “Riverbanks” is a go!  This line will be used throughout the year focused around the holidays and great times we have had and will continue to have at this great property.   I am quite excited over the prospect and so are the shop girl designers.  I anticipate a new series of patterns on the horizon called 020“CS Homegoods” to help you with whole cloth projects that don’t require lots of piecing but are upscale trending Potterybarn and Crate and Barrel looks.  We are finding newbies are busy girls that can sew but don’t have the time, and this may just be what they are looking for to build charm into there own personal home decor.   “Riverbanks” will show in this 002fall at the Houston quilt market. 

I am getting ready to visit the Orange Coast Sampler Guild in LA this week, I will be traveling with Stacy Nash.  Stacy will be teaching, I will bring in some of my fabric, small kits and trims.  We created the “Road to California” block and a sweet new doll quilt for them called “California Dreaming”.  These will be available in the shop after the 18th when I arrive home.  The new doll beds will be available after our GOF Gathering in June. They will retail f021or $60.00.   “California Dreaming” kit (20 1/4″ x 24 3/4″) is $34.50 and the pattern is $9.00.  “Road to California” is kitted for $15.00 and measures (16″ x 15″) , the pattern is sold separate.

I‘m kind of pleased with myself over this one.  I have loved this Stacy Nash pattern for so long, its called “Liberty 1776MB-Glory-Be Hanging Sampler Pinkeep” and I finally decided to have it stitched up on my favorite Murkey linen.  Its dynamite ladies!   Kits are available for $40.00 and we did use the 32 count.  We have the linen on order so you will be able to place a pending order.

I must be  feeling patriotic already because the new Blackberry Primitives “Glory Be” wool applique’ kit has just arrived this week.  This mat is  15″ x 27″ and was designed for Blackberry by Maggie Bonanomi .  It sells complete with the pattern and kit for $68.00.  Pattern only is available for $9.00.  Its pretty swell for sure!  Since Spring refuses to come I believe I will dream about Summer instead.