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Time to think of Mothers Day!

Can you believe it’s almost May!  April has literally disappeared before my very eyes.  So everyone its not too early to begin thinking about 004“Mothers Day”.  I found time today to put together some of my thoughts and hope you enjoy seeing our ideas.  Now I know gifts aren’t for everyone, so 031that’s why we love to send you a Gift Certificate from your honey or the kids, there is time to do this.  I know how I love gift certificates to my favorite haunts so can assume you do too, but if you know Mom well, we do have some swell gift ideas for your consideration. 

Moms really are special we take care of so much that probably can go nu-noticed so let us help you remember your moms this month.   We have so many passions , we love needlework, some of us are bakers, we  love fresh scented candles or enjoy beautiful potpourri in our homes.  The shop has silk florals that never wilt and brighten up your home decor everyday and 006if Mom loves fabric we have many wonderful choices we can offer.  I happen to love gadgets and we just happen to have a few temptations when it comes to that area too.    I will begin with the quilts you are seeing, the quilt that is sitting on our buffet, it is ca025lled “Spring Ahead”.  You saw a glimpse of it when we had our Spring Open House and now its coming out front and center so you can love it even more, kits are available on line for $59.75.  The large quilt is one of Selma’s and is called “February Morning”, I love the fresh happy colors, this kit is also on line and priced at $133.50.  I haven’t met anyone that does handwork that doesn’t love ribbon, this gros017grain floral is to amazing and sells for $20.00.  If you loved  Linda Koenig’s first quilt book published by Quiltmania wait until you get your hands on “Ratsburg Road Quilts”.  Amazing to say the least and I’m pretty sure Mom would absolutely love owning a copy.  This book retails for $48.95 and worth every penny. 

I love unique ways to hold treasures like old buttons or even sweet032 treats our new spring jars could be used for either.   Out antique metal measuring tape is pretty neat too.  The jars are $21.85 and the measuring tapes sell for $11.85. I also mentioned if mom loved baking we have.  I love pie so here is a really great idea for you , take 014our creamware pie dish , and now you need the gadget, its a crimper and more fun than pinching.  You simply fold the crust under and the detachable guide magically makes a beautiful

looking pie crust and its only $15.00.  To insure this beautiful looking crust you also need a good pie shield and I love this shield because it031s adjustable and not metal.  You might even want a great pie baking book called “Ms American Pie”  for some more delicious new pie baking recipes.  We also have creamware ice cream bowls an038d the most amazing reproduction scoops everyone has loved and we all know ice cream goes with pie.    So dream with us and we will help you make your mother’s day one to remember!  Happy Spring, I think it has finally arrived! 

Fixed the urns today with our beautiful silks and thought maybe this could be  a reminder you could have theses beauties at your house too.035   

Just thought since I was showing off some outside things I had to show you the one of my favorite new battery036 lights,   It screams patio to me, you can hang them or just sit them on your table. 

This is the find of the week!  Best $35.00 ever!! 

I wanted to share some pictures of the handwork we carry because most items pictured are either kitted or can be kitted with your favorite count and overdyed linen.  I think the picture also illustrates  the many different linen choices we offer and a look at different designers we love014 to feature.   I also am a big believer in changing colors and over dying a piece to make a sampler look even better.  We use beautiful overdyed  and wool 001threads from a variety of  different thread venders and even some silks when called for.

We also carry the best necessaries  that make handwork a pleasure.  We have  great old looking needleminders, thread keeps, vintage measuring tapes, glass head pins and pincushions,  many types of sci008ssors and more specialty items you might want to consider.  we will add a little ribbon to your gift certificate for your best lovie!  Happy Mother’s Day!