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And Along Comes Pretty Little May!

  Trending this week May 11th!

Loving our n001ew cotton gauze fabric and when its coupled up with the cuddle solid or dimple its nothing short of being a winning combination.  The cotton gauze is amazing on its own as well, you will love how good it washes and dries and performs.  You can use it for be009d skirts, you will love the drape, curtains, and using it for a cuddle, snuggle or cover up it works great for old and the very newest member of your family.  When I look at how swell it looks with our cotton wreaths it is easy to see why cotton remains such a vital part of our lives.   The 20″ wreath sells for $50.00 and we also have stems available in two sizes.   I am expecting new creamware crocks any day and I know the cotton will look really swell in them.

When I think of spring and summer days I think of airy fresh scents, a bree035ze blowing through the house and how I love the scent of lavender when you walk into a room.  We have lavender in the bulk that can be purchased by the cup which we will lovingly package for you.  Lavender is a great scent for sachets too.  We also have the most wonderful Fresh linen and Lavender Spray that can be used to freshen your linens and clothing.  You will get 32 oz. and a  spray attachment for $25.85.

I just got in the most wonderful new cotton linen blend stripe fabric!  You are going to love the possibilities this has, it is called “Linen Closet” its a cotton linen bl012end that sells for $16.50 a yard.  I see it being used through out your summer home decor and its  especially perfect for summer entertaining.  We have three colors of the stripe available.  Classic blue and cream, grey and blue, and khaki and blue.  You will never go wrong with blue!

  From time to time I like to get in different pieces of furniture that are relevant and trending.  This is the Farmhouse Sideboard.  crisp, clean lines, aged white and very functional with a reclaimed wood top.   Just think of 001the storage for silverware and linens not to mention your dishes. Gwen has it on line under the “Homegoods Arrivals” plus some other new additions that you might find of interest.

And along comes the pretty, busy, crazy little month of May!   It’s Cinco De Mayo tomorrow just one more reason to twist my arm and celebrate, I think I will get out my new “Date Night” wine that004 I got out in California  from the Warburton’s003  Phifer Pavitt Winery,its so good peeps and I don’t hardly ever say that about wine. You may just need to check them out on line.  I will enjoy sharing it with the shop girls tomorrow as we toast to May 5th 2016.

Time for dance recitals, Mother’s Day, weddings, birthdays I’m getting older, Grandson graduating, and we are off to Salt Lake City for quilt market on the 18th.  Lots going on and that is just the way it is in this busy world we live in.   Trying hard to embrace it all. 

I love this time of the year because the spring blooms are everywhere I look in my yard and out my back door at the shop in the Post House Garden.  The birds are coming to the feeders in flocks, the yell002ow and red finches and  our favorite 007miss Jenny wren was singing her lungs out this morning.  Isn’t it great to be so happy everyday, we need to take a lesson from that tiny little soul!   So far only one red breasted grosbeak, I think he is the scout checking out the feeders for his buddies.  They are usually all here for Mother’s Day so I remain hopeful they will all come home to us.  

Let me think, we are are knee deep in so many things happening already this week its hard to know where to start. 

Did you all know we were doing the “Row By Row Experience”It starts on June 21st and goes through September 6th.  This is a challenge that had 2,655 quilt shops in the USA and Canada participating in the event last year.  So if you are traveling the theme is “Home Sweet Home”.  Our row uses my Manor House 016fabric and is what my 133 home is all about!  Hope you decide to check us out if you are traveling017 its a low stress way to get acquainted with new shops.  

The shop girls are getting our Summer Quilt collection in order.  We are going to try and entice you to enjoy your summer days with some amazing new handwork.  I think you will be as motivated as we are  when you see what we have up our sleeves.  That could be quilting or it could be stitching.  I got in a couple more new models I want you to see 035made up.   Stacy Nash’s “Mary Bovee” Sampler, kitted with 32 count Murky linen for $45.00 and the “Spotted Pigs Pinkeep” kitted with 28 count Murky is priced at $42.50. Loving these designs!  Stacy’s designs are addicting I am busy stitching on my California Orange Coast commemorative sampler and can hardly put it down I know why everyone loves her talent.

More huge news, the NEW Blackbird Designs “Sweet Land of Liberty” book has arrived! It’s in the shopping cart already and our pre-orders have been shipped.  Great projects and what a value for the customer for five designs priced at $20.00.  I can’t decide which design to get stitched up first, there are so many amazing choices for you summer handwork enjoyment and we are waiting for Plum Street’s newest too.  So much to look forward to. 

Just a reminder we have gift certificates we can still try to get to you by Mother’s day and don’t forget we are all mothers and enjoy celebrating our day too, the shop is closed on Sunday. 

Happy May!