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Summertime at 133!

It’s summer alright, hot, humid and our days are already getting shorter and its almost August and soon back to school.  Guess you know w024hat that means?  The season will be changing soon, the shop is always transitioning and the shop girls are working towards our “Quilt Expo Open House”  September 6th – 11th  and “Boxwood & Ber026ries” September 19th 23rd.   So what’s trending now?  Summer transition quilts, like our “Bee Fantastic”, “Goldenrod”, “Star Gazing Around the World”, “Summer Breeze”, and “Sail Away” just to name drop a few.   You will notice the old soft golds have been an intricate part of piecing quilts this summer. Blue is definitely an option to consider, its kind of back, no longer a sleeper in the quilters palette.  It is fun to watch color trends.  Just and FYI;  Foliage is so much fun to put into use in a decor.  It perks things up, gives the pop a color without being over the top and today it looks so real you might even try to eat or smell it.  The tomato veins I’m showing are amazing for sure and if you don’t have a green thumb I suggest you try this out. 

The Primitive cloth stars that you see in the bowl are $6.50 and I need to mention we are down to only two “Cobblestone” quilt kits.   I love the use of color in this quilt, so pleasing to live with.

028Another thing that never disappoints us in this shop is a neutral quilt palette, it never goes out of style. You might entertain the idea of our “Cottage French” quilt or using our “Star Gazing Around the World” as a table topper.  This was made with mostly Tim Holtz’s fabric and that alone tells us you will love it because its one of those mid century modern classics.  We all love it, and it would be so easy to dress your table scape with white or even a colored dish.  I have to point out the distressed pedestal, so functional and fun to use.  These are easy to layer up serving dishes or anything on and priced right at $52.00. 

Our Carpenter Ken has our doll beds back in the shop and we are r004eady to sell them to the public, we wanted them to be special for our GOF event and they were.  With so many little quilt options you can’t miss with this accessory and next year Carol Hopkins will help you put them to008 good use.  The beds are unfinished and retail out for $60.00. 

“Summer Breeze” with its  whimsical whirligig pinwheels, “Sail Away” and “Miller Manor” are all summer quilts Suzanne designed using blue and grey fabric, they are all quite different but fit the season.  I have Gwen’s “Summer Sangria” in the window.  It is another great quilt option and Gwen made great use of our French General fabric.  Notice the cooler we are all set to entertain with this whole idea.  As you can see we are crushing on the summer dream, come dream and be inspired by us. 

Hope to see you before the summer is over.  Your will find all the quilts I have mentioned today on line with size and price details.