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Welcome to Summer Camp @133!

2016 Summer Camp @ 133 is officially open!  We are blessed this year with two amazing designers Stacy Nash and Blackbird Designs.  We hav001e three inspiring and informative classes scheduled over the next six days for stitchers and quilters.  This camp is for everyone.

  I can hardly stand it, I have to show you Stacy’s  “Liberty006 Star” tray and accessories.  I found this tray in January and knew then that it would be a winner and made for this class.  The bottom has been lined with Sweeney red velvet so it becomes this amazing stitching tray for all seasons.  We have 23 lucky students represented from fourteen states in our first class.  I feel really honored we have this kind of following in these busy summer months with summer vacation and family outings. 

The next two c002lasses are being taught by Barb and Alma from Blackbird Designs we will be making a covered Sampler Box and an Adam Eve Sampler which are both pictured for you on the event posting.  There are forty three students in our cross-stitch class and fifteen students in “The Raven” applique’ class.  That is a grand total of 81 students visiting o006ur little shop in our dear little town. Grateful and thankful everyday.

The shop is in summer transition as you can see by the pictures.  Our flags are flying and we are feeling very patriotic.  I am finally able to work on showing off our trending vignettes.  We were hacked and have had to go through so much to get G to G with everything again so lost another week.  It is so exhausting being locked out of your own001 sight.  We are told its Russia, The Ukraine and China causing all of the ciaos.  Don’t you wonder why the target is on us? 

Our Row by Row is also going well and has been more than we even anticipated.  The WI Shop Hop is over and I am012 anxious to meet with our Section 2 participants and get a feel for the attendance assessment.  We were better than last year so better is always a plus for us and several new faces found us.  Our newest fabric from Spring Market arrived today!  We bought the most wonderful “Up-Cycled Denim” stripes, modeled solids and gauze.  They run $22.50 a yard we can hardly wait to cut into them.  Enjoy your summer handwork!