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Seasonal Interior and Exterior Inspirations:

Changing seasons are full of hope and inspiration:  I love the seasons, and the change comes rather we are ready or not so why not embrace it and run with it.  That is exactly what we do at “133 Jefferson St.”.  Everyone here is  so inspired by the new fall gear trending and  I know when its time for our “Quilt Expo Open House” you will be excited and inspired by our new Fall Collection of Quilts, Stitchery and Homegoods.  We try to span the holidays but mostly embrace the new season and hope you will find som001ething that makes you smile.  I am so hopeful if you visited last year you will come back and bring friends.  We all promise to make this event memorable for you.  Save the Date September 6th – 10th! 004

I took some pictures outside at the house this morning and thought I would share this inspiration with you.  Reed’s hydrangea gardens are so lovely and as you can see we enjoy some very untamed beauty.  I was so pleased today when I received the most delightful letter from a student that visited this past summer camp.  I had two classes come out to my house and dine at my table.  I was hoping it would be something they would enjoy and mostly hoping it would be a way for new people to make a connection wit014h each other.  I was  overwhelmed and overjoyed that what I did really was something my students enjoyed because gathering and sharing good food and good company is a way we always strive to make a memo015rable impression at our gathering table.  I do have a busy schedule but this was something that I felt compelled to do and it worked.  It’s nice to know somethings do.   

Just got our carpenter Ken involved in a new project.  I thought it would be great if I could showcase my newest lines of fabric so I had ken make me a wonderful display top to sit on my existing cabinet.  I am crushing on it and think it works pretty swell it kind of feels like a 133 Mercantile to me.  I will show you the new Fall Quilt Collection preview just before we open the doors for our own unique Expo Open House.  Stay tuned!