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Continuing Comforts!

We have officially made it through our 2nd annual Expo Open House and now I’m preparing for “Boxwood & Berries”which starts out with French General designer Kaari Meng Monday September 19th, we will also 019welcome Maggie Bonanomi and Stacy 016Nash to our annual gathering completing this amazing design team.   Bountiful is our theme and our students will not be disappointed.  This has become yet another highlight to another year, we are officially in our 34th year and our guest designers are a great part of this.

It has been  such a great experience to have customers visiting us this past week that enjoy and love our designs and for them to take the time to visit us is so gratifying.  We were so excited to welcome international guests from Australia, Gail Pan, who is also a fabric designer for Red Rooster, and her friends were just an added delight.  Carol Hopkins and friends visited as well as customers old and new from all across the country.  My cup runnth over!  Now that we are clearing out the Schoolroom things are coming into the shop and I have a f013ew new pictures to share showing off our fall collection.  This is014 “Chimney Sweep” you see on the bed. A favorite of mine peeps because of its mellow colors.  It just feels right.  Great nutty browns, old greens and golds, its a keeper. 

We have gotten in many more seasonal Homegoods that are sure to enhance your fall nests. 

Turkeys in several sizes and shapes, more acorns, and wheat wreaths.  Gwen will be  adding to the sh021opping cart and fall gallery so keep looking so you don’t miss out on any of these new seasonal finds.  We also have been getting in new cross stitch which is more than tempting me, I just need a little time.  The023 Shop girls are away sewing there little brains out this week and we are getting out the club autos, Esther, Maggie and now Prim is almost finished.   Can I hear a hallelujah, that’s how we all feel.   “Riverbanks”  is my newest line of fabric and is now coming to life and can be seen  in Houston at Fall Market.  I can hardly wait!  Its a busy productive time and on top of that there is Christmas, I started pulling fabric tonight and that is where we go next.  Hope you will find the time for a visit I feel we can make it worth your while.  Prim Lovers here’s Country Gentleman on the iron bed on the right.