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Comforts of the New Season!

Labor Day is our official end of summer for the most part, not that its over, but for all practical purpose the focus goes towards Autumn’s splendor.   This also signals that its time for our “Quilt Expo Open House”.  The shop girls have worked so hard, you will be seeing ten new quilts, I am estimating we have made over 400 kits and that does not take into consideration all the other kits we are constantly making in the shop for our clubs.  This is the dream team!   

I am thrilled to give003 you a tour of what is trending in our New 2016 Autumn Quilt Collection  and a peek at all the new seasonal Homegoods displayed through out the shop.  This quilt collection brings an element of traditional functionality with elements of cottage and classic farmhouse which amazingly enough can be tailored to most styles.  Its always interesting when I get the opportunity to finally mesh the efforts of our gir030ls.  When I got it last evening, I was pleased and hope you will be too.  

Welcome Quilters!  You will love our new wool sold by the quarter yard or you can purchase a yard of coordinates.  “Harvest Moon” is a new pattern by Suzanne the colors are so perfect for the season.   You will get two amazing quilts one is 19″002 x 22″ and the other is 16″ x22.  We know how you all love getting two for one.  The kit is $55.00 and requires a pattern and backing.  The 2nd quilt is pictured and displayed on our amazing doll bed made by carpenter Ken.  The beds are unfinished so its up to you to finish and make it just what you need.  Beds are available for $60.00 and we have several little quilts that are perfect for it.  On the wall in the back is “Chicken Ridge” which is by far one of my favorites it was a Tied to the Past Suzanne did and I we thought it was so appropriate for the time it needed to come back.  I know many times its a very small group that sees all we do as we sell it to club members and its gone.  We have limited kits

but its a quilt to love if you like a more primitive Tied to the Past looking quilt.001

You are seein004g “Sugar Pine” a Laundry Basket Quilt pattern and of course its all made from Edyta Sitar’s fabric, and look how amazing it looks with the pumpkins and our new primitive tree. Sugar Pine measures 60 1/2″ x 68″. kits sell for $138.50.  In the background you see Miller Manor from Manor House, we made more as this has been one of our customers favorites.  Here is one more look at the beautiful hand dyed wool from Primitive Gatherings.  Surely worth your consideration for sure and the colors are needfu007l this time of the year. 

The bed is decked out in a wonderful Log Cabin quilt by Suzanne called “Sugar House”it’s  good sized at 72″ x 7″ and can be yours for $130.00′.   You get even a better view of009 “Miller Manor” on the wallSince Manor House is my new line of fabric this year it was a perfect fit to show you what we have done  with it. “Road House” and “Country Gentleman” are pictured on the right.  There are kits but limited, more can be ordered and made should they sell out.  We are guarding the fabric as this is the time when it st010arts to go away forever.  We have a dozen fat quarter collections left of the Upstairs Manor House prints, they sell for $136.50.  Its been a great collection to work with and work into other quilts, the colors work into every season.  

FYI:  We have a great supply of pumpkins and wreaths for your home seasonal needs.

You are also seeing another great doll sized quilt and another pa011int option used on our doll bed.  This little quilt is called “Cabin Memories”, it measures 21′ x 24″, the kits are $34.00 and include the backing.  You will need to purchase the pattern.  

You are seeing “Fox Ridge” over the mantel, another new pattern designed by Suzanne.  This quilt uses our fabulous Diamond Textiles “Monks Cloth“.  Wait until you work with it, it washes up and is so 012soft and works with the yarn dyes and its a texture you will grow to love incorporating into your quilts.  The quilt is 39″ x 45″ and the kit includes the backing for $66.00.   

The next quilt you will see says fall in a big way its called “September S022unset“.    Remember when our Lvonne made Indian Corn for the last show we did in Madison?  It was one of those striking quilts you fell in love with when you laid eyes on it. This is just like that quilt its  brilliant, and one you will find hard to resist.  Suzanne is the designer.   Its 54″ x 66″ and the kit is available for $84.00. Pattern  and backing is needed. 

Are you seeing our Vintage Green Tractor in the background?   It’s new and for sale. Remember our red 022pick-up last Christmas, this is just as amazing.  “Charlies Checkers” is the backdrop for another Tied to the Past we held for fall.  It reminds me of a cornfield maze.  The Gobbler Brand Canvas is also new and you can see that  new primitive tree again, it is as special as when I fell in love with it at market.  I just knew we would use it again and again.  cost of the tree is $74.50. 

Moving right along the next new quilt was one I wanted to have made so Jeanne E. is our maker.  When it all came together I looked at it and said “that my Grandmother Janney’s

014 color palette ” its a tribute to her aprons she wore every day.  God Bless her Soul I know she would love it! 

We call it “Chimney Sweep” because the block is known as that.  This quilt is a nice size, it measure018s 68″ x 80″ and the kit is available for $126.00.  Backing and pattern is needed.

 Thankfully Selma is still helping us out and her last Nickel Club kit was called “Golden Harvest”.  It’s another quilt with so much color and design appeal we had to hold it back for this event.  Its Fitting for the season for sure, and its not to big, but makes a wonderful topper for your harvest table.   This topper measures 37″ x 45″ and kit is complete with pattern and backing for $72.20. 034

Lucky for us she had time to make another masterpiece and its in our front window.  “Amber Waves” is 66″ x  78″.  It is another amazing traditional classic looking quilt for the season.  The kits is available for $166.50. 

Gwen wanted to make a “Log cabin Bag” we are all coveting.   With her busy schedule this time of the year we were all so grateful she made time for us.  Its made out of textured Japanese and Yarn-dyed fabric, colors to die for, can’t wait for you to see it finished.   The kit is ready and can be purchased for $47.00.  I will post a  picture this week when Gwen finishes her bag. The pattern is one of Yoko Saito’s from her new Scrap Valley book which is filled with nothing but amazi006ng inspiration for quilters.  Its kind of must own book from Quiltmania for $54.00.   

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anything else we could do to wow you, I have more.   It wouldn’t be open house this time of year with out a little tease for the holidays.  “Winter Pines” is just that, its 40″ x 40″ an034d without screaming Christmas it is a great traditional quilt to hang or use on the table.  Jeanne E. has made this model.  The kit is $65.00.

  On the right you can see Selma’s “Jack-a Boo” quilt, so great for Halloween, incorporates wool and homespun and look how amazing  those pumpkins are, its pretty perfect for the season.  We have only eight kits left so if you don’t want to miss this opportunity, the quilt is 48″ x 48″ and the kit sells for $72.00.

Now you see why I c075all my shop girls the dream team.  

Here are a few pictures that are sure to catch your eye and attention.  I hope you find the time to come and be bewitched by our new sea016sonal homegoods we have trending.  There are new lamps, farmhouse clocks, acorns, assorted berries and wreaths, mirrors, sewing cabinets for storage, baskets, olive buckets, signs, battery candles and then there are several new stitchery

014models I have had

stitched.    I feel like the shop transformation has been huge. 

Remember our “Sangria” quilt Gwen made late this summer?  Wow, I can’t wait for Kaari from the French General to see it when she comes for her Boxwood Class.  Its on the bed and what a difference026 it makes.  We also just got in the new “Madame Rouge” fabric line from French General.  We are definitely crushing on it all and are so excited to host this fabulous designer at the 064shop.  Check us out on Facebook I will post more pictures there.  Come for a visit if you are in the area.