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Seasonal Gatherings!

007There is a seasonal nip in the air that I love.  This is the time of the year when your favorite room in the house is actually outside.  I find that natures palette with its vast beauty is so002 inspiring to me.  I so want to savor it because in a blink of the eye winter will quietly set in with it’s own beauty.    In the shop we are beginning to set the scene that brings family and friends together.  Are you thinking about it, because when I look at the calendar, I am alerted to the fact we are about six weeks away from Thanksgiving.  It’s that time of year when we set the table for our guests, cook miraculous food, and give thanks for the opportunity to live the way we do in this great country.

My thoughts always turn back to my childhood, when my grandmother Janney, who had an incredible eye for detail, h004ad all the family gather at the farm for every holiday.  This year I am bringing back some of things I fondly remember.001

It all starts at the front door, its how you are greeted and then it continues to the table.  Grandma’s table was always thoughtfully set with placemats and placecards making her event personal, and then there were always antique looking turkeys making everyone feel welcome.  This year we are blessed with good turkeys in the shop, I kinda of think it is their year I hope you will take a look.

  Paper products today are a fuss free way of setting a really pretty table and yet maintaining the aesthetic of high end elegance. Don’t get me wrong I love linen table cloths and napkins and they are still  a great alternative and will get used with paper or on there ow006n.  I also like to suggest the use of great vintage flatware, it makes whatever dishes you choose to use just a bit more special and helps create a lasting memory and that helps set the tone for your gathering.  I am hopeful you might like to en005tertain the paper idea or linen, we have both, for your own gathering this year and as Christmas nears you will see this idea expanded on even more.  My hope is this that you make this holiday gathering  an opportunity to reconnect with those you love, get creative and put away the phones and just converse, now there is an idea to ponder.  Ever Thankful you will be! 

Along with good food we love to have our favorite  good scents and just an FYI: we are re-stocked on the 1803 soy candles.