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Celebrating the Season at 133 Jefferson!

Our new “Yuletide Homegoods” are plentiful this weekend as we begin to celebrate Christmas at sgcountrysampler.  We have missed hear004ing and seeing many of our customers this year and the weather has been nothing short of amazing.  Isn’t it hard to believe that in a little over a week it will be Thanksgiving Day.   I feel this great weather is part of the023 reason no one is thinking Christmas yet..  “Thankful” is one of our new quilts we introduced in our new holiday collection this year.   The nutty rich colors make this classic antique quilt inspiration a real winner.  We only have a few as a key fabric player has been back ordered but not to fear, if you love it as much as we do, we can get yours on reserve.  I have been hawking the turkeys but this has been one of our best years ever and nestled in amongst greens what could be better.  So as we ease into the new season I urge you not to forget to be thankful.  I loved this quote when I read it and feel it is a perfect thought for the anticipated new season.

“Winter came down to our home one night quietly pirouetting in on silvery toed slippers of snow.  And we were children again!”

Bill Morgan, JR009

Christmas time at 133 is always so full of  magic,festive trimmings and classic Christmas quilts.  A new book we  have all loved this year is  “Jo’s Little Favorites”.   We scoped out a few of our favorites that we thought you might enjoy making up, nothing overwhelming, just classic.  Gwen did up the models and said the patterns were perfect and projects went together so easy.   Music to our ears  “Christmas Log Cabin” includes the backing and binding in the festive looking cabin  kit which is $30.00.  Our angel always picks a favorite to hold and this is the on017e this year.  The other sweet little topper is for a tree.  We used a great new neutral tree fabric and although it is called “Bordered Toile” in the book we did not use a toile.  Our kit includes backing and binding and sells for $26.50.  This would be a quick gift to make up for a close friend.   It looks great with greens and you might like our new “O Come O Come Emanuel” cross stitch kit if you are looking for a new holiday stitchery.  This is a new La D Da pattern that everyone has loved this season. Speaking of new stitchery, well it was new last year, but I had to have it stitched this yea.  From With Thy Needle, “Heap on the Wood” sampler is so great, looks like it should be in the fa045rmhouse decor, but its classic and goes anywhere.  I changed it up our way with different threads colors and linen.  I think you will love it and it sure would be a perfect winter project.  The kits are ready and sell for $76.00.  

It  seems this t018ime of year the winter doves are huddled and ground feeding at the feeders.  We have the best sets of doves ever, they are priced right at $22.80.  I think they would be swell used on a festive table scape amongst fresh pine boughs or try our soft and real looking cedar puffs or garlands. 019

The next quilt in our new collection was designed by Selma, it is called “Down the Chimney”. It measures 53″ x 70″, the pattern is $9.00 and the kits are $81.50.  It is a great quilt for all of you that love to do piecing and build  amazing quilts021.  The fun is just beginning, the next quilt was a quilt I had cut out a picture of in hopes to get it made last year and it didn’t happen so this year I pulled fabric and Jeanne said she would make it.  We call it ” Antiquity”, it is 68″ x 77″, a nice size to work with and the colors and prints are what really makes it dance for me.  I hope you love it like I do.  The kit is priced at $104.50 and the pattern is $9.00. 

Our next quilt is called “Christmas Wish” an037d Suzanne designed this festive nine patch.  She got it finished and she thought as  an added touch she would add a velvet envelope you could leave your Santa Christmas Wish in.   How perfect!    It is 66″ x 76″ and the kit sells for $128.50 and pattern needed is $9.00.   It classic and looks great in our window in a new antique sled we are selling this year.  The Santa Please Stop Here pillow is also new. 

Barb has  been busy too, she made up two new quilts for us this season.  One is a classic039 winter blue and white and if you start now you could have it ready  to put out in January.  Its traditional for sure, we used Laundry Baskets 10″ squares to assemble it.  We also used the laundry Basket pattern called “Sugar Pine”.  It measures 60 1/2″  x  68″ and kitted sells for $138.50. 

The next kit has been by far our biggestseller and that does not s041urprise me its an adorable little pieced red pick-up truck..  This is another great Buttermilk Basin pattern called “Loads of Holiday Cheer”.  The wall quilt measures 18″ x 29″.  Kits are $40.00 and 027the pattern is $9.00. 

We have another kit coming for our doll bed.  Jeanne E. made this up for us and Suzanne is writing the pattern.  What sweet little nine patch this is.  Never met a nine patch I didn’t love. 

Please take notice of the “Deck the Halls” stitchery on the bed.  It’s Stacy’s we are in total love.  Kits are available for $44.25.  Its a fun one peeps.  Lastly I will attempt a picture of Gwen’s “Pi043oneer Christmas” flannel.  It was such a great quilt we held it over from last season.  It’s really two quilts in one as she has pieced from the left over fabric the best tree ever on the back.  The pattern is $10.00 and the kit is priced at $148.00.  It measures 76″ x 85″. 

So as long as I mentioned tree.  I have a favorite this year.  It looks like a real Fra034zier, in fact most folks thought it was and did not even realize it was for sale.   I have the twig trees at home but always have a real tree.  Last year Reed broke me.  We had Christmas at Riverbanks all the trees were picked over and of course even though we have beautiful trees on our farm he couldn’t do it when it came down to cutting a good one so after much fuss and a mess guess what I have a new artificial that is perfect!  I’ll burn my pine or mistletoe candles and be 031over it.    The tree is 6ft tall by about 3ft. wide and sells for $335.00.  We have them boxed so we can ship.  I have two in our windows and the the one on the left is in the neatest old reclaimed Christmas Tree Box.   You will not be disappointed I will guarantee that.  We are a great marketplace start for your holiday trimmings.   I hope you will think of us often and remember to check our new holiday gallery and our new arrivals Gwen works hard to keep everything posted.  There is still more new stitchery048  coming your way, we can’t have idle hands.

  “Mary Linley 1829″ is a Scarlet House pattern.  I loved the silk colors used and felt for our traditional sampler lovers this would be fitting.  It was stitched on 32 count Olive  Leaf and with silk.  Our kit complete is $89.00.   I have another new With Thy Needle that has 051been very popular.  It is called “The Christmas Bird”, its the sweetest pinkeep and the kits is packaged with 36 count Weeks Chestnut linen, thread, backing and ribbon.  A complete kit sells for  $50.00.  I have to show you one more from Notforgotten Farm pattern it is called “The Old Mustard Moon” and honestly this t042ime of year its fitting.  I changed up the linen to my favorite murkey and oh my its really swell. FYI: Everyone loved our punch this year so I will put it on line by the end of the week, not only did it taste good it was festive and pretty to look at.   The little Cabin on the right sells for $95.00. 049

  Just when I think I have to be done for the evening I think of something else.  I bet you didn’t know that we have an amazing array of signs this season.    The “Christmas Trees” definietely stands out but we also have “Mistletoe Kisses and Christmas Wishes”,  and “Cut Your Own Christmas Trees”.  Check them out!  Best Horses too, this is our new pull toy and the antique rocking horse with its 059leather seat really can’t be beat.

Merry! Merry!   Its beginning to look like Christmas!

Jeanne and the Shop Girls.