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These are a few of My 2016 Favorite Things!

It’s time for my “2016 Favorite Things” for the Holidays: 

Every year I have  favorite things I feel make the list and before they are all gone I thought I would take some time to share my list with you.  Its all about the unusual, things that are nostalgic and take us back to special memories and things that enhance your holiday decor and will be heirloom028 treasures you will love using for years.  “Luminaries” have always been a great w031ay to light the way  and greet your holiday guests.  Our newest is made to be used today, in a modern or farmhouse setting.  Being metal, its sturdy, looks like you have inherited it, has room for fresh or artificial greens, a glass hurricane and then you will insert either a battery or real candle.  You could even add your favorite bow on the handle.  Its pretty swell peeps.  The cost is $112.50.  

I am totally in love with our “Glittered Birch Logs”. You get three logs, wrapped in burlap twine, all glittered for use on your table or a bunch of them can be placed in our olive buckets with greens by the fireplace or your front door.  So many choices and the price is right at only $17.00 per set.    Let’s get to trimming the tree, you have already heard me singing the praises of my best ever “Christmas Tree”.  It looks so real, it’s soft and pliable making it easy to set up.  You can put it in an olive buckle, an antique bucket or use it on a015n entry table.  Its takes 200-250 lights so you know it a perfect size, I have only white lights on o024ne and the other will have m y vintage ornaments, I don’t have too many and that will be per.  We will have one at home and Riverbanks this year.  Who knew I would even consider giving up my beloved real tree.  It has just got to be too much for Reed, I have seen it coming, but because it makes my Santa baby really a crabby baby  its not so worth it to push the issue anymore.  I can’t believe I’m even able to say  it.  He has broken my spirit but this little sweet tree has me smiling again.   Just light your favorite scent of Christmas candles and its all good.   Y013ou probably can tell I’m a bit of tree nut.  The 70 3/4″ fir is $334.00.

I will also have to tell you about the little “Fir Trees” in the clear mason jars that have also caught my eye this season.  They are so easy to tuck in places, use on few across a mantel or tab033le or by themselves.  Selling for $29.85.   Since we are on the subject of trees.

Loving the idea of placing our “Vintage Rocking Horse” under the tree.   This is a a really great sturdy horse, he even has a leather seat. Giddy-up!  He is $370.00 and will be one of those treasures that becomes a timeless family heirloom.  Here are a 034couple of looks. 

I have another fun thing to show you its  a “Days to Christmas”oversized ornament. What a great St. Nick present this could be for only $12.40!  It even comes with a chalk so you can let the kiddos keep track of how many days left until Christmas (27).  It could  be on the tree or hanging on a door wreath or wherever your sweet little016 ones can get at it. How fun this would be for them! 

Since we are talking about grandkids there is a pillow that speaks to us here at the shop.  It says“Santa Please Stop Here”.  We are all hoping he does for sure because us big kids  like this idea too.  He could easily stop or call for a gift certificate that would make035 us all happy.  The pillow is made up in an old red plaid that would fit into most decors quite nicely.  It sells for only $28.00.  Just another good thing. 

If your grankids like to write “Letters to Santa” we have had the best mail boxes ever this year..  Look how cute this little box is and what fun they would have filling it with lots of Christmas wishes.  Its only $20.65 and I’m thinking it is getting close to being sold out.  If you did not get one during open house you might007 want to reconsider.   We have the best cards and gift tags ever this year too.  You know me and paper products.  

I love to Journal, I’m always having these random thoughts and ideas, see pictures that spark my imagination and the journal is where it all goes. Its things to do all year and every season, I will never run out of something that makes me excited.   Some day my kids will look at these and 010think there mother was truly crazy.  We have several but two new ones are calling for my nod.  The “Merry Christmas” set is great way to journal your holiday memories, its a way for you to remember the holidays from year to year and keep photos of the family festivities and traditions that are close to your heart.  The set is sold for $46.25.  This set is made well and very worthy.  The next Journal is whimsical and fun, what else can I say.  I have two new ones at home but this just was one I couldn020‘t resist.  I know I will fill it so I can justify it and it doesn’t take up much room.  Its just another favorite thing.  This journal is $24.95.  I hope you are getting a few ideas.   

My next favorite thing is a set of “Remote Candles”.  Now these are wonderful on a tree but consider the idea of placing them your front door wreath or table garland.  You hit on and the magic begins019 and off when you want it over.  I love this!  The box of 10 sells for $60.00, so worth the convenience.  You saw them on our shop tree at open house and now lets explore the idea to wreaths and garlands.  So easy to clip them into place and enjoy.  Can you tell I love this time of the year?  I do, and like the kids, I can hardly wait until its Christmas again.

  I happened to find the most wonderful holiday clock this past market, its a battery operated one and tucked in with your decor your family will love it too.  I  can tell you I would love to wake up to it on Christmas morning.  I miss the kids waking us and so excited to see what was under the tree from Santa.  My  grown kids do call every morning but its not quite the same.  Time goes so fast.  Savor those days they are gone before you know it.  I have still another great favorite thing, its a “Primitive cloth Santa with a Bottle Brush Tree”.  He comes in three great colors, 037an old red, brown, and gold.   If you love an old primitive look, I think you will find this guy a perfect fit and a great addition to your 011collection.  He sells for $60.00. 

One last thought, I found the cutest little glittered fat doves.  Tucked in greens they are just about the sweetest ever.  I love watching my real ones but these rank right up there with my best ever turkeys our company never made again.  Sometimes I think companies just don’t get it.  My turkeys never go away and I suspect these little fellows won’t either.  Sold as a pair for $22.80.

The other thing I love to 038always  hawk is the use of mirrors reflecting your room or a special sampler, quilt or Santa.  Here is a pea003k into my house through one of my mirrors.  I hope you get the same enjoyment from your favorite things.  Put on your favorite Christmas music and soon you will be full of good cheer. 

Country Christmas in Spring Green this coming weekend.  Santa, a tree lot next door, light parade and amazing fireworks at 6PM Saturday night.  Merry Christmas from all of us at Country Sampler!