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Final Christmas Check List!

The snow is really falling this afternoon, they are saying up to eleven inches, and soon our families w002ill come a calling.  It’s almost Christmas!  There are only nine days  left to accomplish003h it all.  I hope you are all up to it, I think I am!

  I have had  only a day and a half at Riverbanks this week to begin to get things ready.  I did get the tree decorated and urns filled,  the mantel decked and a few other things, but as far as wrapping that still has to happen, it hasn’t, so on Sunday there will be no excuses.   It is supposed to be extremely cold so what could be a be014tter idea besides the fact I have some serious cooking to do to get ready for the shop girls party.    I ha012ve a busy day ahead of me for sure.  I still have a few stragglers to buy for too, the hard ones, the sons.  I hope I am not the only one that struggles with these guys.  I will make up my mind by Wednesday or know the reason why. 

I will show you a few pictures of my entry at home and  then at Riverbanks. You know how I love our little trees, big trees, just trees in general, San024ta, our amazing remote candles, the birch logs and this is how it has all come together.    Here are a couple of views of the dining room that o022ver looks the frozen river.  I have make mention of my new tree from the shop that looks so real.  OMG peeps you can not tell it isn’t real.  I always thought I had to have real, I don’t.   The  other good thing about it is its not messy.  I can take off the ornaments, leave the lights on, it need 3 strands of 100, and stow it away ready  to go for next year.  This is indeed a good purchase , I would say one of my best.

There is just a little water open for the ducks and geese but the birds

008are all over the feeding stations so its hard not to get distracted.  I do love this time of the year. 

I have family pictures about but one in particular, of Reed’s mother, seemed to need its place on the mantel.    the candles just are so convenient you can highlight special things and just hit the remote and turn them on and off.


Time is running short, only 12 days until Christmas!  Yikes that’s a scary realization, I better step it up!   I am not ready, perhaps I will be feeling better by the end of the week, always hopeful! 

The greens are out in the urns, the wreaths are hun028g, my Santa’s are placed, holiday music is playing, the tree is lit but needs some decorations and I’m thinking that will happen tonight.  My Christmas quilts are out and the table is full of presents to be wrapped.  It’s Christmas  for sure!  I must get my dinner menu figured out very soon.  We will be heading to Riverbanks with visions of being snowed in and a good old fashioned Christmas with the whole family.

I have been taking more pictures to share from in the shop and  a few from home.  the shop has been so beautiful this year and full of wonderful indulgences 004for the season.  I hope you have been able to come by to see us.  It won’t be long until the whole shop  changes into winter living.  The change is always exciting as we live wi015th the shop for a good two months and its just time to get things changed up again and get the creative juices flowing.  At home I love greenery, some fresh some not but lots of it.  I also love the scent of Christmas candles so I always have one or two going and I also like to start my paperwhite bulbs.  Maggie got me going on this swell idea, they are fragrant and beautiful to have blooming on Christmas.   Love the season and with our snowfall it is just about perfect there is even more snow predicted to come by the weekend, I think we will have a white Christmas this year.  I do hope Santa stops here!   I have to mention the incredible display of the moon this week, its rather rare to see and oh so beautiful to take in.

008I love getting out the old and new Christmas quilts.  This is one we will be showing in February at our Textiles and Tea. It’s an amazing Feathered Star pattern.  I invite you all to help 013us achieve the best ever red and white exhibition in February.  With our customers help I know it will be amazing. The gent that will be helping us is so artistic and has a great facility we will rent for the occasion.  I’m confident when you see how they are hung you will be excited in owning and making your own red and white heirloom.  Keep February 25th open for a day with us celebrating the art of quilting in red and white.  Gathering old photos and frames of winter and getting out your favorite Christmas samplers that’s what we like to do. 

Think about making your own artistic seasonal tags and wrapping paper its  a fun thing to do with grandchildre033n or close girlfriends. It makes the tedious wrapping job way more fun.  We have the paper and tags so lets have get crafting, no excuses.   We have chalk pencils and pens and the tags are out of wood, chalk paper and don’t miss our great seasonal tags by some of our favorite artists.  Bowing them up with ribbons and unique trim021s is the frosting to this little craft making adventure.  Its all about sharing a day with people you love.  Only twelve days until Christmas, there is still plenty of time, I 024hope you are all in the moment and enjoying it. 

“Down the Chimney” is Selma’s quilt hanging by the mantel, berry wreaths looking so amazing in our tobacco baskets that really add so much to a decor, you could p030lace small quilts, samplers and any amazing wreath in one and love the outcome.   German twig trees filled with an assortment of ornaments and the remote candles couldn’t make things look more festive and so easy to on and off.   These candles look great on wreaths, placed in garland and on trees, for $60.00 you have a winner with these sets. 

Lighting is a big thing anytime and I have found that our reproduction lights are the added touch.  011I have small wreaths to add to the candle base which I add to my table candle lights too, I also like to use old wire baskets to hold the lights and then comes the  greens and old quilts that compliment it all.  Fresh pomegranates are another beautiful and colorful item that displays so well in old ironstone or mercury glass bowls.  Love my Boxwood and have to get fresh every year, I can not throw them out until the season comes again.  I will keep posting new pics so you c014an get some ideas that might just be perfect for your home.  Merry, Merry! 

We shop girls will be having our Christmas party next week, we are all excited because we do all get each other.  Girlfriend gifts are the best ever! 

Its coming soon we all wish you and your families the 017Merriest Ever!!