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Welcoming a whole New Year! New Year! New View!

Happy New Year!

We made it through another holiday girlfriends!  It is hectic and it was hectic but we all try our bes001t to make it special, and then its over and we have to let it go, and begin the process all over again.  I feel a little sad it has to fly by so quickly, but after I begin to put things back I begin to get o ver it and embrace a cleaned up new view!

  Time to break out the “Winter Blues and Creams”. That is just what I am doing in the shop.  Its amazing how fresh things begin to look.  I can almost guarantee you will feel better if you get into it.  I still have kept some greens and white popcorn berries out because it is still winter. It is absolutely winter in Wisconsin these past couple of days and because we don’t have the snow anymore it has become bitter cold.  BURRRR!   The saying “Baby It’s Cold Outside fits!  Its a good time to stay in, tackle the nest and organize so I’m  goi019ng to give you a few ideas.  I hope I can help you make that happen and motivate you by showing you the shop. 

We have yards of new fabric that has been coming in that we have had to hold over the holidays and now it is on the floor and we are plotting lots of new quilt eye candy you will find desirable.  The elves are still elves and busy making it all happen for you. 

The aged white tin organizers you see are so great and really 020stand out nice in the decor, but  more over they are wonderful for keeping things organized.  The cost is a $66.00 well spent.    In the next photo I heaped on the wood and greens in our wagon and thought “Rochelle”, one of Suzanne’s quilts, was the perfect choice for this vignette.  So fresh to look at and fun to piece.  Rochelle is 64″ x 72″ and the kit sells for $130.00.  Pattern needed.  You probably have noticed over Christmas our “Heap on the Wood” sampler and the wood you see in the wagon and by the sampler is our bundled birch logs.   You get three for $17.00 and they real009ly are great and real looking.   I have loved using them all through the fall and now, in a crock by the fireplace or on your table scape .  It works.  

Back to organizing ideas:  I love this Paris reproduction thread box.   It is from “Fils Cotton” L.V. Paris.  The cost is $335.00 but the things you could stow in it a018re too numerous.  Threads, ribbons, pins and any necessary you might like to have a perfect home for.  “Friendship House” is another one of Suzanne’s quilt patterns.  It is one of our best examples of soft vintage blues and creams.  It is 81″ x 99″ and the kit is available for $187.00.  This quilt was featured in the Autumn issue of Simply Vintage Qu001ilts by Quiltmania.   We have copies of this issue available if you are interested.   Another favorite quilt in blue and cream is called “Sugar Pine”, it is a quilt pattern by Laundry Basket and the fabric used is also from Laundry Basket.  The evcr popular “Layer Cakes” are used and packaged in the kit for $138.50 and a pattern is needed. 009

My ship lap walls, tobacco basket, featured fabrics, and vintage horse are pretty much the frosting on the cake in this vignette.  The vintage rocking horse happens to be  sitting on “Nana’s Feather Bed” quilt which is made up out of my soft Manor House yarn dyed fabric.  We doubled the batting to give it loft and tied it.  So cozy and fun for any primitive loving collector.  Nana’s quilt is 72″ x 84″ and kitted sells for $158.00.  Wouldn’t th006is be great for a bunk bed room? 

Another good option for a bunk room quilt is Suzanne’s “Sugar House”.  This 72″ 72″ cabin quilt is a really swell option.  We lofted the batting in this quilt too but quilted it to accentuate the cabin pattern instead of tying it.  It is  a cozy and comfortable choice and perfect solution for your aftern011oon winter power nap.  Sugar House  is available kitted for $130.00 but you will need to order a pattern.

  You can see the top of the cupboard is filled with our popular little fir trees in the jars, and then  I added our great stars and the most adorable  little, fat doves we have had.  Still winter but it looks fresh.

Sew!  Lets talk about our new fabric, it is so pretty.  Quilting treasures is where it comes from.  It sells for $11.70 a yard and is some of greatest antique prints and colors we have seen in awhile.  Things are pretty bold out there these days so004 you have to look hard to uncover the few companies that still embrace our style.  You can see two other quilts in these pictures Selma’s “Evergreen” which is one good example of a winter topper.  It’s 41″ x 412′ and kitted is $77.75.  The other quilt you see on our quilt rack is “H003attie O’Connell“.  Suzanne just had this quilt featured in the currant Quiltmania magazine, its on the cover.  We say with great pride,you go girl!  This is a very beautiful graphic old quilt and we still have a few kits available.  It is 65″ x 88″ and the kit sells for $165.20.  You can also see the “Mary Lin013ley 1829” cross stitch pattern by The Scarlet House in the background.  We have it kitted on 32 count linen and the silk threads for $89.00  It is one of our favorites.  I hope you are enjoying my transformation as I show you around the shop. 

Thinking ahead to February and Valentine’s Day I have to008 bring to your attention another favorite quilt.  It is “Valentina”.  It measures at 65″ x 80″ and the kit is available for $127.25.  Pattern not included.  I think it is fun to use galvanized accent pieces and most popular piece is the serving tray.  I had to use the white bottle brush wreath just because look how special it looks with the linen dining chairs and reclaimed table.  Don’t miss the tin “Love” signs in the background.  It016s that time of the year, and if you need a wedding or shower idea the  Millenniums have embraced this idea in there new nests in a big way.  Also still loving the use of the old tobacco baskets.  I am leaving you with just one last thought.  Mirrors, we have great ones and they are an amazing tool in a room014 you also can see some more pictures of our new lamps.  They are really wonderful vintage looking lamps that work so well anywhere they land.  I will leave you one last storage idea.  We love baskets and this trio of baskets with leather handles for $27.00 could hold many great things and used in many places..  Those amazing stars you keep seeing are priced at $22.00.