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Time for us to Celebrate the Heart of Quilting!

A whole year has020 passed and it’s that time again to celebrate “The Heart of Quilting” with our annual R018oad Trip.  It lasts the whole month of February, that’s 28 days, so no excuses, surely one day will lend itself as a safe travel day to get out for some new handwork inspiration.  The store is alive with excitement as we celebrate this festive month.  Such a good way for us local quilt shops to “Go Red” and support a worthy cause like the American Heart Association.  I have  been posting some eye candy on our Facebook page sgcountrysampler and also our auction items that all pro037cedes go straight to  the American Heart Association.  The recognizable red dress pins are available when you pick up your passports.  You may have one from last year and if so, we ask you to let other folks that don’t have one get one, as the supply we have is limited.

On  the right you can see Suzanne’s “Paris Flea Market” and “Valentina”. Who knew red could look so swell!  All the quilts you see can be found in the shopping cart on our website with size and cost. 031

The quilt hanging over the dining chair is called “Madeleine’s Four Patch” its 45″ x 80″ so not too overwhelming size wise its a real do able proje024ct for the month.  I am sure you are noticing the amazing “LOVE” sign on the mantle.  Its made of tin and such a great wedding or shower present if you have been looking.  

  Selma has a new X’S & O”S  quilt which is a perfect little 36″ x 36″ playful February quilt you might  just enjoy making with friends on a cold winter afternoon or weekend getaway at our Second Story.  The kits are sold complete with the top, backing and bindin002g for $72.50 so you only need to be sure you purchase the pattern.

The “XO, XO Love Pillow” is new this year and we are crushing on it too.  Pillow priced at 021$25.90. 

If you are looking for just that right little February accent you might want to think 039about a few other items that have just arrived.  The little wood heart shelf sitter  you see on the tray on the left has one heart on it that says“You” and at the bottom it says 003“It was always You”.  Cost $14.25, kind of perfect for sure! 

We also have fresh Lavender bundles, new blueberry sprays and wreaths that all look pretty perfect too.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.   I also have many fine ribbons , Ric Rac in many sizes and amazing trims for finishing or 014dressing packages.   

Speaking of Ric, Rac that happens to be the name of one of our New quilts you will fall in love with, it is called “Ric Rac Path”.  This is a really fun pattern and what makes it fun is the fabric and of course the p005attern.  Jeanne E. did this quilt up for us.  In love again!  

It’s 55″ x 72″ and the kit is available for $79.50.   Please remember you will need the pattern.   

“Naomi Belle” and “Princess Charlotte”017 are also New for February!  Naomi Belle was designed in honor of Suzanne’s mother in law and Princess Charlotte is for the Brits Princess Charlotte. 

Our little block for the hop seemed to remind of us a crown and we finished it into t024he most wonderful little doll quilt fit for a princess and Miss Charlotte seemed like the perfect choice.   Complete kits available are for  $16.50.  If you just want the block for the sampler quilt those are available for $6.00.

Our carpenter Ken has made the amazing little farmhouse sty026led bed and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  It is a rope bed, I used Annie Sloane paint which is so easy to work with and our  Mary put together the little quilt.  The beds will be available but I’m not sure of the cost at this t030ime but they can be pre-ordered.    I hope you will plan a visit, the shop girls have worked so hard to give you an amazing show and this is just what is is trending in the red family of quilts and there are so many more that a truly amazing you won’t want to miss. 

Mary has also s001ewn “Cherry Cordial” something we all tend to love receiving this time of the year.  Its graphic and stunning for sure.  We have only a couple more quilts to show you, one is called “Double Dutch” we only ha018ve a few but it is a sweet quilt you might remember and enjoy revisiting.  It measures 33″ x 44″ and is a Cotton Tales pattern.  Its colors are mellow and very pleasing for sure. 

Gwen has put some other steels and deals that are on sale in our lower story sale area on line.  Be sure to check them out.  This is about it for tonight.  I hope you enjoy and make your February full of positive purposeful days even if is still winter.  March is not too far away and then its Spring wonderful Spring!