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Phase Three Spring Sampler Living:

Our January Spring Market finds are arriving and transforming the shop from winter digs to spring.  It is refreshing and our “Farmhouse 001Spring Open House” gives you an inspiring look into trends I feel can be used with our Sampler Living style.  It is time to lighten up our spaces and rejuvenate the home.  Galvanized accessories are th003e metal of the moment.  They are fun to incorporate into your style and functional to use.  One thing that makes everyone feel good is flowers and we have have the best we have ever had this Spring.  Fill those olive buckets, found ammo casings in two sizes and the prices range from $22.50 to $40.00, and notice the antique white half bucket.  It is flat on one side which makes this really functi008onal, I actually got one for Riverbanks to roll my bath towels up in because I don’t have shelf space to store them, and in the shop I love the look of  our spring pear blooms wildly filling the decor with happy feelings.   The antique white galvanized container is available for purchase at $175.00. 

Now I must point out our new wood shutter with the mounted antique lamp.  Its one unit and sells for $373.50.  I am going to use them in bedrooms between twin beds because my style says I love the Farmhouse look and good 013antiques but I also find an industrial flair intriguing and working with the overal010l look..  We have beautiful cream ware crocks that love our silk popcorn berries and really anything but these look really swell displayed in the crock.  The wooden vintage wallpaper bandboxes are classic and go nicely displayed with antiques as well as Farmhouse choices. 

Speaking of “Farmhouse” our new metal sign is easy to place in most home decors, I knew when I saw it in January it was the one for me and would be a perfect fit in a space I left over my cupboards.   You will see pictures showing it when the coach house gets its final 032finishing touches.  Now I just need to find the time to get there.   The metal sign sells for $62.50. 

Architectural door-way arched finials are something that I also find special.  This 005piece can be mounted on a wall space over a door, fireplace or looks pretty amazing on top of cupboards otherwise a bit boring.  The cost is $499.98.  It will be really swell with greens during the holidays but thankfully we have time to think of that.  Lanterns, our battery candle tapers and pillars are on the radar everywhere I look this spring.  I think we got that one right.  So easy to use, look so real and sets the mood in a room without worries of open flames.  They are pricey but lasting so I think that is something to consider.  I took a cream ware bowl, filled with white lima beans and stuck the tapers in it.  An easy 018quick fix to simply dress your table or buffet. 

I found this really great  round galvanized mirror at market kn011owing it would be good fit wherever you decide to put it, so I decided to put it up over one of the new quilts we are showing in the Spring Collection  called “Buttermilk and Blue”.   The quilt  was inspired by a Miss Rosie’s pattern.  The quilt ended up 83″ x 99″ and the kit cost is $164.00. 

Another new quilt for the season and made by Jeanne is called “Daffodil Garden”.   It is a smaller quilt so you will see it being  004multinational.007  It is 48″ x 60″ so it can be on a wall, on a table or a spring cover to rest on the sofa. The soft happy spring colors will be great right through the summer making this an even better choice.  Kits are available for $103.23. 

It’s hard to pick a favorite but I love to reproduce antiques and after seeing a small picture in Country Living magazine Suzanne and I set to work to pick colors and we gave the task of putting it all together to Barb.  Awesome sauce!  We call it “Ode to Spring“!  Never a better Farmhouse quilt in my eyes.  Suzanne then decided we needed a little version we are calling “Odette” and little Odette is 32 x 32A perfect size for a topp012er or wall art.  “Ode to Spring is 77″ x 84″ and the kit is available for $130.00 and “Odette” is $58.00. 

The next little quilt is another one Suzanne made up for us.  It is really sweet, only 21″ x 28″  and has the perfect balance of color that is could be happy 014wherever you decide to put it.  Looks like a Prim quilt and the name evolved as we talked it out trying to figure out just the right name.  Suzanne was reminded of the old school on her parents property called Oxford School and I had thought it looked like a SchoolGirl’s handwork.  This is what we came up with “Oxford Schoolgirl”. Kits are $36.01350 and are sold complete with the backing and binding included.

  Next I have a really special little quilt to tell you about it is called “Lovey Bear”, Jeanne E. made this  up for us because we had “The Darling little Dickens” Moda fabric line just screaming to get pieced into something wonderful.  This also becomes a great companion to couple up with our irresistible little “Cream Puff” 015kit which we introduced earlier this year. Soft blush and grey fabric goes so perfect in the serene baby rooms that we are seeing I know this is going to be a favorite.   It’s sized to be used in a crib or - 004a toddlers favorite blankie.  43″ x 48″ is the size and the kit is priced at $64.50.  Backing and pattern are needed. 

I just have to take a minute and show you our newest rocking horse.  He is a really swell primitive and comes in a full and small size.  Another reminder of the Vintage horse we brought in over the holidays.  He is really a great piece to consider owning too.  You will also notice th004e “1896 Alpha Block Sampler” in the background.  It’s from “Needlework Press” our guest designer for Summer Stitch Camp. We do have it kitted.  FYI: I tweaked the colors and changed the linen to my favorite Cider linen and it really turned out great.  It would be perfect in any child’s room.  I hope you have enjoyed catching up on our Spring Quilt Collection, New Handwork, and Homegoods.  These are what “Samp017ler Living @ 133″ is  all about. This is and remains my focus. 

The beautiful Spring blooms you see were my gift to visitors that found time to see us for our Farmhouse Spring Open House, sadly Mr. Reed will have to plant a new garden.

Happy Spring!