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To Market, To Market I Have been!

Phase Two:  Are you ready for more?  I have given you some time to digest  the first phase and now we are going to get into even more irresiBD-The-Winter-Is-Paststible handwork projects to keep you stitching for months.  Today I will start off with Blackbird Designs.  You know how great all of there designs are they must have been eating something or its in that Kansas City water because they really have blown things up in a really good way.  “The Winter is Past” is a great saBD-My-Dear-Heartsmpler to contemplate as it is done in the old winter blues and it goes great with the new 2017  Loose Feathers club piece “For the Birds” which I have just put up on line under the club info.   This sampler was stitched on 36 count linen.  Chart is $12.00.  

“My Dear Hearts” is another really swell sampler chart which includes the neatest “Sweetheart Pincushion” pattern adapted from the antique.011  The pins have been given great glass bead tops, what a great idea.  Looking so good don’t you think?    This is a great reproduction  of an antique sampler known as Emma Kerridge age BD-Feliz-Navidad13 in the year 1873.  Loving both of these pieces of handwork.  Its another antique reproduction and its number 2 in the Christmas Sampler Series the girls have done. 

“Feliz Navidad” Merry Christmas done by J. Mair in 1864.  As Alma says it is a good time to get this started after Christmas so you have it ready for this up coming holiday season.  It waBD-Sewing-Birds originally done in wool thread but Alma did it in cotton, I like it and it was also done on 36 count so wool would not be an option. 

You probably all know how much I love patriot handwork and so does Barb.  “Sewing Bird – Scissor Pocket” is a project I want to stitch and it kills me that I may not have the time so I might have to have a stitcher do it for me.  More 36 count linen but thankfully I have been stitching on it and kind of agree its not as hard as one would thinkBD-Hats-Off-To-Uncle-Sam.  Just get good linen and it works out.  We will be kitting this one and using our fabric for finishing in the kit. 

“Hats Off To Uncle Sam”.    What a unique design, and the innovative finishing makes this really appealing.  YouBD-Lady-Liberty will need to take a trip to Hobby Lobby for supplies she calls for to finish.  We will be kitting the pincushion. 

“Lady Liberty” is a drum pinkeep with flags and banners, I feel like it will go together really easy as Barb has good instructions and diagrams for 013you. 

Next on my agenda today is Gigi R’s wonderful antique reproductions.  “Ann Gould” spoke to me, loved the border, colors and  she was only five years and six months when she stitched this in 1821.  So amazing and iGiGiR-Elizabeth-Wenden-1864t would be really rare in our time.  The chart is $16.00 and was reproduced with Weeks Dye works 35 count Cocoa.  I think there are a lot of good linen choices to consider, I’m thinking Cider.

“Elizabeth A. Wenden Oct. 1864” is so simple but the sentiment  “Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love make our earth an Eden like to heaven GiGiR-Sampler-Frisien-1750above”.  I think we all should stitch this sampler.  The chart retails for $16.00.  Sometimes simple is best.  You could also pick your favorite color since only one is used.

If you like to stitch motif samplers I feel like you will live this one.  It really has colors that lend themselves to the holidays but its soft and could be a great focal anytime.  It is know as Sampler Frisien 1750.   The chart is $18.00.  

“EmmanuelGiGiR-Emmanuela-Chianelloa Chianello” is from Italy.  I like it because it is a horizontal sampler.  Long and narrow and very interesting.  The original GiGiR-Ann-Harding-1811was stitched on 50 ct but this was charted for 40 count.  I know my peeps that love fine linen will be excited over this one and the shape is also a factor.  Its different.  The chart is $24.00.

I also picked up more charts of “The Polka Dot Cow Sampler by Ann Harding 1877”.  It will be fun to stitch and easy to love.  The chart is $22.00.   

I have so many favorite samplers it is hard to even pick what you might want to see.  The good thing is Gwen has everything on line as she knows I can’t do it all.  Samplers Not Forgotten has been one of my SNF-BG-1874favorite designers for some time.  This is the Cadillac of samplers known as “BG 1874”.  I think it wins best of show in my eyes.  It is stitched on Lakeside 36 count Buttercream.  I have it on order.  It was also stitched with silk.  I am busy trying to convert it over to over-dyed.  I’m getting close, just had to walk away for a biCardan-Sophia-Knighte-1828t and now wait for my linen to get in.  It’s another horizonatal sampler.  Love the frame, love the colors and I have to honestly say it is going to be a great sampler to stitch.  The chart retails at $28.00.  Kimberly has also included a conversion for DMC.  I personally will do over-dyed as I really feel the colors will work out closer to the original.

I know several of you like to do red work samplers.  I like them and find Cardan Antiques “Sophia Knighte 1828” to be one of those interesting samplers you will find easy to get into stitching.  Its delicate to look at,stitched on 35 count Weeks Straw with School House Red and DMC Red 304.The chart is $16.00. 

The Scarlet House haTSH-Smith-Samplers another amazing favorite sampler.  The sampler is called “Smith Sampler”.  It has a great border and you could end up doing bands on there own but gosh why would you not just stitch it all?  I could see doing a favorite band as a pinkeep to compliment it but it’s really awesome no matter what you decide tEM-Mary-Havenso do. .  Way to go Tanya!  Tanya suggests 40 count Meadow Rue if you can’t do 46 count.  She actually stitched her model on 46 Lakeside Autumn Gold and used silk threads.   The chart is $27.00.   Love to have options.

“Erica Michaels “Mary Havens,1837” was another beauty in my eyes .  I will put it on a little more aged linen but nothing else needs to be changed.  It has a primitive house and tree an urn andHS-In-The-Garden a great border.  Meets my critical sampler criteria.  The chart is $25.00.

  Heartstrings always has something for me to find irresistible and she didn’t let me down.  I really like the Lone Elm Sewing boxes so “In the Garden” was a perfect fit.  We are stitching it up and I think you may want to consider it as the box is so user friendly, and made so well, it is hard to not want to own and use one.  This is a good choice, the kits are $42.00 and the boxes retail for $199.00 and come in a great many wonderful colors to go with your decor.  “Let it Begin With Me”  is another simple but really goodHS-Let-it-Begin-with-Me little sampler.  Let it begin with me is what it is all about.  We make our own destiny and I think this is fitting and a good choice of inspiration to think about every day.  The chart is $10.00 and stitched on R & R Stars Hollow Blend linen.  I love the way she mounted it.  Beth does a bird collection many of you have started stitching.    I will just put up one todHS-The-Bird-Collection-4ay but we have many on line.  This morning my yard, even though full of snow, was covered with big old fat robins.  Its our state bird, not always my favorite, but today they looked good Spring can not be too far behind.  The “American Robin” is in collection IV.  Also in this collection we have the “Tree Swallow” and “Song Sparrow”.  Birds we are all quite familiar with.  The chart with the three birds retails for $12.00.  015

La- D- Da  designs did another simple but really special little sampler I find hard to not get some linen and threads together and get to it.  It is called


Me & You”  It says “Come Sit down Just Me & You”!  Probably a good thing to do in this crazy mixed up world where all we seem to see and do is

people look

ing at there phones.  It is small and will stitch up quickly.  Lori has it done up on 40 count Weeks Straw and it only uses DMC.  We will make kits for sure.  Going back to The Scarlet House for one more really neat piece simply called “Samplers”.  It is one of those great stitcheries that ticks the boxes.  Great motifs, houses, animals, a urn, everything that mLDD-Humble-&-Kindakes up what we all love in Samplers.  

Stitchedon 40 count Ale, but we remember we also carry Ale in larger counts if you love the sampler bu017t don’t feel like doing it up on 40.  This chart sells for $15.00.  

I need to take a little more time to give you a look at a few other La-D-Da designs.  “Humble & Kind” and “Virtue” are two more samplers you may want to consider. Charts are $10.00.

I have just gotten back from Needlework Market in Nashville.  OMG my handwork friends, you are all going to want to stitch your little brains out, its making me crazy wondering which new pattern comes first.  I can hardly wait LDD-Samplar-Hare-Kitto show you all of our new patterns and some really swell market kits, Gwen is putting things up on line and giving you a market gallery so lots of places to look.  This was not a market for the faint of heart and if you are the only buyer some of the things you really desired are going to be gone its just a fact.  But from the looks of things around here we are not going to let you down.  We may have to wait for some of the linens used but we are pretty stalked up so hopefully we can keep you all smiling. 

I have some really great rabbits for your Springtime stitching and La-D-Da has one of the most adKB---Bowlful-of-Bunniesorable little kits and its called  “Sampler Hare“.   We only have 16 so if you think you really want to make this little critter give us a call or place your on line order right away, kits are $40.00.  FYI: I doubt if we will have any left for our Spring Open House.  Kathy Barrick’s “Bowl of Rabbits” is another really sweet little piece of TPH-Colonial-Harehandwork I think you might not want to miss out on.  Its a chart but we could kit it.  If you notice in the picture its framed in one of those amazing antique picture holders.Wish I owned one I will have to start looking. Such a clever way to market this little stitchery.   I was sold.

Primitive Hare is most definitely the rabbit queen as I see it.  Her rabbits are so life like you feel like if you reached out to to003uch them it would really be real fur.  I picked up chart you see on the right its called the “Colonial Hare”.   They are all stitched on over dyed linens and the “Boleyn” Printed Linen will be something she is going to be known for pioneering for some time. Its great!  We have had it in stock and have had time to get a new pinkeep  already stitched on it so you can see how unique it really is.  The lin004en itself is $36.00, it measures 14 1/2 x 21 and retails for $36.00.  Our “Christmas Bells” kit you can see is available for $45.90, it contains the printed linen and pattern, over-dyed velvet, a large rusty bell and floss.

You are really going to like her rabbit floss keepers.  They are solid, aged and painted and perfect to have out in TPH-Bangle-Pincushionan old ironstone dish while you are working on your spring projects.  Priced at $16.00.  We also have a swell hive coming you’re going to find hard to resist.  It was one of those things that were sold out.  Bees, Birds and Bunnies and other critters  were hot at this spring market for sure. The “Bangle Pincushion” was a class so I have only a few  LDD-Fraktur-Flowerspatterns but we will get more and kit it, its adorable it fits around your wrist and keeps you all organized with your needles and it has a fantastic bee motif for our bee lovers. Need i say more?  Watch for the kits, they may take awhile to come from Italy but I hope not long Pattern only is $16.00 and stitched on the Boleyn linen.  

So I did mSN-Animal-Crackers-Theodoreention birds didn’t I?   La-D-Da’s “Fraktur Flowers” is one of the finest new charts.  Stitched on 32 count Wren and it only uses one overdyed thread the rest are DMC.  You all got to like that.   

I  know I also mentioned other critters.  Stacy Nash has Animal Crackers new for this Spring.  You know SN-Animal-Crackers-Clementime and cats so meet “Theodore” and “Clementine”.  They are both stitched on Weeks Confederate Grey linen. the charts are $12.00. Kind of adorable!  

So its not only cats there is a pretty cute mouse cracker too.  “Monroe”, I think the name is fitting, and Monroe likes mushrooms so Stacy just had to go and design the best ever “Mushroom Pinkeep“.  This is why I love market peeps.  Our designerSN-Animal-Crackers-Monroes are so inspiring to me and all of us shop owners.  What a great way to beat the winters cabin fever.  The good news is Stacy assures me they are really very easy to assemble so no good reason to not give it a try.

Stacy also always has a few great samplers to draw me in.  I like the new “Elizabeth ThomSN-Elizabeth-Thomasson- Sampler Pinkeep”.  Loving those velvet strawberries.  It really couldn’t be sweeter.  This piece was stitched on Weeks Cappuccino linen and uses Blackberry Primitives Cinnamon velvet.  The pattern is available for $12.00. 

So I almost forgot to mention my favorite horse. Kathy Barricks “Fiona & Edward” is so good and even better KB-Fiona-&-Edward-tnn person.  Love, love, loved it and it has a bird a strawberry, and a house.  Winner! Patterns are $12.00. I will probably leave off the bug and butterfly but to me that is the beauty of making a piece your own.  It was worked on 40 count HerSwan-Garden--Kathy-Barrickitage.  I will say it seemed like most every designer I was buying and loving was stitching on smaller count linen this market.  I can do it you just need clip on magnifiers over your glasses.  I have more on order.

One of my favorite Kathy Barrick designs was called “Swan Garden” and there is another it is called  “Up on the  House Top”.  You will enjoy stitching either or both of these great designs.  SKB-Up-on-the-House-topwan Garden is on a 40 count linen I have not stitched with but I love it.  It’s Picture This Plus’s Shadow and Up on the House top is on 32 count Legacy.  I will have many more to show and tell you about so will continue tomorrow as we get more scanned and ready for you to enjoy.  I will leave you with just a thought.  I think many of these designs could be stitched on larger linen because they really are all quite stylized in there own right and would make a statement larger or smaller. .WTNT-Faith-of-the-Heart

Finally, it’s time to talk about “Samplers”  girlfriends.  Hereare the some of the“New Sampler” designs I  love.   There are so many, I will have to take my needle to the grave, it will take awhile for us to get everything up on line for you to see but its happening so please keep watching the website.   I’m gWTNT-Tulip-Festivaloing to start with Brenda Gervais’s  “With thy Needle  & Thread Designs”. “Faith Of the Heart”  The first thing I always look for is a good house, if it has urns, strawberries and bluebirds its a bonus.  The chart is $11.00 and can be kitted. 

“Tulip Festival” is totally a fun springtime stitch.  Its petite and sweet and can be used as a pillow or framed.  We have the linen available and the chaWTNT-Berry-Days-Book-Box-2rts are $12.00. 

  “Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm”  I love the name of this new sampWTNT-Lady-Libertyler and the little book drawer box is the perfect way to finish it.  It has a house, a bee, over sized flowers and strawberries so how can you loose.  You will love the needlebook bonus pattern too.  We have the book boxes available for $15.00 and the pattern is $12.00.  If you need a complete kit please let us know and we will be glad to try and get everything together you might need. WTNT-Essamplaire-Petite-1

“Lady Liberty” is something that always appeals to me and this is one of the best I’ve seen yet.  I know we will be stitching up this model for sure.  We have the 36 ct. Sterling linen coming from Picture this Plus so kitting is and option.  Patterns are available WTNT-Essamplaire-Petite-#2for $12.00.  

Brenda also has added “Essamplaire Petite” Collection I and II.  These are all miniature samplers but quite sweet for sure.  The patterns are both $12.00. 

Just in time for Easter here is  another sweet idea to ponder on.  It is WTNT-Easter-Peep-Paradecalled “Easter Peep Parade”.  It is stitched on 36 count Weeks Chestnut which should be delivered this week so we can WTNT-Quaker-Handeworkalways include just the linen if you desire. 

There are still more patterns you can see in the gallery but for today I will end with her new “Quaker Handwork”.  Its has some really well motifs and if you love Quaker samplers this will definitely be of interest. 

Since we are talking about Quaker Linda from Chessie & Me introduced the cutest little “Quaker House Token” in Nashville.  It is a pinkeep kit  which we all love.  The kits are $30.00. 

You have all be001en so patiently waiting for the “1864 House SampCM-1864-House-Samplerler” she did for us last Grand Olde Flag Gathering.  She is working on the Lincoln House for this years event.  We still have room in fact we are thinking about letting people come in for just that after we fill the event for both designers.   Still love it so much and hope to get it stitched this year.  We still have the great frames available so let us know if you would like us to include one with your order.  The charts alone are $12.00, its stitched on 32 count Weeks Tin Roof so let us know if you need us to include that too.  It’s so swell.  

Linda loves patriotic too and her next design is really going to be one of your favoCM-Garden-Houserites and would go well with CM-Home-Safe-to-Methe 1864 House and Lady Liberty I just talked about.  “Home Safe to Me” is a pattern for a needlebook  and also includes  a whale needle keep and fob for your scissors.  Patterns are $12.00.

“Garden House” was made to fit a wooden scissor holder.  Just another clever way to display and its useful.  As a fellow stitcher  I know how we all appreciate new toys.   the holders are being made so will be available soon.

CM-Think-of-Me“Think of Me Sampler” is another new design from Linda.  Th005e colors make this sampler sing, so relevant for the seasons palette and it has a house and urns I’m in my sampler happy place.   Only time for a few more tonight I have to write a newsletter. 

I loved Stacy’s market exclusive “Rose Garden Sewing Box”.  I got 24 kits but they are going fast.  The kit is complete  with thread, linen, threads, and finishing necessaries.  The kits are available for $52.00.  Don’t miss this adorable sewing box you will treasure it forever. It has a great house,  I’m SOLD!  Blackbird is another one of my favorite design teams.  Wow, I loved 006everything they did, Gwen will be getting to them tomorrow.

Last sampler tonight is another Stacy design.  It is a reproduction sampler, done on 32 count Weeks Parchment linen with wool threads.  It you are itching to try stitching with wool this would be a good one to get started on.  Just a FYI: I have the wool on order for this if you need it as well as the linen.  The sampler chart is called “Ann Congreve Sampler”.   It’s a very sweet sampler.  The chart is $12.00.