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Seasonal Farmhouse Lifestyles @ 133

When we can have our front door wide open you know the weather is fine, and for that matter summer has been great all around. No complaints from me this year, I just hope it holds through September and through all of the events we have coming.  Perfect temps, little humidity, and cool nights.  Life is Igbok!  It’s going to be OK!  

This week I have been busy transforming the shop in preparation for our own

 Quilt Expo show September 5th – 9th. 

  These are the seasonal changes we all look forward to and begin to long for. 
You have probably already noticed some of the pictures I  posted on Facebook.    The front windows are full of some of my favorite fall quilts.  In the fist picture

 you see on the left is  “Chimney Sweep” amongst the fall foliage and our amazing New Folkart angel.  In window number two you can see “Thankful” and a pair of the best old white metal gobblers and fall berry bunches that work well wherever you put them .  I think I must have a thing for turkeys again this year because they keep showing up everywhere.  The warm fall colors in Suzanne’s quilt and timeless turkeys our sure to be winners.  The quilt kits are all on line and in limited quantities.  

 How could you forget “September Sunset”, it was the hottie last year.  We have the pattern and its scrappy so it would be easy to replicate.

  The two small quilts on the doll bed known as “Harvest Moon” were from last fall too.  Again there are only three kits left.  

Notice the creamware soup turine and soup bowls on the table, its’s that time of year and we are ready.  You can also see Needlework Press’s “Six Red Alphabets” on the mantel.  this is a very simple primitive but i really like it and can see it out at Christmas and the fresh greens.  

“River Dancer” is one beauty measuring 73″ x 80″, this quilt is one from my Riverbanks collection and kitted sells for $87.00.  Its stunning and people have loved it for sure.  The signature print comes in four colors and we see people using there favorite with the coordinates in the line.  The galvanized mirror on an old shutter, the old wooden hat boxes on the bed give it the Farmhouse industrial vibe people are looking for.  Mixing in the galvanized pieces with the primitive just works.  Farmhouse just works because it checks all the decor boxes modern, classic to primitive.  Trade signs are another big deal trending this year , collectors will like this sign and don’t forget our wonderful “Vintage” sign and tin tiles.  I have to say if you are looking for lamps I wish you would stop in, our lamps have really been unique not the norm and isn’t that what creates interest and defines you and your lifestyle.  The quilt in the dough bowls we sell is Suzanne’s “Fox Hollow”, it is 39″ x 45″.  The amazing mellow fall colors created with the use homespun make

 this a great idea for your next fall project.  


Kits are available for $66.00.  Stacy’s “Elizabeth Thomson Sampler Pinkeep” is a favorite as well as the “Goode Witch Pinkeep”.  There are so many choices when you look at Stacy’s fall patterns.  No excuses th

ere’s  great eye candy and projects if you are looking.  I kind of feel like a squirrel, time to stock up for what’s coming.  Gwen’s “Buttermilk & Blue “quilt is front and center on the big bed, this is such a good looking quilt.  This quilt measures 83″ x 99″ and the kits are available for $164.00 on line. The store really has so many amazing quilts its definitely can take some time to sort out what is the favorite.

 You are also seeing “Snow Day” on the quilt rack and “Geraniums and Chicory” in the background.  Snow Day is quite stunning, Suzanne specifically used some of Quilting Treasures best antiquities.  The 52 x 76″ quilt kit is $99.75.   Here is another proud metal tom for your consideration. You can also see some new Farmhouse Lanterns in the 




For sure fall is in the air and I can’t wait for you to visit.  We will be seeing many guests over the next few weeks and we can hardly wait.  

Have you been noticing the sunflower fields in the countryside?   I have but even more amazing is Selma’s “Golden Harvest” pattern.  This 37″ x 45″ project is packaged complete with fabric, backing and the pattern for $72.20.  The colors and the way Selma thinks about putting her designs together make this a real consideration for your next fall project.