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Bring your favorite “Style” Home!

I’ve definitely been thinking about how we can help you bring your favorite “Style” home.  I of all people know how style changes with our age, how 

color preference changes with age, how we just simply change.  Its alright, learn to embrace it, purge it and refresh it.  It keeps you a happier you for sure.

  I heard a quote on morning TV this week and this is how it goes.  “Don’t look back you are not going that way”.

 I think this makes good sense, how can you be your best you when you are always looking back?  Just something to think on today.  We all try to look forward in the shop with my fabric lines although my prints are very old I try to  thoughtfully restyle and color them to work today.  Its 

when old meets modern.  So we use the fabric in the shop and keep in mind the many styles we need to compliment in our projects.  I hope we check the box that fits your style.

 I also try to pick very unique home goods that can be thought of in the same way, we stay relevant in style for today but in actuality many are reproductions of older simpler times.   So going forward lets look for whats suits the way we want to live and I hope you will think of us when you are compelled to make a change.  

The gobblers are significant this season and I have found several that fit into someone’s style.  Take a look and hopefully you will find one that speaks to you.   Elegant to classic to primitive we have it all.  This a classic for $129.00.

Loving how this metal pair look on the hearth, they are priced at $212.50.  Get your pumpkins out and

 seasonal foliage and you are ready.  We have an amazing primitive ladder to display with and some swell looking wheat wreaths for the door or they could be used as a component for building your holiday centerpiece.

What do you think of the new green pick-up?  I see this being used for all the holidays.  Pumpkins, greens, small scale trees, presents yikes lots of endless ideas and its looks quite authentic.  It could greet your guests at the door or be tucked under the tree and full of presents.  It sells for $225.00.  We only have three.    I thought it looked pretty swell bringing home the holiday turkey.  Just another great turkey to contemplate. cost of the turkey $222.50, he’s made out of fine old metal.

Here is yet another turkey he kind of looks like he is cement but he’s not.  He is again a great looking traditional turkey and only $40.80.  There are lots of places to tuck this size into.

 I have to say I am very excited over the “Jane Baxter” Sampler, she is back from the framer and is quite perfect for this time of the year or any, she is special.  We have her kitted for $125.25

 and her linen is 36 count parchment. Notice the turkey on the sampler. We definitely have a thing about turkey’s this season.


Now I am just going to show you some more pictures to inspire your home decorating for the season.


 Our newest angel is so great to work with and she loves holding all of our small quilt projects and go well with her creme colored dress.   We also think you are really going to enjoy decorating with our wheat stocks and wreaths that arrived this week. Perfect for doors, walls, tables and mantels.