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The Shop Girls Seasonal Labors Are Exploding!

Can it really already be September?   I’m here to tell you its so, and my shop girls are excited for you to see all of the fruits of labor yielded in 133’s New Fall Quilt Collection.   The timing is right for us as we fill our SchoolRoom for our own Sampler Quilt Expo.  The SchoolRoom will be open on Tuesday September 5 – Saturday September 9th so plan your days and trip and hopefully include a visit to see us in Spring Green.

This is my perfect time of the year. The cool nights and balmy late summer days, the pumpkins, apples, mums and produce from this lush summer are abundant and don’t forget those amazing apple cider doughnuts from the orchard.  You can easily spend a day when you visit us.  I am about to take you on a virtual tour of the SchoolRoom.  The new collection will go up on line and in the cart on Monday.  Make your lists and remember we do not have unlimited supplies of our kits.  You will see everything from seasonal, holiday to classic.  I hope you enjoy.  

Our first quilt is called “Jolly Tartan”  Barb put this together for us, it measures 76 1/2″ x 76 1/2″.  Kits are $175.00 and patterns are $10.00.  We love this, it has great visual appeal and would be beautiful out all winter.  The fabric collection has some whimsy and brights but here is what I have to say about that.  I can have brights but the way the fabric is pieced you do not get that it is too bright, it works, and we have a good supply of fabric choices for backing.

No holiday season is complete without a good tablescape it sets the tone for your entertaining.  

Gwen has designed the Meadowlane Runner” with all of this in mind.  It is a good size 25″ x 56″ and

 I like that because with the popularity of a good farmhouse table it works. Our favorite Mr. Peanut Jar looks kinda of great filled with little white pumpkins so again we like to give you something that lasts through more than a season.  You will love the colors especially because many French General fabrics were chosen to give this classic runner its mellow feel.   The kits are $52.50 and the pattern is sold separately for $9.00.  


Since we love autumn around here I have several new quilts Suzanne has designed.  I will start with “County Fair”.  You are going to love that this quilt is larger it measures 70″ x 82″ and has those wonderful honey colors that are easy to live with.  The kit is sold for $138.50 and you will need to purchase her pattern for $9.00.


“Pumpkin Bars” is a quick sew for the season, I have chosen to show it off on our doll beds that we sell but it would be a really swell mat too.  It is 20″ x 26″.  Kits are $40.00 and include backing and binding.


“Colors Of Autumn”  is another quick fall project.  This adorable seasonal topper is 23″ x 32″.  The kit priced at $46.00 is also packaged with 

the backing and binding. 


Barb made up a very striking small quilt called “Blueberry Buckle” it measures 26 1/2″ x 26 1/2″ and is a pattern found in Simple Friendships book by Jo Morton and Kim Diehl.  The quilt is a perfect size for our new angel as you know I am very fond of my angels holding quilts.  The book sells for $28.99 and our kit is $39.50.


 Mary also did a great project from the very same book making this an even 

sweeter idea.  Look to your left.  This book is awesome on its own so there will be no regrets with this pattern book it is full of nothing less than wonderful and we can always expect that from these two great designers.  Mary’s  kit is called “Cake in the Cabin”.   This project is the perfect size @ 34″ x 34″ for a table topper or the wall.  Love the great classic color choices for this and I think you will too.   The kit sells for $85.50 and includes the backing fabric.  If you love old toys this old green tractor could be one you might want to consider owning.  

On the wall in the background you can see a favorite quilt that Suzanne made.  It is called “Yuletide Baskets”.  We only have a handful left.  It is 64″ x 74″ and our kit is $156.00 and need her $9.00 pattern.

 Gwen put together one of Paul Barnes patterns called Windmills and we changed the name on the  

quilt we did to “The Northwind”.  We have only a limited amount of these kits to sell but this is a timeless classic pieced quilt you will love for all seasons.  The quilt measures 56″ x 56″, the kit is available for $150.00 and Paula’s pattern is $10.00.


 On the wall behind The Northwind you can see one of my favorites it is “Antiquity”.  This quilt is a reproduction of an antique I have always loved.  It is a nice size to work with @ 68″ x 77″.  This kit is  priced at $104.50 and the pattern is $9.00.  

Selma always finds her inspiration on her travels and the next quilt was an inspiration from a summer getaway.  Her Jim is a star gazer and thus the name and inspiration.   Selma aptly calls 

this amazing quilt “Lake Superior Stars”.  She used many of my Riverbanks fabric skus that sadly are becoming unavailable from Windham as we are always are moving on to next new line.

 We all love the color choices and movement you get gazing at this beauty.  It measures 43″ x 43″ and is packaged with the pattern for $82.50.

 “Patriotic Pinwheels” is pictured on the ladder next to the mantel. Mary put this quilt together.  I have it on our new display ladder that I think you will find lots of great uses and ideas for this alternative way to display your heirloom treasures.  Ladders are available for $90.00.   The pinwheel 

quilt is 48″ x 56″ , kitted sells for $107.00 Mary chose a quilting treasure fabric when she decided to piece this pattern.  The pattern is needed and sells for $9.00.

Suzanne designed and pieced the next quilt known as“Stormy Weather”.  I think you will find that this quilt has quite stunning graphic appeal and interesting movement.  Her bold choice of the Riverbanks bolt of lighting fabric was perfect for her setting fabric and makes this pattern special.  It is a lap size quilt or would show off nicely hanging on the wall the way you are seeing it.  It is 51″ x 72″.  The kit is priced at $112.00 and the pattern is $9.00 and needed.

 You know how now and then we find just that right fabric for a Halloween project.  It happened again this year and Selma is the girl for this project because this is her holiday, Halloween means so much to her as she married her Jim on Halloween 40 years ago.  The little gem we are showing is called “Costume Parade”.  This swell kit is not a trick but a perfect treat to piece for $88.00.  It measures out at 39″ x 56″ and the pattern is $9.00.  The signature strip is what inspired the name and the size indicated you can get this put together before the holiday actually arrives.

 Mary was also inspired to work with this line of fabric and she has put together “Sweet Treats”.  I can almost taste the sweet candy corn and how fun would this be to put out on the farm table.  We packaged it complete with the backing and binding and pattern insert for $52.50.  It measures 20″ x 30″.

 The next two quilts you are seeing are both Laundry Basket patterns.  Mary put together “Cinnamon Stix” from a line of fabric Edyta designed especially for this quilt pattern.    This particular pattern is a great pieced strip quilt inspired from her antique collection of quilts and calls for the use of her pre-cut 2 1/2″ strips.  It is a good size for a bed measuring 74 1/2″ x 78 1/2″.  It has a traditional feel and neutral enough to fit in your decor with ease.  The kits are priced at $139.00 and the pattern is available at $10.00.  

The next quilt is called “Elephants”, it uses layer cake cuts and we added something I have been wanting to use for awhile.  Chenille!  What a wonderful easy option you need to explore people!  We have a couple of sizes and many colors.  The packages available range in cost from $12.00 – $16.00.    Jeanne E. put this quilt together for me. I know Sara’s little kidos would love it and certainly gender friendly.  The kits are $107.50 and the patterns are $9.00.  You can see a close up on the right.  Its swell and kits are limited.

Calling all new grandmas.  We just got in a new line of fabric that would definitely lend itself to this product.  The line is called Hushabye Hollow.    We have bought flannel in the line for a soft backing alternative and many skus that will be fun to piece

for your favorite new arrival.   The color palette is shown in a soft colored green and old taupe.All fabric yardage in this line is priced at $12.50 per yard.   A sweet idea for sure.  

We had some time on our hands believe it or not so the shop girls put together two great fall colored fat quarter packages.  There are 10 fats in each for $33.00.  Perfect for stash building and your next seasonal project.

 Gwen will be putting these on line so you get one of each or just your favorite.  

 I also had time for a little Maggie handwork, I have had several favorite fall mats that have been on my bucket list so I took one and finished it when I was in Door County last week.  Love wool because its so portable.  the kit for Warm Autumn days is $72.00.  The colors are just

 right for this time of the year.

I want to give you a few more overall views of the SchoolRoom so you know what it looks like.  I hope rather you are  a guest visiting from near or far you will make us a destination this week.