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Its Time to create your own Holiday Set!!!

Wood & Metal Pair of Deer cost $298

Have you ever thought about this?  I bet you didn’t  know you are a set designer.  Well you are, as we begin to set the style for our seasonal holiday decorating themes your will see how the set determines your personality, your likes and where you find your comfort and joy.  Its your own personal magic.  Rather your style is natural and clean, vintage, classic or traditional.  I am thrilled to be a place where you 

can call or find amazing signature pieces for your decor. It could be 

as simple as an inspirational quilt or sampler that compliments your style be it  Farmhouse Modern, Cottage or just classic home style. 

This season at the shop we have an amazing selection of deer and most of them really make a statement and are signature pieces rather you strategically place them among greens at your door, by the hearth or over the hearth or by the

Winter Haven and Forever Yours Quilts

Christmas tree they will be a conversation grabber for sure. I see a beautiful bow around the wall mount deer and it will make your beautiful wreath stand out too. Not only are out deer popular so are our sleighs that are displayed through out the shop in so many different sizes and shapes.

  We have the big sleigh in our window and the “Jolly Tartan” quilt and faux fur “Sleigh Blanket”, Aka coach potato cover-up  really help you

Splendid bells and trees to choose from

get in the mood.  Now all we need is a little winter snow magic.  We have a smaller version on one of our display tables and it has Mary’s “Forever Yours” quilt in it.   This design came from one of my antique quilts.  It is 63″ x 63″.    The tree quilt above it is “Winter Haven”and was reproduced by Suzanne from one of my antiques as well.  Its festive and shows off well for the season.  There are three more sizes of sleighs that you will notice on the holiday tab.

Trees are another important part of the season and the shop owner loves them all. We seem to do well with trees and our newest tree  is meant to be used in smaller places as it fits flat against a wall

Five Foot Wall Tree is priced at $199.00 and the Seven Foot tree is $385.00

or hearth or even corners well.  Now why didn’t I think of this genius idea?   We carry three sizes, four ft., five ft. or 7 ft. they come all lit, the green boughs are fashioned after the Frazier firs we all love, and you never have to water, clean up needles or worry about tipping because they are all in strong weighted urn bases.  Seems like a good idea. 

Hickory Hill Quilt

“Hickory Hill” is an amazing quilt with the most wonderful signature print.  We all love this one, it measures 60″ x 74″.    It reminds me of  vintage Christmas balls and evergreens, it just says Christmas. 

Mary just finished another amazing table runner that will be a topper you can really enjoy putting out and entertaining with the whole  winter season right through February.  It is festive in red and cream and is

Let it Snow table runner

called “Let it Snow”.  It’s a great size  measuring 

17″ x 36″ Santa says this is a fun,quick project you can get done and enjoy and gift to a friend.  The kit cost is $34.50 and includes the back.  You will need the pattern @ $9.00. 

I am going to give you another picture of the trees and how we are using them through out the Christmas decor. Notice how nice the flat tree sits on the hearth.  This could also be ideas for your Thanksgiving as the  pair of white metal turkeys have been very popular with customers. Just add a little wreath, simple but looks right.
 Thankful, Christmas, Farmhouse, and Tree Farm are just a few of the signs we have for you.  You have seen how we use them 

through out the shop over the past few months.

I have to say I really love using our old vintage water fountains.  They are great to use inside as you see and have seen filled with candles since spring.  Even more amazing filled with greens and bowed for the season, it is a signature piece that will be timeless.   

Blackbird Designs is so good at designing just the right handwork for the season and this year is no exception.  We have stitched up their “Feliz Navidad” Christmas Sampler.  It’s fitting as we are so used to hearing the song and guess what?  They came for open house what a treat for us and our customers.

The next sampler I just have to mention is  Plum Street’s “Friends of the Hart”.

  You would have thought Paulette and I had put our heads together so it would fit into the next vignette in the shop.

Friends of the Hart by Paulette Stewart  

Barb worked on this amazing “Sawtooth Squares” quilt that is on our large bed.  It all started with a plaid signature fabric I fell in love with and wanted to use this season.  I found the perfect pattern and we built the quilt.  It is 72 1/2″ x 86 3/4″.  It also fits what the big box stores are trending with the plaids.  We nailed it for sure. 

When Paulette’s new sampler came in we had it stitched and then it came back framed and it could not have been colored more perfectly.  The pomegranates, the deer, it has a house, it was our most popular sampler this season. 


Sawtooth Squares Quilt on the bed



Trees, I am right back on the subject again because we really are into several quilts with tree themes too.  When Selma and I 

Northwoods Quilt

saw this quilt at market which was actually two years ago we knew we had to make it u[.  It was an amazing pattern so we talked about


 it but did not act until this year.  I just happened to find the perfect buffalo check this year and Selma took it from there. 

   The result is so stunning it is called “Northwoods”, the quilt measures 80″ x 80″ and the kit sells for $149.00.  It really is another signature piece that I have been telling you we like to create. I just had to show you the new red pick up.  It’s northwoods cabin for sure.  Selling for $106.25.   

Since I am on the subject of cabins right now our new “Hearthside Plaid” measuring

 72″ x 83″ is a cozy, natural textured quilt.   I know you are going to love using this one on your settle down for that long deserved winters nap.  The kit is $89.50. 

Hearthside Quilt

Now its time to show you what I’m thinking about in my house for this holiday season.  I will have  Thanksgiving and the shop girls holiday party so I need to get serious this year and get the house in order.  Last year I had Christmas at Riverbanks as I will this year so I best be getting there soon too .  Anyway I wanted to shoot you a few looks at my ideas so far.  I am using my round table for my favorite Christmas Tree.  It looks pretty swell with a couple of my antique treasures my treasures under it.   I put up the wreaths.  I am going very natural with grapevines and fresh greens on the inside and fresh greens on the front door. 

My turkeys you are used to seeing all year are still hanging out, they have new wreaths that you will see in the shop the spring of 2018. 

I moved my desk around too and will be bringing in my old antique sled for my winter coffee table.  I am 

dangerous if you give my a few hours home alone.   I’m feeling like it will be an early farmhouse Christmas at the Horton house this season.  I am using my old sled you have seen in the shop for a couple of seasons.  I  still kept thinking it really would look good if I used it in place of my pine coffee table so I managed to get it in yesterday and I 

I think I am good with it.  I will live it with it for a few days before I am totally sure.  I also have to show you my reflection photo, I’m in to that idea always.  I have this wonderful old beat up feather tree and an old stool.  I had to get it out and see for myself if it would work.  It does and then I lit my Grapefruit-fir candle and suddenly I am really decking the halls.  I kind of have to as our shop Girl Christmas Party is at the house and we are even including husbands, then I need to leave to ready Riverbanks for the family so I think even though a bit 

premature it is necessary and I’m enjoying it.  

Grateful Thankful for another year doing what I love and working with my amazing team.