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Dreaming of a White Christmas?

December 18th, 2017

I am dreaming today of a Christmas that’s white and filled with peace, laughter, family and good friends.  As the year comes closer to an end I wish to thank

  you all for supporting our efforts. 

We are so grateful at the Country Sampler to still be here and have an audience of great folks that get us and appreciate our vision.  My amazing team works very hard everyday to just make our customers happy.  Its how we handle, package and take care that your wishes are fulfilled, and you are happy when you receive your orders, that is always the long range plan and goal which never changes.

We are all of a sudden looking forward to 2018.  I am already working on new Girl Club concepts and feel you will be excited and may even want to be a part of something new. 


This past week has been busy and as Christmas nears things really seem to get crazier by the minute.  Parties are over and now a concentration to make the family festivities memorable.  I thought you might like to see a few pics of the house and how I like to decorate at home for the holidays.

I really love to use pops of red when possible and enjoy my antiques tucked alongside my favorite handwork.

The traditional green comes into play from all my trees and how I love trees tucked about the house.  You will notice my favorite designers pieces about but that is what we are all about finding the handwork we enjoy living with throughout the year.  I always like to find a good place to display my favorite Santa’s too.  Your tablescape it another important part of entertaining, I keep mine pretty plain as I find I like to have room for the good food.  I do have to mention Selma has one great “Winterberry” Table topper I pictured it in my last newsletter.  We also just got in the most wonderful 13″ galvanized chargers.  The retail for them is $6.50.  Very reasonable prices and they look so good under favorite dishes.  I always use mine during the holidays.  There is still time to place an order with us.

In the picture on the right and left you can see how much I enjoy my favorite things.  Ironstone, boxwood, jars of old ribbons, cash boxes, old pictures, folkart, tin signs, just little treasures and my old Father Christmas watches them all.

the holiday dining room


my favorite things

Someday this website will make things like they used to be and I can easily show you as much or as little and not have it take hours of my time to get very little done.  I do get all revved up over computer problems that seem to continually crop up and we can’t ever seem to get them solved.  always hopeful it will happen sometime soon, may 2018 is the year.  Quilts really are a big part of my life and I enjoy putting them out and using them in the decor.  As you can see in the pictures they display and play nicely with my Christmas decor.  they are a big part of my ever evolving style.  Merry Christmas from my house to yours:  I hope you enjoy a little bit of my guilty pleasures this holiday season. Remember our wonderful holiday scents for this season, my all time favorite is Barr’s “Grapefruit Fir”, this is an especially great scent and it’s for all seasons.


the great room

my shop girl party buffet   

small trees can rock

Mattie is enjoying Riverbanks and waiting to go there soon.  the ride is a bit stressful for her she is happy when we finally land.  Reed has to have a root canal tomorrow so Wednesday we will be heading off to the River to get ready for the family Christmas.  

bowls full of surprises


Mattie waiting for Christmas