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The Holidays so Much to be Done!

Welcome visitors at Riverbanks!

I had only three days this week to begin getting Riverbanks in shape for the family Christmas Gathering.  A few ideas had been dancing around in my head so I set to work to get some of the those ideas accomplished.  I needed to move the dining room around so serving the roast beast and being able to sit the family comfortably could be accomplished.  It worked, even Reed who hates moving anything thought it worked better.

I changed up the quilt I had on the wall now it’s my favorite tree quilt and since that seems to be my theme this year it was working out.   Next on the list I really  wanted a real tree not for inside but one we could all appreciate as we dined and just relaxed through the day and it would be just outside of the bank of windows.   An inside tree was going to be too hard with 15 people, a cat and a dog so we went tree shopping, found the perfect one, then I had to then go to Menards because I wanted to find the larger clear old fashioned bulbs to adorn it.  Found them, got a tree stand, picked up roping and wreaths and time to head home and make it happen.  By that time Reed was more than ready to go home.  Unfortunately we had to grocery shop too.  Men just don’t get what we girls have to do on a daily basis.  The tree is up looking pretty swell, the garland is on the railing, the wreath is on the door, things are looking up. 

Now I have to get into the serious business mode of shopping.  Then comes the wrapping I used to love it, something changed. 

 All the time we were there the wild turkeys were visiting us off an on all day.  They really are beautifulul birds and fun to watch.  Looking forward to getting back soon to get things finished and planned.  The set is getting put together but more tables and space will have to be placed, I have more moving to do to make it all happen.  I’m off to the fireworks tonight and then have to watch the Badger Football game, so I will catch you up with more ideas and chatter next week.