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“Don’t Look Back we are Not Going That Way” —- Peeps It’s February!

I‘m excited!   Jimmy the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter for us and it just so happens the very next day we got six inches of fresh snow. It has snowed a bit more everyday and expecting yet a bit more throughout the week.  The winter I have been waiting for has finally arrived in south central Wisconsin.  It was a winter wonderland, a snow day , a perfect day.

  Our February Quilters Road Trip, Celebrate the Heart of Quilting” has begun and we were able to roll out our projects in the shop and on line this week.  “Nummers” is how  a favorite customer likes to reference our fabrics and quilts and I say they are swell for sure but never expected or predictable..   We are very excited this year over our efforts, we are always trying to jump out of the box and give you something amazing to add to your collection..  We are not screaming red and white but our new collection works with our new fabric lines.  So excited for you to see them all.   I hope you will visit there is plenty of time to get to the 13 participating shops before the end of the month.

Mary has designed the first quilt.   Signed, Sealed, Delivered   Sweet little envelopes and random hearts make this a real crowd pleaser.  It is 48″ x 62″, you will need the pattern, it is $9.00 and the kit is priced at $96.50.  We even have the best red flowers to brighten up your day and they even last. Loving the new velvet “Be Kind” pillow and there is some great new stitchery just in case you are feeling like jumping into something new..   the Smith Sampler pictured is by “The Scarlet House” .   I love this sampler for numerous reasons.  You can stitch the whole sampler then easily break it apart into pinkeeps or small sa

My Valentine Quilt

mplers.  Kits available.  

The next quilt is a reproduction of one of my favorite antique shirting quilts.  Suzanne wanted to own this one so “My Valentine” was created.   It just so happened we had a wonderful supply of red shirtings on hand so this really fit into where we wanted to go with this project, it was meant to be.  

Farmhouse Red Fat Quarters

The quilt is a great size at 70″ x 80″.  We have kits priced at $138.25 and you will need the pattern priced at $9.00.  It’s vintage and the colors soft enough  to work into almost any home decor and best of all its classic and lasting.   


We just got in Minnick and Simpsons new “Farmhouse Reds” and have an adorable stach builder pack cut and ready to ship.  We have 1 3/4 yards all bundled looking like a little Valentine.  Now it could be for you or your bestie.  Its priced at $22.75. 

My new gift and home decor is also arriving from market.  I found the best treats.  Crushing

Velvet zippered Dream Bag

on this soft velvet “Dream Bag”.

great journals

 It is priced reasonable at $18.75.  I can think of so many uses for this great bag.  It could be a pretty swell valentine for you or your granddaughter. 

I also picked up some amazing, inspiring new journals.  “Wish” and “Go Your Own Way”.   The journals are priced at $16.25 and the covers are a soft canvas.  I love to journal and 

keep track of my thoughts and wishes and definitely it helps me go my

own way.  If you are into it too I think you would love either of these ideas and you will like the packaging too. 

Our Pam has just finished for the shop Stacy Nash’s newest animal cracker “Paisley”.  So good, we can not stop kitting her for our customers and now that we can see her in person I think it would be a perfect Valentine wish to pass on to your significant other.  If you aren’t getting any bling this could be a close second maybe packed neatly in the velvet Dream bag. 

skin therapy

This time of the year our hands are all begging for a little TLC so we have some amazing offerings for you to consider.  hand cream and hand soaps are $33.00.  We also have the same scents in candles.  The candles are 12 0z. soy and burn clean.  Cost $32.00. 

The Milk and Oatmeal is a soft soothing scent with hints of sweet milk, therapeutic oatmeal and grounding chamomile. 

The Coffee – Vanilla Bean is a seductive blend of roasted coffee, black orchid and vanilla creates this intoxicating and luxurious scent it brightens skin and enhances circulation. 

Inspiring new pillows

 Pillows, pillows, and more pillows.  Our new pillows tend to speak to someone rather it be you or a friend.  I feel they are inspiring and trending.  The arrows, be kind, our

Heartstrings table runner

nest, don’t look back, all you need is love, wish and love lives here.  Prices range from $21.25 to $41.25.  They will always make the great gift idea list. 

 Mary also made up a great 24″ x 38″ runner using the great new French General line.  It is called “Heart Strings”, it has been popular and many sold before the pattern even got made up so I know you will love making this one and using it.  The cost for the kit is $37.50 and the pattern sells for $9.00.   

The last thing on my mind today is the new Stacy Nash “Paisley” animal cracker and Pineberry Lane’s “Lovebirds Pin & Scissor Keep” models Pam just finished stitching.  The “Lovebirds” is a quick stitch for this time of the year if you need a little something for a good friend.  How cute is Paisley? 

Paisley and Lovebirds Pinkeep

She has been just as popular as her boyfriend Whittaker. Stacy really knocked this one out of the park.  How cute is her dress!  The kit sells for $49.00. 


Don’t forget we can easily tuck a gift certificate inside one of our neat  Valentine cards and the Valentine heart clips are pretty adorable clipped on any of our gift ideas I have thrown out.   The clips sell for $2.95 a piece.  You will see us on Facebook today and I also posted yesterday. 

Our great quilts for the American Heart Association auction

Lots of Eye candy to inspire.  Happy Valentines Day and please take time to Celebrate the Heart of Quilting with us this month.  We have two great quilts to be auctioned and the proceeds all go to the American Heart Association.  I hope you will get involved and help us make this great cause and event a success.

Inspiring pillows and My Valentine quilt

New Bowl Full of hearts

  The picture I am closing with will give you an idea of what we are auctioning off for our event.

cards and heart clips

Happy 2018!

I am going to start off this post with a quote from Neil Gaiman.   It’s a wonderful Happy New Year Wish  and it goes like this:

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness.

I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art, write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can.

And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself “! 


This is the most magical positive thought and I hope it resonates for you throughout this new year.


“Bears In the Woods”, and Hearthside Quilt on the bed in the background

Set your table with our cream dinnerware, silver chargers and vintage flatware

I hope your holidays were all you imagined I must say I am guilty of expecting too much, but I don’t want to give up the hope that there will be a time that it all comes together before I leave this world.  I will share a few photos of my Christmas past at Riverbanks later in the post.  The record cold temps were hard but the days with the gentle snowfall were beautiful and it made it bearable.  We enjoyed family and friends stopping over and even took in a good movie.  I  stitched a little, cooked a lot and got myself rebooted for the year.

  FYI:  We are “Proud Badgers” couldn’t have asked for a better way to end our big 10 season by winning the Orange Bowl.  It was a thrilling game to watch. So all in all we ended the  2017 season well and look forward to another winning season in football this year.

The store has transformed out of Christmas into its Winter mode and we are loving the idea we look and feel all fresh and ready for the new year, it was time. It is amazing how moving and rotating our little pretties changes everything.   This has been a busy week for us and the next few will be as we get everything lined up and rolling for 2018.  We have lots to be excited about and look forward to. 

Red collection: Forever Yours, Winter Haven, Northwoods, and Star of winter to name a few

Hearthside Quilt, Faux Fur cover-up and signature decor

 This morning it was -18 degrees in Spring Green.  We don’t have much snow here but we have the cold lingering temps to deal with.  It’s a good time to get into your handwork, freshen the nest for winter, and we hope we can be a beacon of inspiration to you all over the next few months.  Happy New Year from all of the Sampler Shop Girl Staff. 

Red is the color associated with the holidays but our red quilts never scream that.  Selma’s buffalo checks, the trees and snowflakes pave the way through January and are a perfect segway to celebrate February.  Just a reminder:  We will be celebrating the “Heart of Quilting” again this coming February with more amazing quilts from all of the area quilt shops that participate in this great event too.   Please watch the event calendar that keeps you aware of events that are coming. 


So here’s the thing, we tend to associate the Winter season with  homes displayed with Crisp blues, whites, and neutrals.  I love this clean look, it fits right into my Farmhouse wheelhouse.   Your white dishes look amazing and our Mary just finished a new runner you will all want when you see

“Frosty Flakes Runner”and “Snow Stars” quilt

it.  The kits are being made and the pattern should be ready for next week but I will give you a sneak peek. It will be known on line as “Frosty Flakes”, retails for $35.00 and includes the backing.  Pattern is needed and sold separately..

Here is  another inspiration you need to take a look at that absolutely fits this winter theme.   You are going to love this project for sure.  It is also Mary’s design measuring 52″ x 62″ and is called “Snow Stars”  the kits are available for $113.00.  You will love the effect you get from the beautiful Diamond Textiles she incorporated.  Tis the season for a hearty soup and our creamware terrine and bowls are sure to be a pleaser when you entertain. 

The Blue and White book from Minnick and Simpson is another rare find.  It’s the magic these two create as they live with the textiles they love and create.  A good choice for a long winter’s afternoon read. 

Sawtooth Stars Quilt

“Sawtooth Stars” quilt is one of my favorite quilts in the winter collection.  Coincidentally it was inspired by the True Blue Quilts book by Annette Plog.  This is one great book peeps with 15 reproduction quilts honoring 19th-Century designs and it sells for $24.95.  We chose to go

Ruth and her Sister an Oxford Schoolgirl pattern

with a different pallette but its stunning.  This quilt measures 72 1/2″  x  86 3/4″, the kit is available for $127.00 and you will need that great book to put it together.

I need to mention one of our newest Oxford Schoolgirl Quilts, it came out late in December so I feel like you might have been too busy to have noticed it. 

It’s called “Ruth and her Sister” and like all of  the series  patterns they fit the custom doll beds we have made for the shop.  It’s pretty swell.

You are also probably noticing the integrated stitchery we like to smather through out our decor. 

The next quilt you will see is called “Hickory Hills” and folks I really hid this one throughout the season because I thought it was a great quilt to offer and fits the winter theme we have going in the shop.  Its a show stopper and I hope you will love it and see why we all think it makes a gorgeous quilt statement.  It measures 60″ x 74″ , the kit retails for $120.35 and a pattern is needed.  You will notice the vintage green pick-up, and a fitting Stitchery “Baby it’s Cold Outside” by Scarlet House in this vignette. 

Hickory Hills Quilt

 The “Jolly Tartan” quilt is sure to be a favorite classic for all times.  This is a forever quilt and the color theme is 

Jolly Tartan

 duplicated year after year.  We are down to only 7 kits so I hope if you love it you will give this some serious attention.  The kit is 76 1/2 x 76 1/2 and is sold for $175.00.  Pattern needed is priced at $10.00.   FYI:  We have marked down the holiday fabric on the bolts so if you need backing it is now only $7.00 per yard.  Our backroom is filled with market fabric so we need to purge and make room for the new.

You can’t miss our Vintage Rocking Horse he is one of the best we have ever had and sells for $312.50.  Another memorable signature decor piece.

The newest Moda French General fabric has arrived, the line is called “Atelier De France”.  We have it on the floor and it sells for $12.50 per yard. 


FYI: Just a brief mention our Christmas merchandise has moved into the basement  saleroom and the holi

French General Atelier De France fabric

day deals and steals are abundant.  We have marked an extra 10% off the 50% off merchandise so if you are close by or far we hope you will take advantage of these savings.  It’s time to make room for the new.


 The  front windows are full of our “Northwoods Quilt” and “River Dancer” a Riverbanks quilt using the signature print .  They both have good energy and could be married into a myriad of spaces.

The ever popular buffalo check used in the Northwoods project is really a  great statement piece for that northwoods cabin or cottage.  Its showy and a great winter project.

 You probably noticed the wreath on the door in the window with Riverdancer.  It is made from the 2 1/2″ strips in the jellyrolls we sold.  I loved seeing the combination of the fabrics and how special they all are

River Dance  

when put together.  Sara made it for us because I had admired hers on her door. 


Happy New Year to all!

Please Remember my peeps we will be Closing on Sunday’s beginning January 7th, 2018 until further notice at least through April.  The internet is always open and summer will be here  before we know it.