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Girl Clubs

Wishing all of you the Merriest Christmas from all of us at the Country Sampler! 
We want to take this time to tell you how grateful we are for the support you give us by being members of our Girl Clubs.  We have many new ideas coming for the  New Year  which I will be keeping you in the loop about as we get into January 2018.    
Have the best ever holiday and savor your family and friendships.
Merry Christmas to All!
Jeanne & the Sampler Staff,
Suzanne, Krista, Mary, Barb, Gwen, Cindy, Phyllis and Polly
2018 Girl Clubs you can join: 
The clubs all will be on going and several new ones will be added or old clubs will be switched up!  I will continue to post details as soon as we get updates from our designers and that will be helpful for you as you choose your handwork preferences.  Please try and keep this in mind.  We do not drop you off a club at the end of the year that is something you must tell us to do.  Thank you for your understanding.

Our “Girl Clubs” are fun to belong to because they are a way of gifting yourself with a unique new and exciting handwork project that most people don’t have  It will most likely pertain to the upcoming season or holiday.   We try to keep our projects exclusive and partner  with our favorite designers so you know you will have something that is one of a kind.

You may think that some projects seem high priced but when you think of a designer only designing for at the most 200 people she has to be paid for her time and coming up with an exclusive design that only her club members are offered.  Please Remember! Projects are not returnable and when you make a club commitment it is for a year.   You must call us if you decide not to continue for the next year. 

I hope you will find your new clubs very enjoyable and if you have not tried one I hope you will give us a call 608-588-2510.

For anyone joining clubs please read carefully:

It is your responsibility to call us if you change your credit card number or have had it compromised or have a new address.  Please , if we call you once, call us back to let us know if you have any changes or wish to be taken off the club. We do not want to make call after call and never hear from you. If we have to call you more than twice and not hear from you, you will be taken out of the club.  I’m sure you can understand that this can become a problem for us and we must figure out when enough is enough. Thank you for being mindful.

The Staff


Designers we are working with in clubs and events in 2018

  *Paulette Stewart,  *Beth Twist,  *Kathy Barrick,  *Tanya Brockmeyer,  *Linda Lautenschlager,  *Carol Hopkins,  *Paula Barns, *Maggie Bonanomi, *Vickie Jennett, *Stacy Nash, *Barb and Alma from Blackbird Designs use design team, *Suzanne Unbehaun, *Selma Bennett, and *Mary Boldt.  What a great line up of talent and you can all be a part of it by joining our clubs.


Newest Club for 2018:  “Farmhouse Sampler Club”

Just when you think you have seen it all!  It’s time for us to dream up something new for you to love.  I have been thinking about this idea for the past three months and the shop girls already have been working on projects we were thinking might fit this idea.  We are all in now and I am ready to see if I can peak your interest and get you excited about our newest club. 

Welcome to my “obsession” A House Sampler, rather its from the 18th or 19th century for me the house is a factor when I look at a sampler I love and want to stitch.    What could be better than a club with a focus on Houses from  the Past? That means, it could be a Farmhouse, A French Cottage, a Colonial, just plain and simple a great house sampler!  Now to do this I have amassed a team I am sure you will love.   

Kathy Barrick ( Barrick Samplers),  Paulette Stewart (Plum Street),  Beth Twist (Heartstring Samplery), & Tanya Brockmeyer ( The Scarlet House )

What an impressive and talented designer line up we have for you. 

Registration is Open and I’m hopeful we will get your attention.    Please call the shop to register or email us. 

608-588-2510  or 

The samplers will be REALLY SPECIAL, ONE OF A KIND, not all the same size, but for sure  can be framed or made into a unique pinkeep.  I am totally excited to work with all these designers.  Let me know what you think and we will set to creating an amazing new Girl Club for 2018.  Prices will have to be determined depending on the size, the linen choice and threads used but will strive to be under $50.00. 

We will be waiting to get the first calls  joining our newest  “Farmhouse Sampler  Girl Club”. 



Coming Soon in 2018:   New Shirting Club”. 

 Quilts and Collections.  I am really excited over this light bulb idea and what a wonderful opportunity to reproduce some antique shirting quilts that Suzanne and I own and offer you an amazing collection of staple shirtings that will compliment your stache. So we would offer you the idea of a quilt kit and pattern or a collection of favorite shirtings, or both, you decide what works for you.   I hope this is  sounding fun and a new Girl Club idea we want to make happen. 

Registration is open.




“Oxford Schoolgirl”/ Little Quilts Club” 

Designs by my incredible design staff Suzanne and Selma.  All of the designs are created to fit our amazing CS doll beds we have our carpenter Ken make up just for us.  Beds are priced at $60.00 each, the small bed is a rope bed and both crafted perfectly.  The beds can be stained, painted and antiqued.  I like the Annie Sloan paint if you are wondering what works well.  The pictures you seeing are Selma’s first project to ship June 2017.

We are anticipating a start up date coming in June.  We hope to have you all registered quickly as possible because we are going to keep each design and kit exclusive for at least six months.  So you can rest assured you have something the shop does not stock.  The girls will include a design to fit both of the beds in each pattern.  Now that’s not to say you have to use these unique little quilts only on the beds its a suggestion only but if you like small quilts and small piecing this is going to be your go to club.  I can not say for sure but with this late start I anticipate pos

sible four shipments this year. 

Suzanne has just finished her second Oxford Schoolgirl project.  This one is called “Ruth & Her Sister” and the story goes that Ruth and her sister were indeed classmates of suzanne’s dad at the school.  We always offer two adorable quilts that fit our beds.  We shipped the new collection out December 12th, 2017.  







“2017 Tied to the Past”

The name of this New Girl Club tells the story.  These are all quilts from the past and they were  tied quilts in the beginning.  2017 of course  brings another new twist to this amazing club.   We will continue to use textures and draw from our reproduction fabric in the shop,  the quilting  on the quilts will be traditional, but nothing will be tied this year.  This year we are focusing on our favorite antiquities, beautiful fabric brought back to life with a new purpose, a way of modernizing history so to speak.  Suzanne’s  first new quilt for the year is called “Snow Day” , its 52′ x 76″ and after seeing it today I feel confident you will be very pleased.  She used antiquities fabric and the quilt  is set with an aged antique muslin.

There will only be four shipments per year. 





2017 Nickel & Dime Girl Club

  Selma Bennett is another Shop Girl that is into designing  she loves this club and the challenges of figuring out something special for her club members.   She is really a math whiz and this excites here more than anything.  New this year is we will be adding dime cuts to the kits.  We always are into switching things up to keep them fresh.  
Selma has taught quilting and can just look at a pattern and see the infinite possibilities a design offers and she is always playing with the 5″ square idea but now we are adding a 10″ square.  The one thing she is always stressing to me is that you don’t waste a square you use it all and that is a big plus to this club.   We will only offer her club pieces to our club members, they will not be  marketed to the public so you can be assured that you have an exclusive design from the Spring Green Country Sampler. 
This is selma’s last project for 2017 it is called “Winterberry Table Topper”.  We just mailed it to club our members on December 12th.  It is 24″ by 24″.  and a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table.


2017 Stacy Nash Primitives Handwork Club

2017 club begins in February – this is a quarterly club and we have  openings.

 Just arrived August project.

Stacy is calling this the “Stone Flower Sewing Pocket”.  Notice her fun pumpkin head needle minder we have several choices on line.


We have room in this club to take on new members so this would be a great way to get started in this amazing and fun Girl Club.    The cost of Stacy’s kits are always $40.00.  If you are interested in joining our 2017 Club please give us a call.

 We just received and mailed out Stacy’s newest called “Feathered 

Nest Pinkeep”.  A perfect Spring offering I know you are going to cherish this sweet tiny work.


Here is a picture of our first 2017 club project.  We are thrilled, Stacy is including more special materials this year and some exceptional New finishing ideas.  Our first project for 2017 is called “Peacock Peacock Needle Keep”.  The interest comes in the finishing and how sweet the velvet heart tucks into the little keep by pulling the ribbon its attached to on006 one end and to pull out you use the ribbon attached at the other end. Sweet for sure!

Stacy’s club debut was in 2009 and oh my 


goodness we can not believe the response we have had because to date this is our most popular girl club.  We have over 200 members. Now that is what I call girl power!  Thank you all for your confidence in us and Stacy’s wonderful primitive designs. This is Stacy’s newest offering for 2017.  .

Your club project will ship every 3 months. Each design is an exclusive and will never be offered again to anyone but a club member.  The kit cost is $40.00 and includes everything you need to complete the design.
You will be charged shipping in the USA the priority mail cost is $6.75 and out of the country charges range from $12.95 – $23.95 depending on where you are located. You can request first class if you are comfortable with that option for a lesser charge and for our out of the country orders it makes a big difference.  We are happy to have a great many out of the country members.

If you are not familiar with Stacy’s primitive patterns we have a great on line presence you might want to get acquainted with.

New 2017 Loose Feathers Club

“For The Birds”

with our favorite people Alma & Barb from Blackbird Designs!

It’s happeniBBD-It's-Spring-Feverng again peeps the girls have kind of sort of out done themselves again this year.  They will be doing nine months of great bird sampler designs.  The first chart is here and if you were called and re-joined  our girl club you have it already but if you didn’t there is still time to do this.    We Have Options:  You can have the chart only, the chart and linen only, the chart and threads only or the complete kit.  You will need to let us know when you sign up.  We look forward to hearing from you.

 “Maggie’s 2017 Girl Club”  Maggie is projecting her club to being in March/April and it will be a whole new venue for 2017!
Are you ready for a really exciting new Girl Club concept?   New year new ideas!  We have it friends! 
This is going to be a very inspiring year for us all from one of the most influential Folkart Designers out there, Maggie Bonanomi.  I am so thrilled and lucky to call her my friend.
   Maggie has just shared a photo of her first project.  There will be four projects this year as she has decided to switch things up and keep her club fresh and new for all of you.  She will give you options on how you put the projects all together or you may decide you want to keep them separate. It’s July and now you are seeing “Summertime” on the left.  I will also show you how the two have gone together.  You know Maggie she always is surprising us so who knows what else she will do. We are the lucky ones along for the ride.  The first set of kits have been ordered and we expect the first project to ship yet this 




We laid this over our neat textured linen pillows
 and thought how easy this would be to do and it looks amazing. 
Maggie has finished her club projects for this year and here are the pictures of the final two.  The fall basket is so stunning and we are just cutting the last one and we expect it to ship by the end of the week.  Another wonderful year for our wool enthusiasts we always wonder how Maggie manages to continue to inspire us but somehow she does.  Watch for her new book in April or May 2018.  We will put the info on line when we have a definite date and details of a new club will also be coming soon.