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Celebrating May and Mothers!

Finally!  It’s May and a great month, I must say, to celebrate being a Mother.  My goal today is to share with you some of my favorite Mother’s Day ideas.

I  know Mathers can be hard to pin point because as we age our likes and dislikes also change  so a “Gift Certificate” is always  a good alternative choice to a gift that doesn’t exactly hit the mark.  Gift certificates  say it right that  “Your My Person”  and they can be used on merchandise, a stay at the 2nd Story or one of our popular Gatherings. 

I believe its safe to say,this is what we know about mothers:  We love beautiful fabric rather it be cotton, wool or linen, we love the challenge of amazing handwork  that could be piecing a quilt or stitching a sampler, and we love our fluff for the home nest or a personal nicety.  I hope if you are trying to come up with a good idea you will think of us.  We will mail  your certificate quickly so don’t hesitate to call us right away. 

We have two styles of the best necklaces that look so swell on every outfit they are coupled with, we all have them in the shop and are complimented on them by most every customer and keep.  I almost wear mine every day.  the cost range on styles is $38.95 – $44.00.  If your person loves fabric I would love to suggest a tower of my newest fabric line Riverbanks.  The fat quarter towers are priced at $136.00.  Gwen has all of sku’s on line so yardage can also be ordered and all of the new Shop Girl Quilts are shown with kit prices and patterns.  If you haven’t looked yet please take a moment to do so. 

We are loving Carol Hopkins new Quilt Book “Anthology”, its a wonderful book full of blocks that have to inspire your imagination.  We are also eagerly awaiting the new Jo Morton “Favorite Little Quilts” Volume II .  It is on the way and will be here this week and if you have Volume I don’t miss this new one its just as great and a really good gift idea for Mother.  Jo and Kim Diehl also have a new book, watch for True Blu Quilts, American Quilt Treasures and we have a new Big Book of Civil War Quilts on the way too.

I just got some more new cross stitch models back from our stitcher Pam.   I  can hardly wait to share them with you.  “Blackbird Designs” were my person this past market they more than made the lights twinkle with every single new chart they offered.  This little “Sewing Bird – Scissor Pocket”  is functional and looks amazing. 

“Hats off to Uncle Sam”  is another good lesson in finishing.  We have kits on both of these so if you enjoy patriotic and summer these might be a consideration and they are both on line. 

“Fionna & Edward” is waiting for a frame.  Loving this one, I tweaked some colors and linen really think you will love the changes and  stitching this Kathy Barrick pattern.  I have one more good idea on stitching I would like to share and its from With Thy Needle’s “Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm”, we have the kits and book boxes on line and I can’t think of a better little summer project. 

Next I know I love a good scented candle one that is good all year, fresh and easy to live with. 

Our new Barr Co. Grapefruit and Fir soy candles and beautiful soaps could be another option to consider.  We also have hand cream and Lip Balm and the packaging makes it a perfect choice for gift giving. 

The last thing I’m thinking about today is a great idea too its a journal and we carry several.  I keep my thoughts in mine, things that inspire me and I find myself going through at least one a year.   I love how beautiful they are so keeping one out is not an issue.  If you love lavender we have great wrapped packages.  It is calming and beautiful. 

My hope is something posted today will inspire you and be a good solution for your gifting needs and we will hear from you soon.   Loving this swell little vanity mirror for jewelry or make-up. 

Being a Mother is a life commitment and worth the time and effort we give to it.  So here’s to mothers everywhere! 

Please remember we are closed on Mothers Day May 14th.

Welcome to our wonderful world of COTTON!

In today’s world it’s quite evident “Cotton” is the trusted fabric of our lives.  At 133 Jefferson we eat sleep and breath cotton fabric and it can also be seen integrated into the amazing homegood lines we carry in the shop. 

Galvanized home goods are a specially hot commodity for us this Spring as I have been showing in my blogs.  The newest Cotton signage is one that would fit very nicely into a studio or your sewing room but that’s not to say it wouldn’t fit into the home decor too.   The signs are priced at $62.50.

Cotton wreaths are also an item we have carried for the past two years but all of a sudden you can finally see them being used.  I love them.  What a great way to great guests and just feel the comfort of seeing them on your wall.  These wreaths go anywhere. Priced at around $50.00.

As I look at the rainbow of  cotton color in the prints, the stripes, Civil War reproductions, homespuns and novelty prints I can’t help but feel the comforting sensation that surrounds this shop. 

The shop Girls and I enjoy imagining and creating our many collections of quilts we introduce to you throughout the year and also the help we can give our customers that challenge us when they want to create there own new heirlooms.

I was thinking it would be fun to share the sunny, bold, the subtle, shirtings, the crazy textures and grunge, and the array of amazing cottons we have at our fingertips. 

It kind of makes you think of Easter eggs but mostly maybe it helps you see some of the great cotton eye candy we have available at the shop. 

The other thing I will mention is our cotton threads, we carry Gentle Arts, Weeks, Classic Colors, DMC and some Valdani patterns call for so stitchers in most cases we can help you with your cotton colors.  


So clearly COTTON is the glue in our lives that makes our days complete.   

We just got in another wonderful new lamp I thought

you might enjoy seeing. This is what is called a “Buffet Lamp” or I think it would also be swell on a sofa table.  It has an antiqued base and shade that fits in with most any decor you might choose to use it in.  The cost is $170.00.  

  We also just got in this new amazing organizer.  It’s considered a table, has two drawers and two shelves for storage.  What a tremendous way to keep many sewing necessaries close at hand but out of view and it looks pretty swell and fits in alot of places.  The cost is $187.50.  

I know Spring is the time of the year I feel like rearranging, cleaning up the winter clutter and freshening up the nest,  so I thought you might enjoy a few new ideas we are trending @133 in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  

This next new light I’m trending today is what I would call a real winner.  It is one of those lights that can be used  anywhere like in the Farmhouse kitchen over the counter, in an entry space, as a hanging light by a chair or sofa  or in a bedroom between twin beds or over a bedside table.  The aged white pendant is one of our best ever.

Hope you might see it as a great addition to your decor.  Reasonably priced at $137.50.

Happy Springtime!