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Bonjour! It’s Summer at the Sampler!

What a memorable few days it has been and what a rare mood we’re in the shop.  France was the trip of my life, hated the plane ride, but other than that it was more than I could have imagined it to be and to come home and host our Summer Camp event my days have been full but so rewarding.  We had the most wonderful group of talented campers we could have amassed.  Many new faces have joined us this year and for that we are so grateful.

Our “Summer Camp 2017” was an amazing great success!  The summer campers were forced out of there comfort zone and loved it learning all kinds of wonderful projects and techniques they had never tried.  We have already scheduled the dates for 2018 and Vickie and Stacy will be back!  Its a good feeling to already have this in place.  We are moving the dates to June and trying to free up the shop girls July/August summer schedules a bit.  We have already opened the registration and will take 24 students at tops.   June 8, 9, and 10 are the dates, all full days and they are posted on the event tab.

 Yesterday the shop has had its summer face lift.   It makes me so happy to play in the shop and yesterday was my time before I officially leave on the annual Horton family vacation.  The North woods and Alder Lake are calling to the whole family and we are all excited to have the lake experience again.  

I am posting some new views of quilts we are excited about.  “Honey Ridge” and “Prairie Blossom” which is new from Suzanne have been very sought after.  We are on the last kitting for “Honey Ridge” so if you love this one it is soon to be retired.  This is quilt has the most comforting warm undertones.  It measures 60″ x 72″ and the kit sells for $126.00.

  “Prairie Blossom” is shown on the table with our creamware ice-cream bowls and antique scoops, tis the season.   This quilt has muted soft colors and lovely gray tones that are so easy to work into your decor, it measures 44″ x 58″  and the kits sell for $79.75. (pattern needed)    Loving our amazing Folkart Rooster, he is priced at $235.00 and the new linen towels which also can be used for napkins sell for $21.00.  We have  them in four styles of soft blue and cream are the chosen colors.  The new Riverbanks “Reed’s Creek” is on our bed. This quilt is an easy fit on a twin, it measures 67″ x 86″.  The kit sells for $156.00 and you will need the pattern.  

 Another favorite Riverbanks quilt is is a 25″ x 25″ 16 patch called “1904″ marking the actual date Riverbanks came into my husband Reed’s family.  Its special, and the kit is priced at $46.00.  Pattern needed.

We have all been loving our summer decor enhanced with great botanical silks and berries that really enhance the look and feel in your home decor either stowed in our vintage canisters or old crocks.  

We have also have great new scents in candles and room sprays that continue to be popular all year long.   In particular that would be Fir and Grapefruit and Grapefruit Persimmon.  These are all soy so they burn very clean and long.   Don’t forget we have some really swell lighting options and storage ideas.  

Happy Summer!

  One of the best new summer hardcover books is by Minick and Simpson.  It is called “Blue & White”!  “Living with textiles you love” is the theme.  So inspiring and full of great ideas, the sisters each render there artistry in different mediums, one is a hooker and the other a quilter and they both do the same designs but they all look so different one in wool and the other in cotton.  

The book sells for $34.99.

It’s A Grande Old Flag!

The time is almost here and we are anticipating a very memorable gathering with friends joining us from coast to coast.  We have  10 states that are represented this gathering.  Yay Us!   It is  our pleasure to welcome our out of 
town guests and my whole staff has worked extremely hard to make this all happen and be special for all that attend our events.   The shop is full of great trending decor and of course we have several new quilts to show off to our students and other surprises that we have saved just for the event.

 The SchoolRoom is set to go with lots of pops of red, white, and blue to inspire your imagination right down to the paper striped red and white runners on the tables.   Carol arrives on Sunday and then its time to get quilting on her “Mrs. Lincoln” quilt.   This is an amazing one of kind for attending students because the pattern will not be out to the public until fall market in Houston.   Carol used my new “Riverbanks” fabric and it turned out to be a fabulous choice.  The outside border is on re-order since it sold out and expected to be back in sometime in July which is lucky since we have also used it in several of our quilts.

Linda’s project is the “Lincoln House Sampler” she designs her samplers with great authenticity. Low and behold the quote she used in the sampler is the Lincoln quote we sell in the shop.  Again the sampler is something that will not be available to the public until March of 2018.     Besides our projects this year we are also doing a friendship block exchange.  We have talked the talk for a couple of years and this year we will make it happen.  

I will give you a preview in pictures showing you a couple of our shop girl quilt favorites for the season.  “Antique Pinwheels” by Selma and my antique “Bars and Stripes”was recreated by Suzanne. “Road to California” is a small held by our Folk Angel and “Lady of the Lake” are also by Suzanne.

  I hope you are noticing our new home decor scattered through out.  It is fun to add the fluff to the fray.   The boat we have on the table with our tulips in it is sold with a tin insert so it can be a focal or centerpiece for your summer entertaining when serving summer drinks and salads.  We are ready for our first  2017 Gathering and Summer.  We can hardly wait!