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The Winds of Change Are in the Air!

Can you feel it?  The weather here has been amazing, warm days, cool nights, I’m getting the itch for a new season.  Not that I have hated summer because actually it has been tolerable for a change and its gone by quickly.  I’m slowly  switching up the shop and filtering in some new homegoods.   I can hardly wait to completely give us our seasonal change.   I’m hoping you will see something you find hard to resist.  

 I particularly love the vintage corbels, we sell them as a pair for $58.75.  These make wonderful  bookends, I have a pair at home and it makes a great tool for organizing your favorite books..  You can see them in the picture on the right holding my favorite summer book “Blue and White” by Minnick and Simpson.  

Guess what came in this week? I know some of you that collect our angels have been patiently waiting for the newest.  She has a cream colored tin dress , gilded wings and a very peaceful presence. 
She is pretty swell for sure and I can already imagine her decked out for the holidays.  Priced at $230.00  We definitely have a Farmhouse themed decor.

 New white tin lantern sets are really going to be fun to display, I am seeing them filled with mini pumpkins in the fall, our battery candles are always a consideration and the greens and berries around them at Christmas time will be special.   The sets are $121.25.  I have the small lantern pictured today.

 Gwen’s quilt “Buttermilk  & Blue” on the  left is such a beautiful quilt and it fits right  into the Farmhouse theme so nicely.  Love that amazing Farmhouse Sign and Tin Rimmed Mirror I can see this displayed in so many ways.  

The quilt measures 83″ x 99″.  Its subtle warm colors and size make this a really great project to consider.  The kit is priced at $164.00.  Still can’t stop enjoying our Farmhouse Rooster.  He is a real eye catcher and commands his space.  

 I think you might have missed some of the amazing lighting we have in the shop.  the white pendants scream to me everyday.  I hope to figure out a way to use them in the SchoolRoom.  I have lots of ideas but never seem to get the time to bring it  all together.  I would like to see them over an island.

 The things I see, I should just become a house flipper in my next life to satisfy my crazy imagination and desire for changing up things.

  I have also got it in my head that I like baskets on the door, its a great time of the year to try this all out with our seasonal foliage burlap ribbon.  the ribbon is $1.50 per yard.   there are many new quilts on the horizon as we prepare for our annual Quilt Expo in the SchoolRoom.  I can’t wait to show you what the girls have been up to.

 In the mean time Suzanne’s “Geraniums and Chicory” and “Prairie Blossoms” which is dressing the table under our rooster have been some of our popular summer offereings .  We just did another kitting of Prairie Blossoms which sold out for the third time so don’t miss out on this quilt and we are almost sold out of Geraniums and Chicory and we have made 9 more “Ode to Spring”.   If you missed the first kitting this is your last chance for this quilt..  “Ode” is a favorite of mine and is a quilt you will live and love with for all seasons.

 Late summer is a good time, I hope you are all enjoying it.

Visit if you can, the annual classic car show is coming to Spring Green on the 19th of August. This is always a fun  time to visit us because we know the guys have something to keep them busy while you get to shop.  Expo dates are coming right up in September, Tuesday September 5th – 9th.  Check our events calendar we will have 12 new quilts plus a lot of our new homegoods.