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It’s that most wonderful time of the year again when you get to see what I have been up to and  you get a sneak peak of my newest fabric release called “Farmhouse Living”.  The line will be shown for the first time this October in Houston.  I hope you will all love it as much as I do.  As soon as my new sample fabric arrived the girls and I got to work on the antique quilts I wanted reproduced, the duvet and comforter cover and then built the line out using the pre-cuts and just playing with the possibilities. It was easy to get inspired we couldn’t stop imagining what was next.  It’s a great line for many reasons, because if you love classic and Traditional, Primitive, Modern Farmhouse or Cottage you can easily find a way to bring home your favorite style.   I do pay attention to color trying to keep it relevant for what’s trending today but I love to keep my aged fabric pleasing and easy to use in any decor.  The new line will drop into  stores in April of 2018.
                                                                                              “Farmhouse Living” 2018 
My inspiration for “Farmhouse Living” came from a wonderful 1700’s coverlet I purchased from a dealer in

Farmhouse Duvet & Farmhouse Blues

 France.  All of a sudden I could see where old could meet modern and be really relevant to the younger folks that might not want to take the time to do piecing but a whole cloth duvet, pillow, shams, and comforter could have an appeal.  I get it they live in a busier time than I when I was raising my family.

Farmhouse Coverlet

 We did not grow up on the internet, Facebook etc. our time for handwork and crafting was spent with close friends that were also housebound and raising a family. It was a social time for sharing skill levels of handwork with friends and a play date for the little kiddos.  Things have drastically changed today.

My hope is that you can find your style to bring home and see how versatile this fabric line really is. I will give you a preview of the quilt projects we have created.The first set of photos will be of the duvet and comforter covers.  We made them reversible which should give you a chance to change up your decor without having to buy something 

Blue Willow

totally new.  This is Selma’s pattern and it is called “Blue Willow” it measures out to be 62″ x 80″.  You will notice how nicely the coverlet goes with. 

Suzanne reproduced my antique bowtie quilt and again so easy to use and it compliments the duvet we are showing and goes well with many of the other quilts we have in the line. 


We are calling the bowtie quilt 

Farmhouse Blues

“Farmhouse Blues”.   It is on the bed on the left.
The next quilt is one I have wanted to do in the shop and I have carried the design around in my journal long enough.  When I showed Suzanne she immediately said she wanted to make it up.  I absolutely love how the colors played out in this quilt.


  We landed the name

1616 Homestead Lane

“1616 Homestead Lane”  because there are sixteen blocks that make up the trees in the quilt.  Can’t beat this one peeps its a dead ringer for the antique I’m in love and I think you will be too.




Summer Kitchen

This is another quilt I love it was designed by Selma called “Summer Kitchen”.  Again you can notice the softness of the scrappy look of this swell little quilt has, it measures is 52″ x 42″. Great for a wall looks good as a throw on the sofa or chair or used as a table topper.   Summer kitchen is pictured on the left side under the  “Farmhouse Blues” bowtie.


Hired Hand

Pack your bags, Selma has created the “Hired Hand” Quilt. 

Its a great little  twin sized quilt at 62″ x 75″ for that spare room and those unexpected visitors that just happen to drop by.  You will begin to see how the colors in the line can be changed up be a little bolder and would be great for cabin living too.  This quilt can be seen on the right with the tin farmhouse sign.I guess if you live in a farmhouse you most likely have a great old front porch.


Front Porch & Juniper

Sweet Tea

Suzanne designed the “Front Porch” quilt and Selma designed what she is calling “Sweat Tea”.  If you are going to sit a spell on the front porch a sweet tea is just what you could get used to enjoying. 

The Front Porch quilt measures 52″ x  74″ and is on the left of the page under the Summer Kitchen quilt.  Suzanne was inspired by an antique quilt she wanted to reproduce and this quilt really shows up and also shows how the skus can make it look completely different and it is all in the same line of fabric.  Selma’s  Sweet Tea is  only 40″ x 40″ and is on the right side of the page under the hired Hand.. 

The colors and pattern stand out in and both of these quilts and would make a great statement in your decor.  I hope you can see as I show off these amazing patterns how different they show up depending on how you use your fabric and easy it would be to find you own style.


  If you found yourself admiring the little quilt thrown over the chair it is called Juniper we all love the junipers in the yard and are used to seeing them in a farmhouse setting.  


This is a swell little topper for the holidays.  I put it with some of our turkeys and it was most fitting and pleasing to behold. “Juniper” measure 22″‘s square.   I am going to show you another look at Juniper. The shop girls and I love the fact one tree is different.  it also would be great in a primitive setting with greens. 


The next quilt is another quilt designed by Suzanne.  We always like to 

Sunday Picnic and Farmhouse Blues with Farmhouse Duvet on bed

incorporate the use of our pre-cuts Windham gives me.  She used the entire Farmhouse line in the 2 1/2″ strips and they worked out just great for her “Sunday Picnic”.  Its a version of courthouse steps and measures 36 3/4″ x 47 1/4″. 

Picket Fence

 Last but certainly not least we have Suzanne’s “Picket Fence” quilt.  I am showing this on a table and that is just one way you could show it off  because the size is 54″ x 63″ it could also be hung.  It feels so welcoming on the table and Farmhouse Living is all of that and more. 

I hope you enjoy this preview and if you want to see it in person be sure to visit us 

at our American Country Christmas Open House November 10th – 12th, 2017.  All of the quilts and

 patterns will be on display in the SchoolRoom and you can purchase your patterns and pre-order any of the quilts over these three days.  We look forward to seeing you and hearing your response to all of our efforts.


 “Farmhouse Living 2018”
by Jeanne Horton
 Bring home your favorite style with Farmhouse Living by Jeanne Horton. My vision was to create fabric styled to encourage you to embrace the time worn simplicity of aged textiles and to show you how they can be adapted into modern and traditional quilts. Effortless beauty that stands the test of time. 
“Riverbanks” 2017

The line will be dropped sometime early spring and that date will be forth coming and posted when I know for sure.   We will have several precuts that the shop girl patterns use and that is always a plus when selling a kit. I will be sharing pictures of my new Riverbanks Collection and we are taking pre-orders on kits and patterns.  The patterns will be available by the end of the month  you can find them in our shopping cart if you would like to dream early with us.  Riverbanks is our spot where Reed and I can escape, it belonged to Reed’s family for fifty five years.  We have so many fond memories of it in fact when the cottage had to be sold to maintain the family we bought the harvest table that had been built for the cottage


River Dancer

, had the Riverbanks sign and thought this will be how we would keep this wonderful memory alive.  Two years ago, the caretaker of the property, when Reed’s grandparents owned it called us.  We happened to be on


River Pine

vacation in the north woods with the family and as he proceeded to tell us the property was for sale again our dreams were suddenly ignited.  We went to see the property, it was fall and we knew, it was meant to be.   We had the house crush for too long, we struggled thinking about it and our busy schedules for a week and then it was clear and the way it was meant to be.  Reed’s Grandparents were known as Nana and Granddad like us and the family name was Reed, too many coincidences.  It was an easy name for me as this is a place for family, keeping grounded and in this busy paced world we all could use a little of this in all of our lives.


River Dancer

The photo pictured on the TOP left is a picture of “River Pine”,  it was designed by Selma, it features the signature print and when cut up looks like snow on the pine boughs.

It’s a great wall size at 31″ x 35″.  

Christmas at Riverbanks

                                                                                          The next two photos are called “RiverDancer” because Riverbanks is located on the Milwaukee River and it just so happens to have this beautiful ribbon grass dancing in the water from Spring until winter.  The Canadian Geese love it!  Suzanne put this quilt together for me.  I have this signature print in four color ways and as you look at all of the beautiful quilts the girls have made you will see it used in many ways.


Lillian’s Legacy

 Christmas at Riverbanks” is such a beautiful quilt designed by Suzanne.  We all wish the fabric was here right now and it was part of our Christmas this year. 

Lillian’s Legacy

The next two photos on the right and left are called “Lillian’s Legacy” also designed by Suzanne.  Lillian is Reed’s grandmother born in 1885 and passed at 105 years.  It’s amazing  and could be a classic for any season.  It also happens to my be my mother’s name. This is one of those quilts you will have a hard time taking your eyes off of. 

We are all loving “Reed’s Creek”  pictured on the right, it is done up in the blue color family in the line.  Pretty Swell and again another quilt designed by Suzanne. 

Reed’s Creek



Now we will look at more of Selma’s new designs.  She has given us some smaller quilts that our angel likes, it would be a good table topper too.  We don’t always need a big project sometimes it is fun to get something done.  “Fruitcake” is the one our favorite angel kind of fell in love with.  


Red River Lily

Another smaller quilt is called “Red River Lily”.  This is the right size for our exclusive doll bed and a wonderful holiday topper for your pomegranates and greens.      Patterns are are all $9.00.  The kit prices at this time are not available but pre-ordering is recommended it also helps us plan our orders for market.  You will be asked to guaranty your order with your card. Hope you like what you are seeing. 


Sugar Plum Fairies

The next quilt is designed by Selma and is called “Sugar Plum Fairies” because when we looked at trying to come up with a name we could see the fairies twirling round and round. 

Selma made this quilt pattern easy to enlarge, so a bed quilt would be perfect for any little girls room.  Its a playful and fun quilt to construct. 


Fly Away Home

“Fly Away Home” was designed by Suzanne as I was telling her about all of the geese, ducks, turkeys, dozens of bird species and herons that use our Riverbanks flyway every day.  It is so interesting as we see each quilt coming to life how different they all look.


River Baskets


Selma chose a great basket design and is calling “River Baskets”.  I love almost any basket pattern I see and think you will agree when you see this pattern made up its a winner.  It has the focal on the border and look how amazing it looks cut up in the baskets. 


Anna Rose


“Anna Rose” is the last quilt, so far, that was designed by Selma. We give her time off and she goes crazy.  Its a combination of  she loves the fabric  and just can’t stop creating beautiful quilts.  I’m lucky she is still interested in her retirement to keep us in her busy schedule.  Lots to love and think about and you can see how everyone of our collection has its own look! 




Our last quilt is an adorable little sixteen patch! It’s definitely a favorite of mine.  We both are thinking how amazing it would be bed sized. “1904” is 24″ square and was designed by Suzanne.
by Jeanne Horton
by Jeanne Horton
by Jeanne Horton
The new “Manor House” collection  revisits my antique textile collection of fabric and antique quilts I have enjoyed collecting  for the past thirty years.   The fabric and quilts all can be dated back to the 19th century and can be traced to circa 1860.  I  partnered with Windham Fabric several years ago with an idea to produce aged and loved 19th century fabric but  with a  twist, I wanted the fabric to suit a newer  classic style that fits today’s home decor but still keeps that antique charm I love.   This collection is different because we have added for the first time woven yarn dyed fabric.   Here is a way to add texture and interest into your quilts which allows you to create an heirloom look. 034
This paticular collection consi023sts of the Upstairs Manor prints and the Downstairs Manor Wovens.  Please take notice how the colors are  relevant and fit the trends and styles of today. 
The Shop Girls have created many great quilts to inspire you which we are all confident you will enjoy.  
Clayton James” is pictured above the fireplace mantel on the left and the cozy primitive quilt on the bed is called “Nana’s Attic”“Dunlap H010ollow” has been another favorite because it is a perfect sized 001wall or table topper.    It’s also festive and makes a great addition to any holiday decor.  Now we have “Miller Manor”  hanging over the bed on the left.    This is a very traditional classic quilt and looks good in the blues and greys but would also be stunning in our old reds that are in the collection.  “Road House” is hanging on the left and uses the pre-cut jelly rolls, we have this on request in a small or large size.   “James Bartlet” is also on the left but displayed on the bed. 
Two of our 048other favorites are known as “Cobblestone” and “Windmills of Manor HouseManor House Windmills.    You can pick out the cobblestone quilt on the right and see how easy it is to use.  The colors are soft and neutral and just work where ever it is staged.  Windmills is really a fun choice even though it has large piecing but it looks amazing.  It also uses my great signature print for the setting triangles. 
TheManor House Collection of quilts have been loved by many.    If you have an interest in any quilts you see here go into our shopping cart and go to quilting, then kits and you will find all of these amazing quilt kits and patterns at your finger tips.
There is just one last quilt we feel could be a Tied to the Past quilt.  Suzanne did the greatest oversized Bowtie design by mixing the wovens up with the prints.  We did veryWindmills-of-Manor-House simple lines for the quilting and that  makes  this a wonderful little priCountry Gentlemanmitive, vintage cover-up we call “Country Gentleman“.
by Jeanne Horton
The “Settlement Collection” is a collection of time worn designs piecing character from the past and still committed to inspiring a style relevant for living today.   The n008ame was inspired from a wonderful painted scene on our 2nd Story wall that was done by my good friend Maggie Bonanomi.   My hope is that you will enjoy working with the colors and prints as you create your own treasured heirloom quilts.   
We will offer you an opportunity to purchase Fat Quarter Collections, Nickel and Dime Cuts, and 2  1/2 ” strips.  The Shop Girls  new pattern designs take advantage of these pre-cuts which makes it convenient and easier for our customers.  I can also offer you 1/2 yard cuts.  We are all anxious for you to see this exciting new collection. 
The Settlement Nickel “5” Squares are $13.50, the Fat Quarter Collection, there are 38, is $132.50, and the 2 1/2″ Pre-cut strips are $40.00.  Our 10″ cuts are all 005sold out.  
I think it is time to share the wonderful quilts the shop girls have made from my Settlement Collection.  The first quilt  is called “Fancy Creek”.  This is such a sweet quilt and dear to me for many reasons because “Fancy Creek” is where my grandparents lived and my mother was raised.  The homestead was in the family for a 100 years.    Fancy Creek measures 27″ x 31″ and comes packaged with the backing and binding for $45.00.  T010he pattern is sold separately for $9.00 and was designed by Suzanne. 
“Aubrey Corners” is another great quilt pattern designed by Suzanne and Aubrey Corners is a real place in her life that she lived by for several years and that is why this quilt is dear to her.  Aubrey Corners is 63″ x  70″.  The kits are available for $105.00.   When this quilt was first introduced with the new line at market last fall we could see it being used for the holiday season.  It is great for Spring but so lovely when used with Christmas greens.  It makes you think of Vintage Christmas bulbs, it is a great example of a timeless classic quilt that won’t 014go out of style. 
“Whipporwill Lane” is  another pattern Suzanne designed.  This is a great example of how easy it is to use the neutral fabric in this collection.  One never tires of these quilts because they can go anywhere at anytime.  This particular quilt measures 75″ x 85″.  It is a great bed size.  The kits are $129.50 and the pattern is $9.00 and needs to purchased.  028
  The next quilt was what inspired me to create the Settlement collection.  “Independence Day” is a designers whole cloth quilt.  The quilt looks exactly like my antique, I even had it quilted the same to keep the integrity.  It measures 85″ x 92″ a nice bed size and a smaller size is also included in our pattern. The kit is $99.50 and the pattern is $9.00.  Blue is such a relevant color in the fabric collections this year.   It has been awhile and I think we are all ready for it resurgence. 
Selma has011 also had time to play with the line and her “Mississippi Flyway” is a great quilt project for you to consider.  It is 62″ x 75″.  This quilt has great movement and was named perfectly as she created it while sewing at Suzanne’s cabin on the Mississippi River last fall as the geese were beginning to cluster to migrate south.  It definitely compliments  the Independence Day quilt .  The kits are priced at $116.00.
Another quilt from this collection is called “Jamestown”.  It is 54″ x 62028“, the kits a$112.00 and pattern again sells for $9.00.  It is such a delight to see how every quilt looks  so different.  This is a classic colonial that represents the time period this fabric was manufactured in and is a wonderful representation of the line.
The last qu013ilt I will show you today is called “The Settlement” .  It has all of the fabric represented in my line in it.  It is square measuring 56″ x  56″ and would look great on the wall or used on the table.  We think it looks a little patriotic so you would find it lots of fun to display through out the summer months.  It is really so easy to make up because it uses the most unique little 2 1/2 ” tumbler ruler which the shop girls all love.  The ruler is $24.95 and even if you don’t use it on this quilt it is a great way to use your scraps up.  I know several  girls that are making bed size quilts.  They are trading fabrics amongst themselves and when they are finished they will have an heirloom to treasure.  The kit is $79.50 and is packaged with the 2 1/2″ pre-cut strips. 
There are several more quilts in the works.  Selma has designed two more patterns which are just getting kitted.  One is for her  Nickel Club which I hope to show you next week as it off to the quilters and the pattern is getting ready.  We have the kits made up so you will be able to expect this beauty next week if you are a member of our Nickel Girl Club.  It looks totally different than all the rest and I know you will love it.  It happens to use the 10″ squares.  She also has a quilt that uses the 5″ precuts. 
Carol Hopkins has used the line for both of her GOF Gathering projects which you can see on line.  There are a few openings left in this June Gathering.    If you can join us there is more good news this event happens to fall at the same time as is our new Wisconsin Fabric previews. Don’t forget to join us for our annual Wisconsin Quilt Shop Hop during the month of June.   Check our events page for more details.  I hope I have given you  a few reasons to get acquainted with “The Settlement” fabric collection.
by Jeanne Horton
Every time I design a new line I struggle with a name that is fitting.   This year since, I was celebrating 30 years of being in business the girls and I began brainstorming ideas and came up with the idea that the name should incorporate something with Jefferson in it.  Jefferson is the street I call home.  So I was pitching names to Windham and “Jefferson County” just seemed right to us all.  The rest is history.  This is my sixth line and I think I get more excited with the process and outcome every time a new line is dropped.  This particular line is one of my favorites and this is why.   You will quickly see that these fabrics play nice when used together and have a great scrappy impact, your quilt projects can be planned with color, it works well with other lines out in the marketplace and it gives you a lasting feel for the Civil War Era fabrics we all love.
The shop girls have created many new quilts and we will continue to design and dream into 2014 so I can give you an idea of what you can dream and do with the Jefferson Country fabrics you fall in love with.
There are Nickel cuts packaged for $11.20 and we have a limited amount of Jelly Rolls for $38.40.
“133 Jefferson” is the first quilt I will reference from Jefferson County.  The pattern is one of mine designed by my staff and can be ordered through the shop for $12.00.  This quilt design is a story in itself.  The quilt was created from a years worth of wonderful “Over 30 Quilts” the shop girls all created for the shop celebrating my 30 years.  There are elements  from each design that have then been incorporated into the 133 Jefferson quilt pattern.  The quilt measures 80″ x 80″ and the kit is available for $165.00.
The next quilt is called “The Jefferson Register” , it measures 70″ x 70″, the pattern is $9.00 and the kits are $146.00. This quilt was inspired  by an antique I saw and thought the fabrics were so fitting.  This is one of my favorites.
“Colin’s Grove” was designed by Selma and named after her grandson Colin.   It to was inspired by an antique quilt she admired.  The quilt is stunning and serves as a perfect backdrop for our festive holiday trees but will bridge into winter with the colors she chose.  The quilt measures 80″ x 80″, the kits are $157.00 and the pattern sells for $9.00.
Since Windham made us nickel cuts and Selma is the queen of patterns for nickel squares we knew we needed a quilt. It is known as “Jefferson Square”. The quilt is a great little scrappy quilt that uses the entire Jefferson County line of fabrics and when it is completed the finished size measures 46″ x 46″.  The kits sell for $63.00 and the pattern is sold separately for $8.50.
Vickie loves history and her quilt using the fabric is called “Lucy Adams”, the line has the greatest old pinks and this little quilt has been very popular in the shop.  The Lucy quilt measures 54″ x 64″ and the kit can be purchased for $122.00.  Pattern is needed for $9.00.
Suzanne has also designed a great historic quilt from Jefferson County.  It is called “Monticello”. It is a perfect size for  the sofa measuring 45″ x  55″.  The pattern is $9.00 and the kit can be yours for $80.00.  This quilt uses the browns and old faded blues.  The results are just perfect and you will find you can enjoy this beauty year round.  We have a couple of other quilts we used pieced from the line and I think you might enjoy them as well.
Suzanne also designed a great quilt called “Snow Valley”. She used some of the my reds and an old background that Selma also used as her background in Colin’s Grove.  It is one beauty to be loved year round.  I think you will enjoy it all winter and it is quite appropriate for Valentine’s Day.  Your quilt measures 72″ x 72″ and the kit is sold for $138.00.  You will need the pattern and it is $9.00.
The last quilt I will mention at this time is also just using some of the fabric from the line, the old faded blues, a wonderful old tan print I can’t seem to get enough of and our great backgrounds.   This quilt again was an antique quilt pattern I had admired and had just been waiting for the right line and fabric to make it up.  The pattern is Hands All Around.  I named the quilt “Warm Woolen Mittens” It measures out to be  50″ x 50″ and the kit is $72.00.   Our pattern can be purchased for $9.00.  You will enjoy it hung in the right place and I think it will be cozy to cuddle in as the border is a brushed flannel.   I hope seeing the collection of Jefferson County quilts helps you visualize the many possibilities and great versatility this  fabric line has to offer.
Jefferson County fabric is $11.20 a yard and the shop elves have even cut a collection of I/2 yard cuts for $212.80 and a fat quarter collection that can be purchased for $114.00.   Wouldn’t you love to find this in your Christmas stockings?
It is time for another NEW Quilt using this incredibly  easy to use line of fabric.  Vickie has redone her Beth series quilts.  This is “Beth in Blue”. Beth is 37″ x 43″, the kits are $43.00 and the pattern sells for $8.50.