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Welcome to our wonderful world of COTTON!

In today’s world it’s quite evident “Cotton” is the trusted fabric of our lives.  At 133 Jefferson we eat sleep and breath cotton fabric and it can also be seen integrated into the amazing homegood lines we carry in the shop. 

Galvanized home goods are a specially hot commodity for us this Spring as I have been showing in my blogs.  The newest Cotton signage is one that would fit very nicely into a studio or your sewing room but that’s not to say it wouldn’t fit into the home decor too.   The signs are priced at $62.50.

Cotton wreaths are also an item we have carried for the past two years but all of a sudden you can finally see them being used.  I love them.  What a great way to great guests and just feel the comfort of seeing them on your wall.  These wreaths go anywhere. Priced at around $50.00.

As I look at the rainbow of  cotton color in the prints, the stripes, Civil War reproductions, homespuns and novelty prints I can’t help but feel the comforting sensation that surrounds this shop. 

The shop Girls and I enjoy imagining and creating our many collections of quilts we introduce to you throughout the year and also the help we can give our customers that challenge us when they want to create there own new heirlooms.

I was thinking it would be fun to share the sunny, bold, the subtle, shirtings, the crazy textures and grunge, and the array of amazing cottons we have at our fingertips. 

It kind of makes you think of Easter eggs but mostly maybe it helps you see some of the great cotton eye candy we have available at the shop. 

The other thing I will mention is our cotton threads, we carry Gentle Arts, Weeks, Classic Colors, DMC and some Valdani patterns call for so stitchers in most cases we can help you with your cotton colors.  


So clearly COTTON is the glue in our lives that makes our days complete.   

We just got in another wonderful new lamp I thought

you might enjoy seeing. This is what is called a “Buffet Lamp” or I think it would also be swell on a sofa table.  It has an antiqued base and shade that fits in with most any decor you might choose to use it in.  The cost is $170.00.  

  We also just got in this new amazing organizer.  It’s considered a table, has two drawers and two shelves for storage.  What a tremendous way to keep many sewing necessaries close at hand but out of view and it looks pretty swell and fits in alot of places.  The cost is $187.50.  

I know Spring is the time of the year I feel like rearranging, cleaning up the winter clutter and freshening up the nest,  so I thought you might enjoy a few new ideas we are trending @133 in Spring Green, Wisconsin.  

This next new light I’m trending today is what I would call a real winner.  It is one of those lights that can be used  anywhere like in the Farmhouse kitchen over the counter, in an entry space, as a hanging light by a chair or sofa  or in a bedroom between twin beds or over a bedside table.  The aged white pendant is one of our best ever.

Hope you might see it as a great addition to your decor.  Reasonably priced at $137.50.

Happy Springtime!

Sampler Living Reflects a Lifestyle full of interests and passions!

Honestly peeps, Sampler Living at 133 is a lifestyle that can fulfill your interests and passions.

  The shop girls and I are very conscious of what we stitch for the shop, the quilts we design and put in our new collections, and the homegoods that you can find and imagine in your nests.  It is how we can inspire you. We all love to help you solve any decorating issues so give us a chance, we aren’t Amazon but we know by reactions if you see us once you will want to see us again. 

As Easter nears and families gather I hope you are all feeling the need for some fresh options for your spring table scapes.  We have some wonderful linen table cloths, and quilted table toppers.  Our white dishes are dressed with cute little nests and eggs, then there are place cards and great placemats to help finish and embellish your decorating scheme.  We have some adorable bunny stamps and great bunnies, our amazing silk flowers are so real looking its hard to tell, but they last, so its so. 

We just got the greatest Rooster and Sheep in and unpacked.  There are more amazing Farmhouse lamps and decor which will be making there way to the floor very soon

Loving this adorable metal mirror with a drawer.  I can see this on a dressing table or in your bathroom.  So cute, so fun  and the reflection from the mirror when placed just right adds so much to the decor.   This little gem is priced at $112.50.

We have a a couple new stitchery models in you might like to see, Stacy’s “Rose Garden Sewing Basket” is really a great spring project  kitted for $52.00  and Plum Street’s Antiques “Elizabeth Sarah Oliver 1842″  has the most wonderful border, I did switch up a few colors and changed the linen to Cider.  If you love antique samplers this one is a great consideration.  Ours is ready to go to the framer, that will be the frosting that completes it. 

The kit with the pattern sells for $64.00. 

The last thing I will leave with you with tonight is a picture of our wonderful tin “Farmhouse”  sign.  I told you I would be putting at Riverbanks so here is a look.  It is wonderful and I just love how it looks.  Many of you have looked at this but couldn’t quite see where you could use it.  Hope this helps.  Only $62.00. 

  We just got in another really swell cross stitch design from Heartstring Samplerey that we put in one of the great Lone Elm Sewing boxes.  It is called “In the Garden”.  This is a quick stitch and looks great in the sewing box insert what a wonderful way to keep your sewing necessaries close at hand, you can even take out the sewing tray.  Hope you like.

Time for Easter Peeps!


Phase Three Spring Sampler Living:

Our January Spring Market finds are arriving and transforming the shop from winter digs to spring.  It is refreshing and our “Farmhouse 001Spring Open House” gives you an inspiring look into trends I feel can be used with our Sampler Living style.  It is time to lighten up our spaces and rejuvenate the home.  Galvanized accessories are th003e metal of the moment.  They are fun to incorporate into your style and functional to use.  One thing that makes everyone feel good is flowers and we have have the best we have ever had this Spring.  Fill those olive buckets, found ammo casings in two sizes and the prices range from $22.50 to $40.00, and notice the antique white half bucket.  It is flat on one side which makes this really functi008onal, I actually got one for Riverbanks to roll my bath towels up in because I don’t have shelf space to store them, and in the shop I love the look of  our spring pear blooms wildly filling the decor with happy feelings.   The antique white galvanized container is available for purchase at $175.00. 

Now I must point out our new wood shutter with the mounted antique lamp.  Its one unit and sells for $373.50.  I am going to use them in bedrooms between twin beds because my style says I love the Farmhouse look and good 013antiques but I also find an industrial flair intriguing and working with the overal010l look..  We have beautiful cream ware crocks that love our silk popcorn berries and really anything but these look really swell displayed in the crock.  The wooden vintage wallpaper bandboxes are classic and go nicely displayed with antiques as well as Farmhouse choices. 

Speaking of “Farmhouse” our new metal sign is easy to place in most home decors, I knew when I saw it in January it was the one for me and would be a perfect fit in a space I left over my cupboards.   You will see pictures showing it when the coach house gets its final 032finishing touches.  Now I just need to find the time to get there.   The metal sign sells for $62.50. 

Architectural door-way arched finials are something that I also find special.  This 005piece can be mounted on a wall space over a door, fireplace or looks pretty amazing on top of cupboards otherwise a bit boring.  The cost is $499.98.  It will be really swell with greens during the holidays but thankfully we have time to think of that.  Lanterns, our battery candle tapers and pillars are on the radar everywhere I look this spring.  I think we got that one right.  So easy to use, look so real and sets the mood in a room without worries of open flames.  They are pricey but lasting so I think that is something to consider.  I took a cream ware bowl, filled with white lima beans and stuck the tapers in it.  An easy 018quick fix to simply dress your table or buffet. 

I found this really great  round galvanized mirror at market kn011owing it would be good fit wherever you decide to put it, so I decided to put it up over one of the new quilts we are showing in the Spring Collection  called “Buttermilk and Blue”.   The quilt  was inspired by a Miss Rosie’s pattern.  The quilt ended up 83″ x 99″ and the kit cost is $164.00. 

Another new quilt for the season and made by Jeanne is called “Daffodil Garden”.   It is a smaller quilt so you will see it being  004multinational.007  It is 48″ x 60″ so it can be on a wall, on a table or a spring cover to rest on the sofa. The soft happy spring colors will be great right through the summer making this an even better choice.  Kits are available for $103.23. 

It’s hard to pick a favorite but I love to reproduce antiques and after seeing a small picture in Country Living magazine Suzanne and I set to work to pick colors and we gave the task of putting it all together to Barb.  Awesome sauce!  We call it “Ode to Spring“!  Never a better Farmhouse quilt in my eyes.  Suzanne then decided we needed a little version we are calling “Odette” and little Odette is 32 x 32A perfect size for a topp012er or wall art.  “Ode to Spring is 77″ x 84″ and the kit is available for $130.00 and “Odette” is $58.00. 

The next little quilt is another one Suzanne made up for us.  It is really sweet, only 21″ x 28″  and has the perfect balance of color that is could be happy 014wherever you decide to put it.  Looks like a Prim quilt and the name evolved as we talked it out trying to figure out just the right name.  Suzanne was reminded of the old school on her parents property called Oxford School and I had thought it looked like a SchoolGirl’s handwork.  This is what we came up with “Oxford Schoolgirl”. Kits are $36.01350 and are sold complete with the backing and binding included.

  Next I have a really special little quilt to tell you about it is called “Lovey Bear”, Jeanne E. made this  up for us because we had “The Darling little Dickens” Moda fabric line just screaming to get pieced into something wonderful.  This also becomes a great companion to couple up with our irresistible little “Cream Puff” 015kit which we introduced earlier this year. Soft blush and grey fabric goes so perfect in the serene baby rooms that we are seeing I know this is going to be a favorite.   It’s sized to be used in a crib or - 004a toddlers favorite blankie.  43″ x 48″ is the size and the kit is priced at $64.50.  Backing and pattern are needed. 

I just have to take a minute and show you our newest rocking horse.  He is a really swell primitive and comes in a full and small size.  Another reminder of the Vintage horse we brought in over the holidays.  He is really a great piece to consider owning too.  You will also notice th004e “1896 Alpha Block Sampler” in the background.  It’s from “Needlework Press” our guest designer for Summer Stitch Camp. We do have it kitted.  FYI: I tweaked the colors and changed the linen to my favorite Cider linen and it really turned out great.  It would be perfect in any child’s room.  I hope you have enjoyed catching up on our Spring Quilt Collection, New Handwork, and Homegoods.  These are what “Samp017ler Living @ 133″ is  all about. This is and remains my focus. 

The beautiful Spring blooms you see were my gift to visitors that found time to see us for our Farmhouse Spring Open House, sadly Mr. Reed will have to plant a new garden.

Happy Spring!


To Market, To Market I Have been!

Phase Two:  Are you ready for more?  I have given you some time to digest  the first phase and now we are going to get into even more irresiBD-The-Winter-Is-Paststible handwork projects to keep you stitching for months.  Today I will start off with Blackbird Designs.  You know how great all of there designs are they must have been eating something or its in that Kansas City water because they really have blown things up in a really good way.  “The Winter is Past” is a great saBD-My-Dear-Heartsmpler to contemplate as it is done in the old winter blues and it goes great with the new 2017  Loose Feathers club piece “For the Birds” which I have just put up on line under the club info.   This sampler was stitched on 36 count linen.  Chart is $12.00.  

“My Dear Hearts” is another really swell sampler chart which includes the neatest “Sweetheart Pincushion” pattern adapted from the antique.011  The pins have been given great glass bead tops, what a great idea.  Looking so good don’t you think?    This is a great reproduction  of an antique sampler known as Emma Kerridge age BD-Feliz-Navidad13 in the year 1873.  Loving both of these pieces of handwork.  Its another antique reproduction and its number 2 in the Christmas Sampler Series the girls have done. 

“Feliz Navidad” Merry Christmas done by J. Mair in 1864.  As Alma says it is a good time to get this started after Christmas so you have it ready for this up coming holiday season.  It waBD-Sewing-Birds originally done in wool thread but Alma did it in cotton, I like it and it was also done on 36 count so wool would not be an option. 

You probably all know how much I love patriot handwork and so does Barb.  “Sewing Bird – Scissor Pocket” is a project I want to stitch and it kills me that I may not have the time so I might have to have a stitcher do it for me.  More 36 count linen but thankfully I have been stitching on it and kind of agree its not as hard as one would thinkBD-Hats-Off-To-Uncle-Sam.  Just get good linen and it works out.  We will be kitting this one and using our fabric for finishing in the kit. 

“Hats Off To Uncle Sam”.    What a unique design, and the innovative finishing makes this really appealing.  YouBD-Lady-Liberty will need to take a trip to Hobby Lobby for supplies she calls for to finish.  We will be kitting the pincushion. 

“Lady Liberty” is a drum pinkeep with flags and banners, I feel like it will go together really easy as Barb has good instructions and diagrams for 013you. 

Next on my agenda today is Gigi R’s wonderful antique reproductions.  “Ann Gould” spoke to me, loved the border, colors and  she was only five years and six months when she stitched this in 1821.  So amazing and iGiGiR-Elizabeth-Wenden-1864t would be really rare in our time.  The chart is $16.00 and was reproduced with Weeks Dye works 35 count Cocoa.  I think there are a lot of good linen choices to consider, I’m thinking Cider.

“Elizabeth A. Wenden Oct. 1864” is so simple but the sentiment  “Little deeds of kindness, Little words of love make our earth an Eden like to heaven GiGiR-Sampler-Frisien-1750above”.  I think we all should stitch this sampler.  The chart retails for $16.00.  Sometimes simple is best.  You could also pick your favorite color since only one is used.

If you like to stitch motif samplers I feel like you will live this one.  It really has colors that lend themselves to the holidays but its soft and could be a great focal anytime.  It is know as Sampler Frisien 1750.   The chart is $18.00.  

“EmmanuelGiGiR-Emmanuela-Chianelloa Chianello” is from Italy.  I like it because it is a horizontal sampler.  Long and narrow and very interesting.  The original GiGiR-Ann-Harding-1811was stitched on 50 ct but this was charted for 40 count.  I know my peeps that love fine linen will be excited over this one and the shape is also a factor.  Its different.  The chart is $24.00.

I also picked up more charts of “The Polka Dot Cow Sampler by Ann Harding 1877”.  It will be fun to stitch and easy to love.  The chart is $22.00.   

I have so many favorite samplers it is hard to even pick what you might want to see.  The good thing is Gwen has everything on line as she knows I can’t do it all.  Samplers Not Forgotten has been one of my SNF-BG-1874favorite designers for some time.  This is the Cadillac of samplers known as “BG 1874”.  I think it wins best of show in my eyes.  It is stitched on Lakeside 36 count Buttercream.  I have it on order.  It was also stitched with silk.  I am busy trying to convert it over to over-dyed.  I’m getting close, just had to walk away for a biCardan-Sophia-Knighte-1828t and now wait for my linen to get in.  It’s another horizonatal sampler.  Love the frame, love the colors and I have to honestly say it is going to be a great sampler to stitch.  The chart retails at $28.00.  Kimberly has also included a conversion for DMC.  I personally will do over-dyed as I really feel the colors will work out closer to the original.

I know several of you like to do red work samplers.  I like them and find Cardan Antiques “Sophia Knighte 1828” to be one of those interesting samplers you will find easy to get into stitching.  Its delicate to look at,stitched on 35 count Weeks Straw with School House Red and DMC Red 304.The chart is $16.00. 

The Scarlet House haTSH-Smith-Samplers another amazing favorite sampler.  The sampler is called “Smith Sampler”.  It has a great border and you could end up doing bands on there own but gosh why would you not just stitch it all?  I could see doing a favorite band as a pinkeep to compliment it but it’s really awesome no matter what you decide tEM-Mary-Havenso do. .  Way to go Tanya!  Tanya suggests 40 count Meadow Rue if you can’t do 46 count.  She actually stitched her model on 46 Lakeside Autumn Gold and used silk threads.   The chart is $27.00.   Love to have options.

“Erica Michaels “Mary Havens,1837” was another beauty in my eyes .  I will put it on a little more aged linen but nothing else needs to be changed.  It has a primitive house and tree an urn andHS-In-The-Garden a great border.  Meets my critical sampler criteria.  The chart is $25.00.

  Heartstrings always has something for me to find irresistible and she didn’t let me down.  I really like the Lone Elm Sewing boxes so “In the Garden” was a perfect fit.  We are stitching it up and I think you may want to consider it as the box is so user friendly, and made so well, it is hard to not want to own and use one.  This is a good choice, the kits are $42.00 and the boxes retail for $199.00 and come in a great many wonderful colors to go with your decor.  “Let it Begin With Me”  is another simple but really goodHS-Let-it-Begin-with-Me little sampler.  Let it begin with me is what it is all about.  We make our own destiny and I think this is fitting and a good choice of inspiration to think about every day.  The chart is $10.00 and stitched on R & R Stars Hollow Blend linen.  I love the way she mounted it.  Beth does a bird collection many of you have started stitching.    I will just put up one todHS-The-Bird-Collection-4ay but we have many on line.  This morning my yard, even though full of snow, was covered with big old fat robins.  Its our state bird, not always my favorite, but today they looked good Spring can not be too far behind.  The “American Robin” is in collection IV.  Also in this collection we have the “Tree Swallow” and “Song Sparrow”.  Birds we are all quite familiar with.  The chart with the three birds retails for $12.00.  015

La- D- Da  designs did another simple but really special little sampler I find hard to not get some linen and threads together and get to it.  It is called


Me & You”  It says “Come Sit down Just Me & You”!  Probably a good thing to do in this crazy mixed up world where all we seem to see and do is

people look

ing at there phones.  It is small and will stitch up quickly.  Lori has it done up on 40 count Weeks Straw and it only uses DMC.  We will make kits for sure.  Going back to The Scarlet House for one more really neat piece simply called “Samplers”.  It is one of those great stitcheries that ticks the boxes.  Great motifs, houses, animals, a urn, everything that mLDD-Humble-&-Kindakes up what we all love in Samplers.  

Stitchedon 40 count Ale, but we remember we also carry Ale in larger counts if you love the sampler bu017t don’t feel like doing it up on 40.  This chart sells for $15.00.  

I need to take a little more time to give you a look at a few other La-D-Da designs.  “Humble & Kind” and “Virtue” are two more samplers you may want to consider. Charts are $10.00.

I have just gotten back from Needlework Market in Nashville.  OMG my handwork friends, you are all going to want to stitch your little brains out, its making me crazy wondering which new pattern comes first.  I can hardly wait LDD-Samplar-Hare-Kitto show you all of our new patterns and some really swell market kits, Gwen is putting things up on line and giving you a market gallery so lots of places to look.  This was not a market for the faint of heart and if you are the only buyer some of the things you really desired are going to be gone its just a fact.  But from the looks of things around here we are not going to let you down.  We may have to wait for some of the linens used but we are pretty stalked up so hopefully we can keep you all smiling. 

I have some really great rabbits for your Springtime stitching and La-D-Da has one of the most adKB---Bowlful-of-Bunniesorable little kits and its called  “Sampler Hare“.   We only have 16 so if you think you really want to make this little critter give us a call or place your on line order right away, kits are $40.00.  FYI: I doubt if we will have any left for our Spring Open House.  Kathy Barrick’s “Bowl of Rabbits” is another really sweet little piece of TPH-Colonial-Harehandwork I think you might not want to miss out on.  Its a chart but we could kit it.  If you notice in the picture its framed in one of those amazing antique picture holders.Wish I owned one I will have to start looking. Such a clever way to market this little stitchery.   I was sold.

Primitive Hare is most definitely the rabbit queen as I see it.  Her rabbits are so life like you feel like if you reached out to to003uch them it would really be real fur.  I picked up chart you see on the right its called the “Colonial Hare”.   They are all stitched on over dyed linens and the “Boleyn” Printed Linen will be something she is going to be known for pioneering for some time. Its great!  We have had it in stock and have had time to get a new pinkeep  already stitched on it so you can see how unique it really is.  The lin004en itself is $36.00, it measures 14 1/2 x 21 and retails for $36.00.  Our “Christmas Bells” kit you can see is available for $45.90, it contains the printed linen and pattern, over-dyed velvet, a large rusty bell and floss.

You are really going to like her rabbit floss keepers.  They are solid, aged and painted and perfect to have out in TPH-Bangle-Pincushionan old ironstone dish while you are working on your spring projects.  Priced at $16.00.  We also have a swell hive coming you’re going to find hard to resist.  It was one of those things that were sold out.  Bees, Birds and Bunnies and other critters  were hot at this spring market for sure. The “Bangle Pincushion” was a class so I have only a few  LDD-Fraktur-Flowerspatterns but we will get more and kit it, its adorable it fits around your wrist and keeps you all organized with your needles and it has a fantastic bee motif for our bee lovers. Need i say more?  Watch for the kits, they may take awhile to come from Italy but I hope not long Pattern only is $16.00 and stitched on the Boleyn linen.  

So I did mSN-Animal-Crackers-Theodoreention birds didn’t I?   La-D-Da’s “Fraktur Flowers” is one of the finest new charts.  Stitched on 32 count Wren and it only uses one overdyed thread the rest are DMC.  You all got to like that.   

I  know I also mentioned other critters.  Stacy Nash has Animal Crackers new for this Spring.  You know SN-Animal-Crackers-Clementime and cats so meet “Theodore” and “Clementine”.  They are both stitched on Weeks Confederate Grey linen. the charts are $12.00. Kind of adorable!  

So its not only cats there is a pretty cute mouse cracker too.  “Monroe”, I think the name is fitting, and Monroe likes mushrooms so Stacy just had to go and design the best ever “Mushroom Pinkeep“.  This is why I love market peeps.  Our designerSN-Animal-Crackers-Monroes are so inspiring to me and all of us shop owners.  What a great way to beat the winters cabin fever.  The good news is Stacy assures me they are really very easy to assemble so no good reason to not give it a try.

Stacy also always has a few great samplers to draw me in.  I like the new “Elizabeth ThomSN-Elizabeth-Thomasson- Sampler Pinkeep”.  Loving those velvet strawberries.  It really couldn’t be sweeter.  This piece was stitched on Weeks Cappuccino linen and uses Blackberry Primitives Cinnamon velvet.  The pattern is available for $12.00. 

So I almost forgot to mention my favorite horse. Kathy Barricks “Fiona & Edward” is so good and even better KB-Fiona-&-Edward-tnn person.  Love, love, loved it and it has a bird a strawberry, and a house.  Winner! Patterns are $12.00. I will probably leave off the bug and butterfly but to me that is the beauty of making a piece your own.  It was worked on 40 count HerSwan-Garden--Kathy-Barrickitage.  I will say it seemed like most every designer I was buying and loving was stitching on smaller count linen this market.  I can do it you just need clip on magnifiers over your glasses.  I have more on order.

One of my favorite Kathy Barrick designs was called “Swan Garden” and there is another it is called  “Up on the  House Top”.  You will enjoy stitching either or both of these great designs.  SKB-Up-on-the-House-topwan Garden is on a 40 count linen I have not stitched with but I love it.  It’s Picture This Plus’s Shadow and Up on the House top is on 32 count Legacy.  I will have many more to show and tell you about so will continue tomorrow as we get more scanned and ready for you to enjoy.  I will leave you with just a thought.  I think many of these designs could be stitched on larger linen because they really are all quite stylized in there own right and would make a statement larger or smaller. .WTNT-Faith-of-the-Heart

Finally, it’s time to talk about “Samplers”  girlfriends.  Hereare the some of the“New Sampler” designs I  love.   There are so many, I will have to take my needle to the grave, it will take awhile for us to get everything up on line for you to see but its happening so please keep watching the website.   I’m gWTNT-Tulip-Festivaloing to start with Brenda Gervais’s  “With thy Needle  & Thread Designs”. “Faith Of the Heart”  The first thing I always look for is a good house, if it has urns, strawberries and bluebirds its a bonus.  The chart is $11.00 and can be kitted. 

“Tulip Festival” is totally a fun springtime stitch.  Its petite and sweet and can be used as a pillow or framed.  We have the linen available and the chaWTNT-Berry-Days-Book-Box-2rts are $12.00. 

  “Berry Days at Thistle Down Farm”  I love the name of this new sampWTNT-Lady-Libertyler and the little book drawer box is the perfect way to finish it.  It has a house, a bee, over sized flowers and strawberries so how can you loose.  You will love the needlebook bonus pattern too.  We have the book boxes available for $15.00 and the pattern is $12.00.  If you need a complete kit please let us know and we will be glad to try and get everything together you might need. WTNT-Essamplaire-Petite-1

“Lady Liberty” is something that always appeals to me and this is one of the best I’ve seen yet.  I know we will be stitching up this model for sure.  We have the 36 ct. Sterling linen coming from Picture this Plus so kitting is and option.  Patterns are available WTNT-Essamplaire-Petite-#2for $12.00.  

Brenda also has added “Essamplaire Petite” Collection I and II.  These are all miniature samplers but quite sweet for sure.  The patterns are both $12.00. 

Just in time for Easter here is  another sweet idea to ponder on.  It is WTNT-Easter-Peep-Paradecalled “Easter Peep Parade”.  It is stitched on 36 count Weeks Chestnut which should be delivered this week so we can WTNT-Quaker-Handeworkalways include just the linen if you desire. 

There are still more patterns you can see in the gallery but for today I will end with her new “Quaker Handwork”.  Its has some really well motifs and if you love Quaker samplers this will definitely be of interest. 

Since we are talking about Quaker Linda from Chessie & Me introduced the cutest little “Quaker House Token” in Nashville.  It is a pinkeep kit  which we all love.  The kits are $30.00. 

You have all be001en so patiently waiting for the “1864 House SampCM-1864-House-Samplerler” she did for us last Grand Olde Flag Gathering.  She is working on the Lincoln House for this years event.  We still have room in fact we are thinking about letting people come in for just that after we fill the event for both designers.   Still love it so much and hope to get it stitched this year.  We still have the great frames available so let us know if you would like us to include one with your order.  The charts alone are $12.00, its stitched on 32 count Weeks Tin Roof so let us know if you need us to include that too.  It’s so swell.  

Linda loves patriotic too and her next design is really going to be one of your favoCM-Garden-Houserites and would go well with CM-Home-Safe-to-Methe 1864 House and Lady Liberty I just talked about.  “Home Safe to Me” is a pattern for a needlebook  and also includes  a whale needle keep and fob for your scissors.  Patterns are $12.00.

“Garden House” was made to fit a wooden scissor holder.  Just another clever way to display and its useful.  As a fellow stitcher  I know how we all appreciate new toys.   the holders are being made so will be available soon.

CM-Think-of-Me“Think of Me Sampler” is another new design from Linda.  Th005e colors make this sampler sing, so relevant for the seasons palette and it has a house and urns I’m in my sampler happy place.   Only time for a few more tonight I have to write a newsletter. 

I loved Stacy’s market exclusive “Rose Garden Sewing Box”.  I got 24 kits but they are going fast.  The kit is complete  with thread, linen, threads, and finishing necessaries.  The kits are available for $52.00.  Don’t miss this adorable sewing box you will treasure it forever. It has a great house,  I’m SOLD!  Blackbird is another one of my favorite design teams.  Wow, I loved 006everything they did, Gwen will be getting to them tomorrow.

Last sampler tonight is another Stacy design.  It is a reproduction sampler, done on 32 count Weeks Parchment linen with wool threads.  It you are itching to try stitching with wool this would be a good one to get started on.  Just a FYI: I have the wool on order for this if you need it as well as the linen.  The sampler chart is called “Ann Congreve Sampler”.   It’s a very sweet sampler.  The chart is $12.00.



Time for us to Celebrate the Heart of Quilting!

A whole year has020 passed and it’s that time again to celebrate “The Heart of Quilting” with our annual R018oad Trip.  It lasts the whole month of February, that’s 28 days, so no excuses, surely one day will lend itself as a safe travel day to get out for some new handwork inspiration.  The store is alive with excitement as we celebrate this festive month.  Such a good way for us local quilt shops to “Go Red” and support a worthy cause like the American Heart Association.  I have  been posting some eye candy on our Facebook page sgcountrysampler and also our auction items that all pro037cedes go straight to  the American Heart Association.  The recognizable red dress pins are available when you pick up your passports.  You may have one from last year and if so, we ask you to let other folks that don’t have one get one, as the supply we have is limited.

On  the right you can see Suzanne’s “Paris Flea Market” and “Valentina”. Who knew red could look so swell!  All the quilts you see can be found in the shopping cart on our website with size and cost. 031

The quilt hanging over the dining chair is called “Madeleine’s Four Patch” its 45″ x 80″ so not too overwhelming size wise its a real do able proje024ct for the month.  I am sure you are noticing the amazing “LOVE” sign on the mantle.  Its made of tin and such a great wedding or shower present if you have been looking.  

  Selma has a new X’S & O”S  quilt which is a perfect little 36″ x 36″ playful February quilt you might  just enjoy making with friends on a cold winter afternoon or weekend getaway at our Second Story.  The kits are sold complete with the top, backing and bindin002g for $72.50 so you only need to be sure you purchase the pattern.

The “XO, XO Love Pillow” is new this year and we are crushing on it too.  Pillow priced at 021$25.90. 

If you are looking for just that right little February accent you might want to think 039about a few other items that have just arrived.  The little wood heart shelf sitter  you see on the tray on the left has one heart on it that says“You” and at the bottom it says 003“It was always You”.  Cost $14.25, kind of perfect for sure! 

We also have fresh Lavender bundles, new blueberry sprays and wreaths that all look pretty perfect too.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.   I also have many fine ribbons , Ric Rac in many sizes and amazing trims for finishing or 014dressing packages.   

Speaking of Ric, Rac that happens to be the name of one of our New quilts you will fall in love with, it is called “Ric Rac Path”.  This is a really fun pattern and what makes it fun is the fabric and of course the p005attern.  Jeanne E. did this quilt up for us.  In love again!  

It’s 55″ x 72″ and the kit is available for $79.50.   Please remember you will need the pattern.   

“Naomi Belle” and “Princess Charlotte”017 are also New for February!  Naomi Belle was designed in honor of Suzanne’s mother in law and Princess Charlotte is for the Brits Princess Charlotte. 

Our little block for the hop seemed to remind of us a crown and we finished it into t024he most wonderful little doll quilt fit for a princess and Miss Charlotte seemed like the perfect choice.   Complete kits available are for  $16.50.  If you just want the block for the sampler quilt those are available for $6.00.

Our carpenter Ken has made the amazing little farmhouse sty026led bed and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  It is a rope bed, I used Annie Sloane paint which is so easy to work with and our  Mary put together the little quilt.  The beds will be available but I’m not sure of the cost at this t030ime but they can be pre-ordered.    I hope you will plan a visit, the shop girls have worked so hard to give you an amazing show and this is just what is is trending in the red family of quilts and there are so many more that a truly amazing you won’t want to miss. 

Mary has also s001ewn “Cherry Cordial” something we all tend to love receiving this time of the year.  Its graphic and stunning for sure.  We have only a couple more quilts to show you, one is called “Double Dutch” we only ha018ve a few but it is a sweet quilt you might remember and enjoy revisiting.  It measures 33″ x 44″ and is a Cotton Tales pattern.  Its colors are mellow and very pleasing for sure. 

Gwen has put some other steels and deals that are on sale in our lower story sale area on line.  Be sure to check them out.  This is about it for tonight.  I hope you enjoy and make your February full of positive purposeful days even if is still winter.  March is not too far away and then its Spring wonderful Spring!

Welcoming a whole New Year! New Year! New View!

Happy New Year!

We made it through another holiday girlfriends!  It is hectic and it was hectic but we all try our bes001t to make it special, and then its over and we have to let it go, and begin the process all over again.  I feel a little sad it has to fly by so quickly, but after I begin to put things back I begin to get o ver it and embrace a cleaned up new view!

  Time to break out the “Winter Blues and Creams”. That is just what I am doing in the shop.  Its amazing how fresh things begin to look.  I can almost guarantee you will feel better if you get into it.  I still have kept some greens and white popcorn berries out because it is still winter. It is absolutely winter in Wisconsin these past couple of days and because we don’t have the snow anymore it has become bitter cold.  BURRRR!   The saying “Baby It’s Cold Outside fits!  Its a good time to stay in, tackle the nest and organize so I’m  goi019ng to give you a few ideas.  I hope I can help you make that happen and motivate you by showing you the shop. 

We have yards of new fabric that has been coming in that we have had to hold over the holidays and now it is on the floor and we are plotting lots of new quilt eye candy you will find desirable.  The elves are still elves and busy making it all happen for you. 

The aged white tin organizers you see are so great and really 020stand out nice in the decor, but  more over they are wonderful for keeping things organized.  The cost is a $66.00 well spent.    In the next photo I heaped on the wood and greens in our wagon and thought “Rochelle”, one of Suzanne’s quilts, was the perfect choice for this vignette.  So fresh to look at and fun to piece.  Rochelle is 64″ x 72″ and the kit sells for $130.00.  Pattern needed.  You probably have noticed over Christmas our “Heap on the Wood” sampler and the wood you see in the wagon and by the sampler is our bundled birch logs.   You get three for $17.00 and they real009ly are great and real looking.   I have loved using them all through the fall and now, in a crock by the fireplace or on your table scape .  It works.  

Back to organizing ideas:  I love this Paris reproduction thread box.   It is from “Fils Cotton” L.V. Paris.  The cost is $335.00 but the things you could stow in it a018re too numerous.  Threads, ribbons, pins and any necessary you might like to have a perfect home for.  “Friendship House” is another one of Suzanne’s quilt patterns.  It is one of our best examples of soft vintage blues and creams.  It is 81″ x 99″ and the kit is available for $187.00.  This quilt was featured in the Autumn issue of Simply Vintage Qu001ilts by Quiltmania.   We have copies of this issue available if you are interested.   Another favorite quilt in blue and cream is called “Sugar Pine”, it is a quilt pattern by Laundry Basket and the fabric used is also from Laundry Basket.  The evcr popular “Layer Cakes” are used and packaged in the kit for $138.50 and a pattern is needed. 009

My ship lap walls, tobacco basket, featured fabrics, and vintage horse are pretty much the frosting on the cake in this vignette.  The vintage rocking horse happens to be  sitting on “Nana’s Feather Bed” quilt which is made up out of my soft Manor House yarn dyed fabric.  We doubled the batting to give it loft and tied it.  So cozy and fun for any primitive loving collector.  Nana’s quilt is 72″ x 84″ and kitted sells for $158.00.  Wouldn’t th006is be great for a bunk bed room? 

Another good option for a bunk room quilt is Suzanne’s “Sugar House”.  This 72″ 72″ cabin quilt is a really swell option.  We lofted the batting in this quilt too but quilted it to accentuate the cabin pattern instead of tying it.  It is  a cozy and comfortable choice and perfect solution for your aftern011oon winter power nap.  Sugar House  is available kitted for $130.00 but you will need to order a pattern.

  You can see the top of the cupboard is filled with our popular little fir trees in the jars, and then  I added our great stars and the most adorable  little, fat doves we have had.  Still winter but it looks fresh.

Sew!  Lets talk about our new fabric, it is so pretty.  Quilting treasures is where it comes from.  It sells for $11.70 a yard and is some of greatest antique prints and colors we have seen in awhile.  Things are pretty bold out there these days so004 you have to look hard to uncover the few companies that still embrace our style.  You can see two other quilts in these pictures Selma’s “Evergreen” which is one good example of a winter topper.  It’s 41″ x 412′ and kitted is $77.75.  The other quilt you see on our quilt rack is “H003attie O’Connell“.  Suzanne just had this quilt featured in the currant Quiltmania magazine, its on the cover.  We say with great pride,you go girl!  This is a very beautiful graphic old quilt and we still have a few kits available.  It is 65″ x 88″ and the kit sells for $165.20.  You can also see the “Mary Lin013ley 1829” cross stitch pattern by The Scarlet House in the background.  We have it kitted on 32 count linen and the silk threads for $89.00  It is one of our favorites.  I hope you are enjoying my transformation as I show you around the shop. 

Thinking ahead to February and Valentine’s Day I have to008 bring to your attention another favorite quilt.  It is “Valentina”.  It measures at 65″ x 80″ and the kit is available for $127.25.  Pattern not included.  I think it is fun to use galvanized accent pieces and most popular piece is the serving tray.  I had to use the white bottle brush wreath just because look how special it looks with the linen dining chairs and reclaimed table.  Don’t miss the tin “Love” signs in the background.  It016s that time of the year, and if you need a wedding or shower idea the  Millenniums have embraced this idea in there new nests in a big way.  Also still loving the use of the old tobacco baskets.  I am leaving you with just one last thought.  Mirrors, we have great ones and they are an amazing tool in a room014 you also can see some more pictures of our new lamps.  They are really wonderful vintage looking lamps that work so well anywhere they land.  I will leave you one last storage idea.  We love baskets and this trio of baskets with leather handles for $27.00 could hold many great things and used in many places..  Those amazing stars you keep seeing are priced at $22.00.

Final Christmas Check List!

The snow is really falling this afternoon, they are saying up to eleven inches, and soon our families w002ill come a calling.  It’s almost Christmas!  There are only nine days  left to accomplish003h it all.  I hope you are all up to it, I think I am!

  I have had  only a day and a half at Riverbanks this week to begin to get things ready.  I did get the tree decorated and urns filled,  the mantel decked and a few other things, but as far as wrapping that still has to happen, it hasn’t, so on Sunday there will be no excuses.   It is supposed to be extremely cold so what could be a be014tter idea besides the fact I have some serious cooking to do to get ready for the shop girls party.    I ha012ve a busy day ahead of me for sure.  I still have a few stragglers to buy for too, the hard ones, the sons.  I hope I am not the only one that struggles with these guys.  I will make up my mind by Wednesday or know the reason why. 

I will show you a few pictures of my entry at home and  then at Riverbanks. You know how I love our little trees, big trees, just trees in general, San024ta, our amazing remote candles, the birch logs and this is how it has all come together.    Here are a couple of views of the dining room that o022ver looks the frozen river.  I have make mention of my new tree from the shop that looks so real.  OMG peeps you can not tell it isn’t real.  I always thought I had to have real, I don’t.   The  other good thing about it is its not messy.  I can take off the ornaments, leave the lights on, it need 3 strands of 100, and stow it away ready  to go for next year.  This is indeed a good purchase , I would say one of my best.

There is just a little water open for the ducks and geese but the birds

008are all over the feeding stations so its hard not to get distracted.  I do love this time of the year. 

I have family pictures about but one in particular, of Reed’s mother, seemed to need its place on the mantel.    the candles just are so convenient you can highlight special things and just hit the remote and turn them on and off.


Time is running short, only 12 days until Christmas!  Yikes that’s a scary realization, I better step it up!   I am not ready, perhaps I will be feeling better by the end of the week, always hopeful! 

The greens are out in the urns, the wreaths are hun028g, my Santa’s are placed, holiday music is playing, the tree is lit but needs some decorations and I’m thinking that will happen tonight.  My Christmas quilts are out and the table is full of presents to be wrapped.  It’s Christmas  for sure!  I must get my dinner menu figured out very soon.  We will be heading to Riverbanks with visions of being snowed in and a good old fashioned Christmas with the whole family.

I have been taking more pictures to share from in the shop and  a few from home.  the shop has been so beautiful this year and full of wonderful indulgences 004for the season.  I hope you have been able to come by to see us.  It won’t be long until the whole shop  changes into winter living.  The change is always exciting as we live wi015th the shop for a good two months and its just time to get things changed up again and get the creative juices flowing.  At home I love greenery, some fresh some not but lots of it.  I also love the scent of Christmas candles so I always have one or two going and I also like to start my paperwhite bulbs.  Maggie got me going on this swell idea, they are fragrant and beautiful to have blooming on Christmas.   Love the season and with our snowfall it is just about perfect there is even more snow predicted to come by the weekend, I think we will have a white Christmas this year.  I do hope Santa stops here!   I have to mention the incredible display of the moon this week, its rather rare to see and oh so beautiful to take in.

008I love getting out the old and new Christmas quilts.  This is one we will be showing in February at our Textiles and Tea. It’s an amazing Feathered Star pattern.  I invite you all to help 013us achieve the best ever red and white exhibition in February.  With our customers help I know it will be amazing. The gent that will be helping us is so artistic and has a great facility we will rent for the occasion.  I’m confident when you see how they are hung you will be excited in owning and making your own red and white heirloom.  Keep February 25th open for a day with us celebrating the art of quilting in red and white.  Gathering old photos and frames of winter and getting out your favorite Christmas samplers that’s what we like to do. 

Think about making your own artistic seasonal tags and wrapping paper its  a fun thing to do with grandchildre033n or close girlfriends. It makes the tedious wrapping job way more fun.  We have the paper and tags so lets have get crafting, no excuses.   We have chalk pencils and pens and the tags are out of wood, chalk paper and don’t miss our great seasonal tags by some of our favorite artists.  Bowing them up with ribbons and unique trim021s is the frosting to this little craft making adventure.  Its all about sharing a day with people you love.  Only twelve days until Christmas, there is still plenty of time, I 024hope you are all in the moment and enjoying it. 

“Down the Chimney” is Selma’s quilt hanging by the mantel, berry wreaths looking so amazing in our tobacco baskets that really add so much to a decor, you could p030lace small quilts, samplers and any amazing wreath in one and love the outcome.   German twig trees filled with an assortment of ornaments and the remote candles couldn’t make things look more festive and so easy to on and off.   These candles look great on wreaths, placed in garland and on trees, for $60.00 you have a winner with these sets. 

Lighting is a big thing anytime and I have found that our reproduction lights are the added touch.  011I have small wreaths to add to the candle base which I add to my table candle lights too, I also like to use old wire baskets to hold the lights and then comes the  greens and old quilts that compliment it all.  Fresh pomegranates are another beautiful and colorful item that displays so well in old ironstone or mercury glass bowls.  Love my Boxwood and have to get fresh every year, I can not throw them out until the season comes again.  I will keep posting new pics so you c014an get some ideas that might just be perfect for your home.  Merry, Merry! 

We shop girls will be having our Christmas party next week, we are all excited because we do all get each other.  Girlfriend gifts are the best ever! 

Its coming soon we all wish you and your families the 017Merriest Ever!!

These are a few of My 2016 Favorite Things!

It’s time for my “2016 Favorite Things” for the Holidays: 

Every year I have  favorite things I feel make the list and before they are all gone I thought I would take some time to share my list with you.  Its all about the unusual, things that are nostalgic and take us back to special memories and things that enhance your holiday decor and will be heirloom028 treasures you will love using for years.  “Luminaries” have always been a great w031ay to light the way  and greet your holiday guests.  Our newest is made to be used today, in a modern or farmhouse setting.  Being metal, its sturdy, looks like you have inherited it, has room for fresh or artificial greens, a glass hurricane and then you will insert either a battery or real candle.  You could even add your favorite bow on the handle.  Its pretty swell peeps.  The cost is $112.50.  

I am totally in love with our “Glittered Birch Logs”. You get three logs, wrapped in burlap twine, all glittered for use on your table or a bunch of them can be placed in our olive buckets with greens by the fireplace or your front door.  So many choices and the price is right at only $17.00 per set.    Let’s get to trimming the tree, you have already heard me singing the praises of my best ever “Christmas Tree”.  It looks so real, it’s soft and pliable making it easy to set up.  You can put it in an olive buckle, an antique bucket or use it on a015n entry table.  Its takes 200-250 lights so you know it a perfect size, I have only white lights on o024ne and the other will have m y vintage ornaments, I don’t have too many and that will be per.  We will have one at home and Riverbanks this year.  Who knew I would even consider giving up my beloved real tree.  It has just got to be too much for Reed, I have seen it coming, but because it makes my Santa baby really a crabby baby  its not so worth it to push the issue anymore.  I can’t believe I’m even able to say  it.  He has broken my spirit but this little sweet tree has me smiling again.   Just light your favorite scent of Christmas candles and its all good.   Y013ou probably can tell I’m a bit of tree nut.  The 70 3/4″ fir is $334.00.

I will also have to tell you about the little “Fir Trees” in the clear mason jars that have also caught my eye this season.  They are so easy to tuck in places, use on few across a mantel or tab033le or by themselves.  Selling for $29.85.   Since we are on the subject of trees.

Loving the idea of placing our “Vintage Rocking Horse” under the tree.   This is a a really great sturdy horse, he even has a leather seat. Giddy-up!  He is $370.00 and will be one of those treasures that becomes a timeless family heirloom.  Here are a 034couple of looks. 

I have another fun thing to show you its  a “Days to Christmas”oversized ornament. What a great St. Nick present this could be for only $12.40!  It even comes with a chalk so you can let the kiddos keep track of how many days left until Christmas (27).  It could  be on the tree or hanging on a door wreath or wherever your sweet little016 ones can get at it. How fun this would be for them! 

Since we are talking about grandkids there is a pillow that speaks to us here at the shop.  It says“Santa Please Stop Here”.  We are all hoping he does for sure because us big kids  like this idea too.  He could easily stop or call for a gift certificate that would make035 us all happy.  The pillow is made up in an old red plaid that would fit into most decors quite nicely.  It sells for only $28.00.  Just another good thing. 

If your grankids like to write “Letters to Santa” we have had the best mail boxes ever this year..  Look how cute this little box is and what fun they would have filling it with lots of Christmas wishes.  Its only $20.65 and I’m thinking it is getting close to being sold out.  If you did not get one during open house you might007 want to reconsider.   We have the best cards and gift tags ever this year too.  You know me and paper products.  

I love to Journal, I’m always having these random thoughts and ideas, see pictures that spark my imagination and the journal is where it all goes. Its things to do all year and every season, I will never run out of something that makes me excited.   Some day my kids will look at these and 010think there mother was truly crazy.  We have several but two new ones are calling for my nod.  The “Merry Christmas” set is great way to journal your holiday memories, its a way for you to remember the holidays from year to year and keep photos of the family festivities and traditions that are close to your heart.  The set is sold for $46.25.  This set is made well and very worthy.  The next Journal is whimsical and fun, what else can I say.  I have two new ones at home but this just was one I couldn020‘t resist.  I know I will fill it so I can justify it and it doesn’t take up much room.  Its just another favorite thing.  This journal is $24.95.  I hope you are getting a few ideas.   

My next favorite thing is a set of “Remote Candles”.  Now these are wonderful on a tree but consider the idea of placing them your front door wreath or table garland.  You hit on and the magic begins019 and off when you want it over.  I love this!  The box of 10 sells for $60.00, so worth the convenience.  You saw them on our shop tree at open house and now lets explore the idea to wreaths and garlands.  So easy to clip them into place and enjoy.  Can you tell I love this time of the year?  I do, and like the kids, I can hardly wait until its Christmas again.

  I happened to find the most wonderful holiday clock this past market, its a battery operated one and tucked in with your decor your family will love it too.  I  can tell you I would love to wake up to it on Christmas morning.  I miss the kids waking us and so excited to see what was under the tree from Santa.  My  grown kids do call every morning but its not quite the same.  Time goes so fast.  Savor those days they are gone before you know it.  I have still another great favorite thing, its a “Primitive cloth Santa with a Bottle Brush Tree”.  He comes in three great colors, 037an old red, brown, and gold.   If you love an old primitive look, I think you will find this guy a perfect fit and a great addition to your 011collection.  He sells for $60.00. 

One last thought, I found the cutest little glittered fat doves.  Tucked in greens they are just about the sweetest ever.  I love watching my real ones but these rank right up there with my best ever turkeys our company never made again.  Sometimes I think companies just don’t get it.  My turkeys never go away and I suspect these little fellows won’t either.  Sold as a pair for $22.80.

The other thing I love to 038always  hawk is the use of mirrors reflecting your room or a special sampler, quilt or Santa.  Here is a pea003k into my house through one of my mirrors.  I hope you get the same enjoyment from your favorite things.  Put on your favorite Christmas music and soon you will be full of good cheer. 

Country Christmas in Spring Green this coming weekend.  Santa, a tree lot next door, light parade and amazing fireworks at 6PM Saturday night.  Merry Christmas from all of us at Country Sampler!

Celebrating the Season at 133 Jefferson!

Our new “Yuletide Homegoods” are plentiful this weekend as we begin to celebrate Christmas at sgcountrysampler.  We have missed hear004ing and seeing many of our customers this year and the weather has been nothing short of amazing.  Isn’t it hard to believe that in a little over a week it will be Thanksgiving Day.   I feel this great weather is part of the023 reason no one is thinking Christmas yet..  “Thankful” is one of our new quilts we introduced in our new holiday collection this year.   The nutty rich colors make this classic antique quilt inspiration a real winner.  We only have a few as a key fabric player has been back ordered but not to fear, if you love it as much as we do, we can get yours on reserve.  I have been hawking the turkeys but this has been one of our best years ever and nestled in amongst greens what could be better.  So as we ease into the new season I urge you not to forget to be thankful.  I loved this quote when I read it and feel it is a perfect thought for the anticipated new season.

“Winter came down to our home one night quietly pirouetting in on silvery toed slippers of snow.  And we were children again!”

Bill Morgan, JR009

Christmas time at 133 is always so full of  magic,festive trimmings and classic Christmas quilts.  A new book we  have all loved this year is  “Jo’s Little Favorites”.   We scoped out a few of our favorites that we thought you might enjoy making up, nothing overwhelming, just classic.  Gwen did up the models and said the patterns were perfect and projects went together so easy.   Music to our ears  “Christmas Log Cabin” includes the backing and binding in the festive looking cabin  kit which is $30.00.  Our angel always picks a favorite to hold and this is the on017e this year.  The other sweet little topper is for a tree.  We used a great new neutral tree fabric and although it is called “Bordered Toile” in the book we did not use a toile.  Our kit includes backing and binding and sells for $26.50.  This would be a quick gift to make up for a close friend.   It looks great with greens and you might like our new “O Come O Come Emanuel” cross stitch kit if you are looking for a new holiday stitchery.  This is a new La D Da pattern that everyone has loved this season. Speaking of new stitchery, well it was new last year, but I had to have it stitched this yea.  From With Thy Needle, “Heap on the Wood” sampler is so great, looks like it should be in the fa045rmhouse decor, but its classic and goes anywhere.  I changed it up our way with different threads colors and linen.  I think you will love it and it sure would be a perfect winter project.  The kits are ready and sell for $76.00.  

It  seems this t018ime of year the winter doves are huddled and ground feeding at the feeders.  We have the best sets of doves ever, they are priced right at $22.80.  I think they would be swell used on a festive table scape amongst fresh pine boughs or try our soft and real looking cedar puffs or garlands. 019

The next quilt in our new collection was designed by Selma, it is called “Down the Chimney”. It measures 53″ x 70″, the pattern is $9.00 and the kits are $81.50.  It is a great quilt for all of you that love to do piecing and build  amazing quilts021.  The fun is just beginning, the next quilt was a quilt I had cut out a picture of in hopes to get it made last year and it didn’t happen so this year I pulled fabric and Jeanne said she would make it.  We call it ” Antiquity”, it is 68″ x 77″, a nice size to work with and the colors and prints are what really makes it dance for me.  I hope you love it like I do.  The kit is priced at $104.50 and the pattern is $9.00. 

Our next quilt is called “Christmas Wish” an037d Suzanne designed this festive nine patch.  She got it finished and she thought as  an added touch she would add a velvet envelope you could leave your Santa Christmas Wish in.   How perfect!    It is 66″ x 76″ and the kit sells for $128.50 and pattern needed is $9.00.   It classic and looks great in our window in a new antique sled we are selling this year.  The Santa Please Stop Here pillow is also new. 

Barb has  been busy too, she made up two new quilts for us this season.  One is a classic039 winter blue and white and if you start now you could have it ready  to put out in January.  Its traditional for sure, we used Laundry Baskets 10″ squares to assemble it.  We also used the laundry Basket pattern called “Sugar Pine”.  It measures 60 1/2″  x  68″ and kitted sells for $138.50. 

The next kit has been by far our biggestseller and that does not s041urprise me its an adorable little pieced red pick-up truck..  This is another great Buttermilk Basin pattern called “Loads of Holiday Cheer”.  The wall quilt measures 18″ x 29″.  Kits are $40.00 and 027the pattern is $9.00. 

We have another kit coming for our doll bed.  Jeanne E. made this up for us and Suzanne is writing the pattern.  What sweet little nine patch this is.  Never met a nine patch I didn’t love. 

Please take notice of the “Deck the Halls” stitchery on the bed.  It’s Stacy’s we are in total love.  Kits are available for $44.25.  Its a fun one peeps.  Lastly I will attempt a picture of Gwen’s “Pi043oneer Christmas” flannel.  It was such a great quilt we held it over from last season.  It’s really two quilts in one as she has pieced from the left over fabric the best tree ever on the back.  The pattern is $10.00 and the kit is priced at $148.00.  It measures 76″ x 85″. 

So as long as I mentioned tree.  I have a favorite this year.  It looks like a real Fra034zier, in fact most folks thought it was and did not even realize it was for sale.   I have the twig trees at home but always have a real tree.  Last year Reed broke me.  We had Christmas at Riverbanks all the trees were picked over and of course even though we have beautiful trees on our farm he couldn’t do it when it came down to cutting a good one so after much fuss and a mess guess what I have a new artificial that is perfect!  I’ll burn my pine or mistletoe candles and be 031over it.    The tree is 6ft tall by about 3ft. wide and sells for $335.00.  We have them boxed so we can ship.  I have two in our windows and the the one on the left is in the neatest old reclaimed Christmas Tree Box.   You will not be disappointed I will guarantee that.  We are a great marketplace start for your holiday trimmings.   I hope you will think of us often and remember to check our new holiday gallery and our new arrivals Gwen works hard to keep everything posted.  There is still more new stitchery048  coming your way, we can’t have idle hands.

  “Mary Linley 1829″ is a Scarlet House pattern.  I loved the silk colors used and felt for our traditional sampler lovers this would be fitting.  It was stitched on 32 count Olive  Leaf and with silk.  Our kit complete is $89.00.   I have another new With Thy Needle that has 051been very popular.  It is called “The Christmas Bird”, its the sweetest pinkeep and the kits is packaged with 36 count Weeks Chestnut linen, thread, backing and ribbon.  A complete kit sells for  $50.00.  I have to show you one more from Notforgotten Farm pattern it is called “The Old Mustard Moon” and honestly this t042ime of year its fitting.  I changed up the linen to my favorite murkey and oh my its really swell. FYI: Everyone loved our punch this year so I will put it on line by the end of the week, not only did it taste good it was festive and pretty to look at.   The little Cabin on the right sells for $95.00. 049

  Just when I think I have to be done for the evening I think of something else.  I bet you didn’t know that we have an amazing array of signs this season.    The “Christmas Trees” definietely stands out but we also have “Mistletoe Kisses and Christmas Wishes”,  and “Cut Your Own Christmas Trees”.  Check them out!  Best Horses too, this is our new pull toy and the antique rocking horse with its 059leather seat really can’t be beat.

Merry! Merry!   Its beginning to look like Christmas!

Jeanne and the Shop Girls.

Seasonal Gatherings!

007There is a seasonal nip in the air that I love.  This is the time of the year when your favorite room in the house is actually outside.  I find that natures palette with its vast beauty is so002 inspiring to me.  I so want to savor it because in a blink of the eye winter will quietly set in with it’s own beauty.    In the shop we are beginning to set the scene that brings family and friends together.  Are you thinking about it, because when I look at the calendar, I am alerted to the fact we are about six weeks away from Thanksgiving.  It’s that time of year when we set the table for our guests, cook miraculous food, and give thanks for the opportunity to live the way we do in this great country.

My thoughts always turn back to my childhood, when my grandmother Janney, who had an incredible eye for detail, h004ad all the family gather at the farm for every holiday.  This year I am bringing back some of things I fondly remember.001

It all starts at the front door, its how you are greeted and then it continues to the table.  Grandma’s table was always thoughtfully set with placemats and placecards making her event personal, and then there were always antique looking turkeys making everyone feel welcome.  This year we are blessed with good turkeys in the shop, I kinda of think it is their year I hope you will take a look.

  Paper products today are a fuss free way of setting a really pretty table and yet maintaining the aesthetic of high end elegance. Don’t get me wrong I love linen table cloths and napkins and they are still  a great alternative and will get used with paper or on there ow006n.  I also like to suggest the use of great vintage flatware, it makes whatever dishes you choose to use just a bit more special and helps create a lasting memory and that helps set the tone for your gathering.  I am hopeful you might like to en005tertain the paper idea or linen, we have both, for your own gathering this year and as Christmas nears you will see this idea expanded on even more.  My hope is this that you make this holiday gathering  an opportunity to reconnect with those you love, get creative and put away the phones and just converse, now there is an idea to ponder.  Ever Thankful you will be! 

Along with good food we love to have our favorite  good scents and just an FYI: we are re-stocked on the 1803 soy candles.