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Seasonal Interior and Exterior Inspirations:

Changing seasons are full of hope and inspiration:  I love the seasons, and the change comes rather we are ready or not so why not embrace it and run with it.  That is exactly what we do at “133 Jefferson St.”.  Everyone here is  so inspired by the new fall gear trending and  I know when its time for our “Quilt Expo Open House” you will be excited and inspired by our new Fall Collection of Quilts, Stitchery and Homegoods.  We try to span the holidays but mostly embrace the new season and hope you will find som001ething that makes you smile.  I am so hopeful if you visited last year you will come back and bring friends.  We all promise to make this event memorable for you.  Save the Date September 6th – 10th! 004

I took some pictures outside at the house this morning and thought I would share this inspiration with you.  Reed’s hydrangea gardens are so lovely and as you can see we enjoy some very untamed beauty.  I was so pleased today when I received the most delightful letter from a student that visited this past summer camp.  I had two classes come out to my house and dine at my table.  I was hoping it would be something they would enjoy and mostly hoping it would be a way for new people to make a connection wit014h each other.  I was  overwhelmed and overjoyed that what I did really was something my students enjoyed because gathering and sharing good food and good company is a way we always strive to make a memo015rable impression at our gathering table.  I do have a busy schedule but this was something that I felt compelled to do and it worked.  It’s nice to know somethings do.   

Just got our carpenter Ken involved in a new project.  I thought it would be great if I could showcase my newest lines of fabric so I had ken make me a wonderful display top to sit on my existing cabinet.  I am crushing on it and think it works pretty swell it kind of feels like a 133 Mercantile to me.  I will show you the new Fall Quilt Collection preview just before we open the doors for our own unique Expo Open House.  Stay tuned!

Summertime at 133!

It’s summer alright, hot, humid and our days are already getting shorter and its almost August and soon back to school.  Guess you know w024hat that means?  The season will be changing soon, the shop is always transitioning and the shop girls are working towards our “Quilt Expo Open House”  September 6th – 11th  and “Boxwood & Ber026ries” September 19th 23rd.   So what’s trending now?  Summer transition quilts, like our “Bee Fantastic”, “Goldenrod”, “Star Gazing Around the World”, “Summer Breeze”, and “Sail Away” just to name drop a few.   You will notice the old soft golds have been an intricate part of piecing quilts this summer. Blue is definitely an option to consider, its kind of back, no longer a sleeper in the quilters palette.  It is fun to watch color trends.  Just and FYI;  Foliage is so much fun to put into use in a decor.  It perks things up, gives the pop a color without being over the top and today it looks so real you might even try to eat or smell it.  The tomato veins I’m showing are amazing for sure and if you don’t have a green thumb I suggest you try this out. 

The Primitive cloth stars that you see in the bowl are $6.50 and I need to mention we are down to only two “Cobblestone” quilt kits.   I love the use of color in this quilt, so pleasing to live with.

028Another thing that never disappoints us in this shop is a neutral quilt palette, it never goes out of style. You might entertain the idea of our “Cottage French” quilt or using our “Star Gazing Around the World” as a table topper.  This was made with mostly Tim Holtz’s fabric and that alone tells us you will love it because its one of those mid century modern classics.  We all love it, and it would be so easy to dress your table scape with white or even a colored dish.  I have to point out the distressed pedestal, so functional and fun to use.  These are easy to layer up serving dishes or anything on and priced right at $52.00. 

Our Carpenter Ken has our doll beds back in the shop and we are r004eady to sell them to the public, we wanted them to be special for our GOF event and they were.  With so many little quilt options you can’t miss with this accessory and next year Carol Hopkins will help you put them to008 good use.  The beds are unfinished and retail out for $60.00. 

“Summer Breeze” with its  whimsical whirligig pinwheels, “Sail Away” and “Miller Manor” are all summer quilts Suzanne designed using blue and grey fabric, they are all quite different but fit the season.  I have Gwen’s “Summer Sangria” in the window.  It is another great quilt option and Gwen made great use of our French General fabric.  Notice the cooler we are all set to entertain with this whole idea.  As you can see we are crushing on the summer dream, come dream and be inspired by us. 

Hope to see you before the summer is over.  Your will find all the quilts I have mentioned today on line with size and price details.

Welcome to Summer Camp @133!

2016 Summer Camp @ 133 is officially open!  We are blessed this year with two amazing designers Stacy Nash and Blackbird Designs.  We hav001e three inspiring and informative classes scheduled over the next six days for stitchers and quilters.  This camp is for everyone.

  I can hardly stand it, I have to show you Stacy’s  “Liberty006 Star” tray and accessories.  I found this tray in January and knew then that it would be a winner and made for this class.  The bottom has been lined with Sweeney red velvet so it becomes this amazing stitching tray for all seasons.  We have 23 lucky students represented from fourteen states in our first class.  I feel really honored we have this kind of following in these busy summer months with summer vacation and family outings. 

The next two c002lasses are being taught by Barb and Alma from Blackbird Designs we will be making a covered Sampler Box and an Adam Eve Sampler which are both pictured for you on the event posting.  There are forty three students in our cross-stitch class and fifteen students in “The Raven” applique’ class.  That is a grand total of 81 students visiting o006ur little shop in our dear little town. Grateful and thankful everyday.

The shop is in summer transition as you can see by the pictures.  Our flags are flying and we are feeling very patriotic.  I am finally able to work on showing off our trending vignettes.  We were hacked and have had to go through so much to get G to G with everything again so lost another week.  It is so exhausting being locked out of your own001 sight.  We are told its Russia, The Ukraine and China causing all of the ciaos.  Don’t you wonder why the target is on us? 

Our Row by Row is also going well and has been more than we even anticipated.  The WI Shop Hop is over and I am012 anxious to meet with our Section 2 participants and get a feel for the attendance assessment.  We were better than last year so better is always a plus for us and several new faces found us.  Our newest fabric from Spring Market arrived today!  We bought the most wonderful “Up-Cycled Denim” stripes, modeled solids and gauze.  They run $22.50 a yard we can hardly wait to cut into them.  Enjoy your summer handwork!

Let the Summer Breezes Blow!!

It’s official and I know it to be true, the fire flies have been lighting up my yard at dusk.  Summer is here!  We are rolling at a pretty fast pace in the shop and ready as we can be!  The WI Shop Hop will be ending on Saturday the 25th and the 010“Row by Row” officially started today June 21st.       This is a busy week for us because it is also time for our amazing 46th Spring Green ArtFair.  It is always hot but the goodies on the street make you forget all of that.  My hope is if you haven’t been to this event you will find time to join us.   APT is also going full tilt, there have been lots of theatre goers in and raving over the amazing plays they are seeing.  Spring Green is a lucky town in so many ways and worth your  destination consideration.   Our Row by Row is themed “Home” this year.  Sense our Post House Garden is and has always been the heart of this bustling community and home to Hometown night talent and good food we chose to call it “Hom015etown Night in the Post House Garden”.  You can finish this row like ours and use it as a table runner or add it to your other rows.  Please remember this is only available to Row by Row guests that visit the shop during the summer months s014o you will not see this available on line, I hope this will be an incentive to get acquainted with us.

The summer seasonal decor is trending  lots of new quilts, samplers and Vintage Farmhouse decor to inspire your summer house.  ” Summer Breeze”,designed by Suzanne, is one of those little quilts you can use on your table scapes or on any se016rving station.  Notice the cream ware ice cream or berry bowls, the amazing drink dispenser and what a fun red serving bowl.   if you have the spot we are loving the looks of this Summer House sign. We also have found a great reproduction set of 006old coolers. 

We used them in so many ways at our Grand Olde Flag Gathering last week.  On the right I have filled the medium sized cooler with those amazing Cotton Wreaths.  Please notice the new cash box and the great Leather Moby Dick book boxes.

Last w018eek we officially introduced our exclusive doll beds at our gathering.  They are now available to you , they come unfinished and sell for $60.00.  Linda taught everyone how to paint and antique them and they all looked so professionally done.  It was great fun and so informative for our guests and now that we have so many wonderful patterns available you might want011 to consider this bed and a doll kit for a summer handwork project.  You see “Lolly and Vivian” a pattern designed by Suzanne who was remembering her girls favorite dolls when they were growing up. 

“California Dreaming” in shown on the bed on the right.  This was designed for my trip out to LA this spring.  I have a couple new samplers finished. 

“Bird Song” is a r012eally fun sampler we have available, I hope you are loving it as much as we do.   It is pretty swell and my framer found the perfect antique frame to make it sing..  My next sampler is a reproduct021ion called” Mothers Day”. If you love to stitch and showcase  your collection of antique and reproduction samplers I think this is one for you to think about. It looks old and  its just sweet and pleasing like mothers are supposed to be, it would make a nice009 tribute to your mothers love.   Yes its Summer @133!   There are stars and stripes pillows and  several star quilts to capture your attention like Selma’s “Dunlap Hollow “on the left 022, Suzanne’s new “Golden Rod” is on the right and its so sunny cheerful and bright and a great companion to our Jeanne’s “Bee Fantastic” which I posted in the previous post.   Barb’s “Star Gazing Around the World”  just happens to be our tribute to Tim Holtz’s fabric we find so unique and different, and an old favorite of ours designed by Vickie called 024“Old Glory”.   So many choices but isn’t that what makes a visit to us fun.

Summer at Hollyberry Farm  by Stay Nash is on the mantel and is always worth a second look if you are searching for just that right piece of summer handwork to take to the lake or on vacation! 

Happy Summer!!!  Hope to see you soon!

Get Ready Folks Summer is Coming and its a busy one for us!

 June 001signals the start of a lot more activity in the shop, winters finally over!  Our Wisconsin Shop Hop officially begins  on June 3 and it goes until June 25th.  We are all feeling patriotic as always and getting ready for our first gathering.  Grand Olde Flag  begins June 13th.   Row by Row and Summer begins on the 21st and our Annual spring Green Art Fair is is on the 25th 018and 26th.  Yes in deed we are busy as little shop girls bees!

Speaking of bees, they are all the rage these days, more and more people are getting into raising them and harvesting the honey.  Our shop girl Roxy has the best bees and honey ever!  Lucky us, because she shares.   You must have noticed this phenomenon  is transferring into the fabric and home decor industry too.  I am crushing on it because we have some wonderful little needfuls that look soBee-Hive-Canvas-Bag great in that modern 18th Century Farmhouse Decor that is trending big time this year.  I’m loving our reproduction antique canvas, we have two and honestly I have to say they look really swell with the Repro Tobacco Basket sets.  The canvas prints are sold in a set for $150.00.   I know you are going to love the new “Bee Fantastic Qui005lt”, it measures 64 x 80, the kits is priced at $145.75 and the pattern was taken out of the new Big Book of Scrappy Quilts.  This book is a gem, it has patterns ranging from crib-size to King – size and there are 77 featured patterns for only $29.99.  Gwen is also making a quilt out of the same book we are calling her new quilt Summer Sangria.    The faStar-Spangled-Banner-Canvasbric we chose is a great mix of Bee related fabrics from MODA.  Deb Stain  is the designer of the Bee Creative fabric line.  It’s fun but sophisticated, we love the honey colored prints mingled in with the grey and black.    It has great bees ladies and the journal papers and honey combs complete the quilts ch004arming appeal.  You probably noticed this amazing canvas tote with the bee skep.  Its handy, useful and bee people it was made for you and only $24.00.  We also have a great Star Spangled Banner flag bag available that is the same size and price.  008Gwen has everything in the shopping cart.

  There’s a little something about tomatoes this year. Selma and I were a little taken with these silk vines and hope you will see why.   They are so real, you might just try to eat them.  I said try.  The vines are full  of sun kissed, green and ripe cherry tomatoes.  Priced at  $27.50 per vine.  I can see them used in you summer decor in old or new crocks or what about using them on your farm to002 table scape.  I saw this idea being implemented on public TV this morning.  Impressive.  How does this happen?  Look how great Stacy’s “Tomato Harvest Bag” looks  in this vignette.  Love the use 015of velvet and homespun.  Its a swell bag and the kit is available for $60.00.

  Suzanne and I have been house cleaning fabric, replenishing our sale fabrics and trying to get our fabric freshened up for our visiting guests012.  I love to see beautiful fabric and we have lots 016for you to get lost in.017  I hope you will plan on seeing us 001soon.  thought you might like to see the new summer bee skep bags filled with our summer daisy’s. Loving the color.

And Along Comes Pretty Little May!

  Trending this week May 11th!

Loving our n001ew cotton gauze fabric and when its coupled up with the cuddle solid or dimple its nothing short of being a winning combination.  The cotton gauze is amazing on its own as well, you will love how good it washes and dries and performs.  You can use it for be009d skirts, you will love the drape, curtains, and using it for a cuddle, snuggle or cover up it works great for old and the very newest member of your family.  When I look at how swell it looks with our cotton wreaths it is easy to see why cotton remains such a vital part of our lives.   The 20″ wreath sells for $50.00 and we also have stems available in two sizes.   I am expecting new creamware crocks any day and I know the cotton will look really swell in them.

When I think of spring and summer days I think of airy fresh scents, a bree035ze blowing through the house and how I love the scent of lavender when you walk into a room.  We have lavender in the bulk that can be purchased by the cup which we will lovingly package for you.  Lavender is a great scent for sachets too.  We also have the most wonderful Fresh linen and Lavender Spray that can be used to freshen your linens and clothing.  You will get 32 oz. and a  spray attachment for $25.85.

I just got in the most wonderful new cotton linen blend stripe fabric!  You are going to love the possibilities this has, it is called “Linen Closet” its a cotton linen bl012end that sells for $16.50 a yard.  I see it being used through out your summer home decor and its  especially perfect for summer entertaining.  We have three colors of the stripe available.  Classic blue and cream, grey and blue, and khaki and blue.  You will never go wrong with blue!

  From time to time I like to get in different pieces of furniture that are relevant and trending.  This is the Farmhouse Sideboard.  crisp, clean lines, aged white and very functional with a reclaimed wood top.   Just think of 001the storage for silverware and linens not to mention your dishes. Gwen has it on line under the “Homegoods Arrivals” plus some other new additions that you might find of interest.

And along comes the pretty, busy, crazy little month of May!   It’s Cinco De Mayo tomorrow just one more reason to twist my arm and celebrate, I think I will get out my new “Date Night” wine that004 I got out in California  from the Warburton’s003  Phifer Pavitt Winery,its so good peeps and I don’t hardly ever say that about wine. You may just need to check them out on line.  I will enjoy sharing it with the shop girls tomorrow as we toast to May 5th 2016.

Time for dance recitals, Mother’s Day, weddings, birthdays I’m getting older, Grandson graduating, and we are off to Salt Lake City for quilt market on the 18th.  Lots going on and that is just the way it is in this busy world we live in.   Trying hard to embrace it all. 

I love this time of the year because the spring blooms are everywhere I look in my yard and out my back door at the shop in the Post House Garden.  The birds are coming to the feeders in flocks, the yell002ow and red finches and  our favorite 007miss Jenny wren was singing her lungs out this morning.  Isn’t it great to be so happy everyday, we need to take a lesson from that tiny little soul!   So far only one red breasted grosbeak, I think he is the scout checking out the feeders for his buddies.  They are usually all here for Mother’s Day so I remain hopeful they will all come home to us.  

Let me think, we are are knee deep in so many things happening already this week its hard to know where to start. 

Did you all know we were doing the “Row By Row Experience”It starts on June 21st and goes through September 6th.  This is a challenge that had 2,655 quilt shops in the USA and Canada participating in the event last year.  So if you are traveling the theme is “Home Sweet Home”.  Our row uses my Manor House 016fabric and is what my 133 home is all about!  Hope you decide to check us out if you are traveling017 its a low stress way to get acquainted with new shops.  

The shop girls are getting our Summer Quilt collection in order.  We are going to try and entice you to enjoy your summer days with some amazing new handwork.  I think you will be as motivated as we are  when you see what we have up our sleeves.  That could be quilting or it could be stitching.  I got in a couple more new models I want you to see 035made up.   Stacy Nash’s “Mary Bovee” Sampler, kitted with 32 count Murky linen for $45.00 and the “Spotted Pigs Pinkeep” kitted with 28 count Murky is priced at $42.50. Loving these designs!  Stacy’s designs are addicting I am busy stitching on my California Orange Coast commemorative sampler and can hardly put it down I know why everyone loves her talent.

More huge news, the NEW Blackbird Designs “Sweet Land of Liberty” book has arrived! It’s in the shopping cart already and our pre-orders have been shipped.  Great projects and what a value for the customer for five designs priced at $20.00.  I can’t decide which design to get stitched up first, there are so many amazing choices for you summer handwork enjoyment and we are waiting for Plum Street’s newest too.  So much to look forward to. 

Just a reminder we have gift certificates we can still try to get to you by Mother’s day and don’t forget we are all mothers and enjoy celebrating our day too, the shop is closed on Sunday. 

Happy May!

Time to think of Mothers Day!

Can you believe it’s almost May!  April has literally disappeared before my very eyes.  So everyone its not too early to begin thinking about 004“Mothers Day”.  I found time today to put together some of my thoughts and hope you enjoy seeing our ideas.  Now I know gifts aren’t for everyone, so 031that’s why we love to send you a Gift Certificate from your honey or the kids, there is time to do this.  I know how I love gift certificates to my favorite haunts so can assume you do too, but if you know Mom well, we do have some swell gift ideas for your consideration. 

Moms really are special we take care of so much that probably can go nu-noticed so let us help you remember your moms this month.   We have so many passions , we love needlework, some of us are bakers, we  love fresh scented candles or enjoy beautiful potpourri in our homes.  The shop has silk florals that never wilt and brighten up your home decor everyday and 006if Mom loves fabric we have many wonderful choices we can offer.  I happen to love gadgets and we just happen to have a few temptations when it comes to that area too.    I will begin with the quilts you are seeing, the quilt that is sitting on our buffet, it is ca025lled “Spring Ahead”.  You saw a glimpse of it when we had our Spring Open House and now its coming out front and center so you can love it even more, kits are available on line for $59.75.  The large quilt is one of Selma’s and is called “February Morning”, I love the fresh happy colors, this kit is also on line and priced at $133.50.  I haven’t met anyone that does handwork that doesn’t love ribbon, this gros017grain floral is to amazing and sells for $20.00.  If you loved  Linda Koenig’s first quilt book published by Quiltmania wait until you get your hands on “Ratsburg Road Quilts”.  Amazing to say the least and I’m pretty sure Mom would absolutely love owning a copy.  This book retails for $48.95 and worth every penny. 

I love unique ways to hold treasures like old buttons or even sweet032 treats our new spring jars could be used for either.   Out antique metal measuring tape is pretty neat too.  The jars are $21.85 and the measuring tapes sell for $11.85. I also mentioned if mom loved baking we have.  I love pie so here is a really great idea for you , take 014our creamware pie dish , and now you need the gadget, its a crimper and more fun than pinching.  You simply fold the crust under and the detachable guide magically makes a beautiful

looking pie crust and its only $15.00.  To insure this beautiful looking crust you also need a good pie shield and I love this shield because it031s adjustable and not metal.  You might even want a great pie baking book called “Ms American Pie”  for some more delicious new pie baking recipes.  We also have creamware ice cream bowls an038d the most amazing reproduction scoops everyone has loved and we all know ice cream goes with pie.    So dream with us and we will help you make your mother’s day one to remember!  Happy Spring, I think it has finally arrived! 

Fixed the urns today with our beautiful silks and thought maybe this could be  a reminder you could have theses beauties at your house too.035   

Just thought since I was showing off some outside things I had to show you the one of my favorite new battery036 lights,   It screams patio to me, you can hang them or just sit them on your table. 

This is the find of the week!  Best $35.00 ever!! 

I wanted to share some pictures of the handwork we carry because most items pictured are either kitted or can be kitted with your favorite count and overdyed linen.  I think the picture also illustrates  the many different linen choices we offer and a look at different designers we love014 to feature.   I also am a big believer in changing colors and over dying a piece to make a sampler look even better.  We use beautiful overdyed  and wool 001threads from a variety of  different thread venders and even some silks when called for.

We also carry the best necessaries  that make handwork a pleasure.  We have  great old looking needleminders, thread keeps, vintage measuring tapes, glass head pins and pincushions,  many types of sci008ssors and more specialty items you might want to consider.  we will add a little ribbon to your gift certificate for your best lovie!  Happy Mother’s Day!

Springtime in Wisconsin!

You never know what you will wake up to these days in Wisconsin.  Reed and I had to go over to Riverbanks this past weekend, he had cut d016own 23 dead trees and had lots of clean up planned.  My gosh folks, we had blizzard condition002s, sleet, rain and 20 degrees for two days.  Our little daffodils are holding on by a fine thread.  I shot a few pictures so you can see of what I speak, crazy, ridiculous to say the least.  We did however enjoy the different birds that frequent our feeders, we watched the American Idol finale and the river flow by us,  old movies, I cooked and I stitched on a La D Da pattern.   I think are we getting old, it was too nasty to even venture out and the one day we did we went for fish at 5:30!  Now I’m getting worried about us both.

We had also scheduled the installation of a carpet runner going up to the second f017loor, good thing I was there, who knew there were a couple of ways to lay that runner down.   Waterfall or Chicago style?   Since I don’t speak carpet we almost had a disaster. Needless to say he started waterfall and thankfully I was there to say STOP!  I found out I love Chicago style, I have never seen waterfall and don’t want to I’m classic and like the carpet001 to fit my stairs, we got lucky they happened to have enough carpet to start all over again.  So the moral of that story is if you are getting an installation be sure you know what you are getting. 

Here is a little good news  I  just got just before I left home, the new line of fabric I had submitted called “Holidays at “Riverbanks” is a go!  This line will be used throughout the year focused around the holidays and great times we have had and will continue to have at this great property.   I am quite excited over the prospect and so are the shop girl designers.  I anticipate a new series of patterns on the horizon called 020“CS Homegoods” to help you with whole cloth projects that don’t require lots of piecing but are upscale trending Potterybarn and Crate and Barrel looks.  We are finding newbies are busy girls that can sew but don’t have the time, and this may just be what they are looking for to build charm into there own personal home decor.   “Riverbanks” will show in this 002fall at the Houston quilt market. 

I am getting ready to visit the Orange Coast Sampler Guild in LA this week, I will be traveling with Stacy Nash.  Stacy will be teaching, I will bring in some of my fabric, small kits and trims.  We created the “Road to California” block and a sweet new doll quilt for them called “California Dreaming”.  These will be available in the shop after the 18th when I arrive home.  The new doll beds will be available after our GOF Gathering in June. They will retail f021or $60.00.   “California Dreaming” kit (20 1/4″ x 24 3/4″) is $34.50 and the pattern is $9.00.  “Road to California” is kitted for $15.00 and measures (16″ x 15″) , the pattern is sold separate.

I‘m kind of pleased with myself over this one.  I have loved this Stacy Nash pattern for so long, its called “Liberty 1776MB-Glory-Be Hanging Sampler Pinkeep” and I finally decided to have it stitched up on my favorite Murkey linen.  Its dynamite ladies!   Kits are available for $40.00 and we did use the 32 count.  We have the linen on order so you will be able to place a pending order.

I must be  feeling patriotic already because the new Blackberry Primitives “Glory Be” wool applique’ kit has just arrived this week.  This mat is  15″ x 27″ and was designed for Blackberry by Maggie Bonanomi .  It sells complete with the pattern and kit for $68.00.  Pattern only is available for $9.00.  Its pretty swell for sure!  Since Spring refuses to come I believe I will dream about Summer instead.

Time for my Spring Open House preview: “Natural Farmhouse”

I love this time of the year for so many reasons but right this minute it is mainly all about how the shop feels.  I hope 001I can inspire you to want to create a  part of our special look in your own home decor.  If I can I have accomplished what 012I set out to do.

With the change of season comes a definite change in our color palette.  We expect to see the always popular neutral natural colors, the beautiful fresh lime greens, but you can also expect to see the sunny colors that brighten up your nests but used in our recognizable fashion.  It kind of feels like we have nailed it all this year.  I am all about the look and feel of a “Vintage Natural Farmhouse” so I hope you will enjoy this mini tour of our Spring event and it would be even greater if you would plan on a018ttending. 

You know how I like to use mirrors that reflect the beauty across a room or  something you have placed on a shelf that reflects a favorite heirloom treasure.   You might also want to think about using one of our aged reproduction Tobacco Baskets, hang it on a wall and fill it with a favorite sampler or special painting.  I do like to think out of the box and when I can encourage you to do the same, I will.  We have all 030of the necessary tools to make this all happen for you, we are not just a quilt shop that is only a part of how we want you to think of us.  The little quilt you are seeing displayed in our front window is called “Springtime in Paris” its a pinwheel design. The pattern is designed by Jeanne and Selma and our Barb made it up.   We used the new Basic Grey line of fabric, it just spoke to us and I am pretty sure it will to you.  Its whimsical and the colors say happy!  I love how our old blue antique bowl is the perfect fit.  You will also notice the cotton wreaths you see hanging about the shop.  I love them, had them a few years back and couldn’t get anyone to consi018der them and now that you see them used on Fixer Upper they were being shown in every showroom we frequented in January.

I know through the years my audience and focus has been directed at the boomers because I am one. We are aging, things are changing in our lives but that does not mean we don’t need or want to change up our home goods and style now and then.  When I am too tired to do handwork my home is where I want to focus my energies.   I’m told sixty something is the the new 034forty.  Praise the Lord for that one! 

My goal this year is to try and bring in the X’ers, those forty something couples that love their homes as much as we do but have busy families to care for and they have to work, work, work because there are not that many of them to work.   Just because they are busy folk and haven’t had time to pursue handwork we all love does not mean we can’t help them define there homes with unique, vintage hom010e goods.   I hope to also encourage them to try some handwork along the way, I think its our job to do this  because we know this is what has given us so much happiness over the years.  We have found lasting friendships and its been therapy in so many ways.   This will not be a part of the next generation if we don’t do our part soon. 

If you look at the photo of our bed I had Suzanne make us a new bed cover out of the most wonderful new fabric we are carrying in the shop.  It is light weight, gauzy in appearance and comes in great relevant colors. Its a cotton cloth that washes and drys like no other.  We saw it used at 004market as swaddles for babies, bed ensembles, and even used for sleepwear.  You use the gauze fabric on one side and the coordinating Cuddle Dimple on the other for the swaddle.  It’s so soft, and the colors are so pleasing I think my forty something baby would like to own one of her own considering her favorite blanket is in shreds. 004

Silk flowers are an easy way to lighten your homes and help with the transition into Spring and Summer.  We have so many beautiful styles to choose from.  There are tulips in all sizes and colors, olive branches, pussy willows in two colors, cotton branches and there are numerous ways to show them off.  You have probably  noticed we have several large display pieces this year, but homes today have the high ceilings and can take a signature piece like the the red iron weather vane.  It’s kind of swell! 

Rabbits are our thing every year  and the running rabbit is one of my favorites this season.  I see them and think of012 run (Forest) I really mean “run rabbit run” but I couldn’t resist throwing it out there.  These guys can go anywhere, they are priced  moderately @$41.65, they will easily mount on the wall and if you look back you will see how I have played with that idea too. 

“Kathleen’s Doll Quilt” is one of my favorites, I would use it o006n the table and just look how great it looks with our Vintage blue bowls!   Fill that bowl up with our bags of natural grasses and eggs and its a winning table top for your Easter guests to enjoy.  The pattern is in the new “Jo’s  Little Favorites” book.  Our kits are available for $23.00 and the fabric we used is Betsy Chutchians “Eliza’s Indigo”.  We are all in love with 020this new quilt and the colors couldn’t have been more perfect for the season. This is a quick sew and could be done in time for Easter and ready to enjoy all spring.  Gwen made this up for us.  We have so many sheep that fit too as does the new tin medallion in the background.  The vintage lights are something you might want to notice too.  005

You know how we all loved our red pick up truck this past Christmas well I can also see it used on your table or buffet as the the Little Red Express Egg Truck.  Can’t you just imagine its box filled with eggs and grass.  I just had to throw this idea your way because if you already have the truck this might just be something to think about.  If you011 like to theme your gatherings, and you are thinking about Paris I wanted to remind you of the great napkins that go so well with the white cream ware dishes we love, and the Farmhouse blue and tin bowls.  How perfect is this color?

It seems only appropriate to mention our candles.  Just a flicker of a pleasing fragrance and the glow could begin with us.  We carry some of the finest.  We have amazing new potpourri too, perfect colors, subtle scents it all makes sense.  014

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the arrival of my new “Manor House Fabric Collection”.   We do not have any of the pre-cut packs we ordered but they will be in hopefully next week so you can leave us with your wish list if that is something you would like to own.  The cottons and yarn dyes are so good I am pleased to f016inally get to see them all together and hope you will enjoy seeing the quilts the shop girls have designed for the the line.  We have some on the floor and the others are displayed in the SchoolHouse.  You must stop there anyway and get yourself a little  energy sweet  that makes you smile and think of spring.  Krista is working on the treats.   We have all been working towards this event so I hope you will find it a025 worth your while journey and join us. 

I still have a few more pictures of ideas that I will  be adding tomorrow when the rest of the quilts come.  

Gwen was able to get019 all of the Manor House fabric and kits on line today and will have the new Spring Quilt Collection up tomorrow.  It spells a lot eye candy enjoyment for all. 

You have seen Jeanne’s “Dutch Treat” but our angel is loving cradling it and the colors are pretty perfect, I just had to share her with you again.  Notice the cotton ball picks on her left side and the 008tobacco basket with the a set of  wings hanging on the wall behind her on  her right other side. 

This old picture on burlap looked so good displayed on a  our cheese board I had to share the idea.  The other good practical idea is our egg soaps, they can be purchased individually and displayed  in our popular farmhouse tin soap dishes.  The new soap  you see boxed is called Sweet Tea.   The name alone is surely a sign of spring and 035summer entertaining to come. 

Can’t help pointing out the bunny ribbon, we also have bees and cats.  As you are seeing we are full of good ideas we can’t wait to share.  It’s been a really long winter and I do believe I  have shopped my way through it!  Suzanne has finished her projects.  008

We always love  good doll quilt patterns so Suzanne decided to create “Lolly and Vivian”, those were her girls favorite dolls when they were growing up.  One measures 17″ x 21″ and the other is 18″ x 24″.  We have a kit that makes both of these quilts, backing  and binding is included for $65.50.  Pattern is available for $9.00. 

The next quilt  that sang out to us at market this past fall was called “Driftwood”, its a Laundry Basket004 Sitar Family Traditions pattern.  We tend to love Edyta’s designs.   This particular chevron pattern is done in a colorful array of old prints that fits the new season perfectly.  Our quilt is 65″ x 83″ and kitted sells for $151.00.  We are loving the pops of fresh green throughout  and how it looks with our silk florals. If you have  wall space this would be an amazing006 way to greet your quests and dress your decor for Spring. 

The most wonderful new French Stripe Linens just arrived.     They can be purchased to fit a rectangular or square table and we also got the linen cloth napkins that go with.  The color makes it the perfect choice when it comes to dressing your Easter tabletop.   Its neutral and neutral works  for any occasion.  I hope you remember our great  antique silverware sets, we have carried for the past few years but from to tim013e I like to remind you.   It is the in way to use your  old silverware.      We also have  antique spoon napkin holders that look  swell with our new table linens I was just telling you about. Now I need to mock up a table setting so you could see for yourself.  I am012 using our great creme ware dishes, the vintage silverware and linens but I really wanted you to see Jeanne’s E.’s new “Spring Ahead” table topper.  It measures 42″ x 49″, the patterns are $9.00 and the kits are $59.75.  The linen napkins are $12.95, the rectangular linen cloth is $150.00 and the square linen 011cloth is $75.00. 

I was so excited to get this order, but of course, it came in today so its a little too late to dismantle the whole shop but I had to show you our newest piece of furniture that can be ordered it is called the Farmhouse Sideboard.  I think it is so functional, the Sideboard sells for $2,237.50.  This is a piece that has to be picked up from the sh017op as delivery to residential is not an option.  It will be on display in the SchoolRoom this weekend.   In the background you are seeing several of our other Manor House quilts.  There are a few that did not get kitted yet this week because components were still being shipped to complete.  We will take pre-orders on any of these you might fancy. 

The last thing I will men010tion this week is our block of the month quilt called “Latmer Farms” designed by Paula Barnes.  We have finally gotten the fabric in and will begin to go ahead with  club member orders.  I believe we have eight openings left so I know our potential members that are waiting to see the quilt finished will have a little sneak peek.   By the way it was done our way as you can always count on us to do.  Happy Spring to all!

Spring Market:

I love to be able to say “Spring Market”.  The magnolia trees were in full bloom, the birds were all a chatter, and the temp when we hea002ded North on Monday was 70 degrees.  It is safe to say Spring has sprung in Franklin and I am pretty happy with high fifty degree temps in good old Wisconsin.  Market was  fabulous!  Now we just have to find the customers to buy the amazing projects we have to offer you.  I brought loads 001of linen back you know we can never have enough of linen and I had pre-ordered several linens needed for the projects I knew I would be bringing home so we are good to go for sure. 

I will highlight my favorite finds so you can get excited and inspired as I am and Gwen has everything on line in the cart and posted under the 2016 Market tab on the left.  Stacy always has the greatest booth, its those amazing fresh flowers she  brings to dress her booth.  I snapped a couple pictures but it was not only the flowers she had the super great new projects she designed were pretty inspiring too.  The other new thing she had was old magnets, and thread keeps that were just the best.  Love those needful things and ladies she will be with us at stitch Camp006 in July.  I took a count today and we are already at 19 so that means we could take five more guests.  The roister looks great, so many returning Stacy fans will be with us again.  We can not thank you enough for being apart of our gatherings. 

The sampler you see on the right is called “Sarah Liddle”  It makes up into a beautiful Sampler Bag but it would be great framed so you can decide how you want to see it007.  If you did not make her last Sampler bag this would be a great project to do up, we display ours over our vintage manikin and it always looks really swell.  All of the patterns she did this time  are priced at $12.00. 

I also loved “Mary Bovee”, there is a great urn, a house  and a rabbit, it meets my check list.  It was stitched on 32 count Murkey one of my new favorite Picture this Plus linens.  We did up several pieces on this linen for the holidays and 002had amazing raves.  Who doesn’t love a good old primitive pig?  “Spotted Pigs Pinkeep” was also stitched on Murkey.  This little pinkeep is whimsical, primitive and will be a fun stitch.   

We are all in love with this exclusive market kit.  It is called “Adam & Eve on the Farm Sewing Tray”, it comes kitted complete with everything you need for $56.00.  Awesome sauce I gotta fin009d some time, I have all of sudden put a whole lot of stitching on my bucket list.  This is going to be so much fun to do.  This is only a few so remember to check the market finds for a complete look at everything.  

  “With T008hy Needle and Thread”, Brenda, Brenda how do you do it?  So many good things you will have a hard time deciding what you want to stitch first.    Tone on tone is one of those things that fit our Vintage Farmhouse look because they are pleasing in any decor.   This is going to be a winner.  Love, love this little sewing tray its called “The Gilmore House Sewing Tray“.  We have the trays available to complete this and they are $15.00.  She tells you ho010w to finish it and you will need the 40ct. ale linen and two Weeks light khaki threads.  All of Brenda’s patterns are also $12.00.  One more tone on tone I also loved is called “A Weaver’s Work”.  I took these pictures to share some of Brenda’s  great display ideas.  So many times we all have something we love but don’t think to utilize it and display our treasures inside it.  Well it looks great and you get a bit more bang out of our antique treasures. 

Easter is coming and “Spring Frolic at  Bunny Hill” would be a great addition to your Spring decor.  The hand made band boxes made by Lone Elm are amazing.  They are available from us for $120.00.  The good thing is you can easily pop several designs in and out of your box making it a great display tool all year.  Notice the idea of adding eggs and grass in the box.  It’s a good thing for sure and we carry the eggs 016and grass too.014

  I know so many of you  prim lovers enjoy making needlebooks.  “A Stitch in Time” is a needle and scissor keep and the pattern also includes an adorable Pin Ball.  This was stitched on 35 count gun metal which is on order so if you want the complete look we can help you get it.  This photo also is meant to inspire.  Look how simple this looks and you can show off your antique hoop collection, old threads any antique treasures.   FYI:  We also have the packs of Linen Braid you will need to finish your Pin Ball, it is $2.00.

“Where Hearts 013Rest” and “Red Bird Fraktur” are both great patterns for the bird lovers out there.  The Fraktur is a great piece of stitched folkart and the Hearts Rest nest is just a perfect spring project to cheer you up.  Another favorite that when I first saw it pictured I was not sure about turns out to be down right adorable, you use some of your old button collection.  It is called “Needle & Thread”.  It’s happy and I know it will 019be a great stitch and addition to your sewing room decor. 

There were also patriotic patterns, my favorite was “Liberty for All”, love the urn, bird and flags and its stitched on 36ct. Wren. 

“Good Deeds” is a very sweet garden themed sampler that is worth your consideration as well as  many more you will want to check out.  Love the use of the white iAnn-Harding-1811ronstone and old buttons.  I hope you find this inspiring.

This market I was on a quest to bring back Gigi R Designs.  I know my sampler people will love these designs.  Gigi is from Belgium and so her patterns are not always easy to obtain, I am thrilled and can’t wait to have some models done.  I must be drawn to polka dots for some reason Stacy’s Pigs and now “The polka Dot Cow Sampler”  Ann Harding 1811 is an EnglisThe-Morris-Dancerh antique sampler.  Pigs Cows, whats up with that?  What ever it is, its good, and another good thing is it uses Gentle Arts threads and Weeks 40ct.”Linen” not to say you have to use 40 count.   “The Morris Dancer” is another favorite of mine.  This sampler was  adapted  frThe-Red-Deer-Sampler---GiGiom Maria Cooper’s Sampler, 1790.  I think this sampler will be super fun for you to work on.  The last one I will show you today is called “The Red Deer Sampler” circa 1861 – 1866.  This is a sampler that will stand out, it is a very  impressive design and full of great colors its totally worth your consideration.    There are several more choices and you will find them all on line. 

La D Da is another designer I always enjoy keeping up with in the shop.   Lori’s designs fit us, she likes primitive with a little whimsy and samplers.  We love her style.  Her Rabbits are always funBriar-Rabbit---La-D-Da, love how she took an older rabbit, “Briar Rabbit”, stitched hiCat-&-Dog--LDDm on a smaller count and made him into a little pillow.  Well now it’s perfect, I love it when we can bring back a great design and blow it up with a whole new look. 

I had a favorite, it is called “Cat & Dog”, two simple designs, stitched with the Gentle arts Wool Collection.  We have the thread packs coming and the 32 count Confederate Grey linen and being only about 4 x 4 makes them easy to display.  “Summertime Roll-Up” kit is another one of Lori’s amazing kits.  These are market kits so pretty exclusive aSummertime-Roll-Up-kitd we only have 12 I am sure you will find this kit a perfect fit for a new project.  The kit is complete with accessories, linen, wool, and finishing fabric for $60.00.  the last design I will show is the “Tall House Needlebook”.  I loved this design and am experimenting with a new saffron linen I picked up from Dames of the Needle.  By the way I love what this Dame is doing she has found her niche.  Her new colors of linenTall-House-Needlebook---LDD, pom poms, ribbons, and  even velvet make me crazy.  Wait until you see Sweeney Red Velvet.  I am pretty positive you will be seeing this at Stitch Camp this summer.  I am definitely into houses.  Patterns 006sell for $10 -12 dollars. 

Blackbird Designs finally did it they brought back the Christmas Garden sampler this year in there NEW ” Home for the Holidays” book.  Love this book and most of all the idea all of the customers that loved this amazing sampler can get it again but the book is full of wonderful ideas, and many more new and older retired des020igns we get calls for all of the time.  $26.00 and twelve projects later you will be smiling.  Look at these little treasures, instructions to make them are in this book, I know I will be trying this technique.  The girls always share so many wonderful ideas.  The also started a new collection it is called the Tender heart series, there are four and I am sure you will love 021them all especially if you love making needful pinkeeps.  “Pledge of Affection” is the first and “Sweeheart” pocket is the fourth.  These patterns are $10.00 a piece.  I think you are going to love the new format used for these designs.  Gwen will be adding these designs tomorrow.

  Moving right along, I wanted to put up at least one moGrant-House-1865re today before I go to the newsletter.  Linda from Chessie and Me has released “Grant’s House” from the 2015 Grand Olde Flag Gathering. Everyone has been waiting for this amazing sampler and several other fabulous new designs you will want to consider.  She always Chessie-&-Me-1776has at least one new kit and this year it is called “American Stag”, the kit is packaged complete for stitching and finishing and sells for $30.00.  I know many of you collect her designs and this is one you just won’t want to miss out on getting.   I think I have found a sampler for everyone this year, that is how good the market was.

The Scarlet House is another designer that had many new designs that fits are shop and there are antique samplers that have been reproduced and many designs that are original to choose from.   Several of the designs sold out before I could even get in to see heMary-Linley-1829---Scarlettr so  we are waiting for them to ship in, but not to worry Tanya will have them in our hands by next week.  One of my favorite samplers wasMary-Cook-1795-by-Scarlett- “Mary Linley 1829“, its the bird that strikes a chord with most stitchers and the fact silks  were used is another appealing factor..  So Good, the pattern is $20.00!

Mary Cook 1795″ is another great motif sampler, there is an Adam and Eve and two by two animals, urns, its a really fine sampler you will enjoy stitching, the pattern sells for $26.00.  Both of the Mary samplers were stitched on Lakeside linens and both suggest silkCoverlet-Candle--Scarlet-Hothreads but a conversion to DMC is always offered. 

Coverlet Candle” is one of  Tanya’s original designs  that  could be framed or done as shown as a mat. 

  Heartstring Samplery is one of our younger designers that has always created Feniscowles-Hall-1824---Heaamazing designs you can’t help but notice.  Beth did “His Eye is on the Sparrow” which every time I see the sampler I fall in love with it again.  This year she did “Feniscowles Hall 1824”, it is not a reproduction but was reproduced from an old photograph and since it was in her family tree we are lucky enough to get to enjoy this beautiful sampler.  The chart is $10.00 and is worth your consideration andATS-1871 please note the saying.  The color palette is done in soft over dyed threads on an over dyed 32 count linen. 

Here are a few more of our new samplers from the GiGi R sampler designs.  This sampler is know as “Sampler from Saxony” ATS 1871.  It’s truly remarkable and an amazing sampler project that will be a enjoyable journey for a sMary-A-Bunce-GiGiR-Designsampler lover. 

The chart is $20.00.  I also liked


Accessories, you know how I love these, Stacy did “Primitive Threadkeepers” and “Needle Holders”.  They are not your norm peeps, they are great and I think you will love owning one or more.  cost $12.00. 

The last thing I’m going to  leave you with today is from the Primitive Hare, yes, I met Isabella and what a thrill.  She is such a delight to visit with her and I think you will love what I bought.   I got her dyed linens and have a speci002al limited kit coming but her Rabbit cards spoke to me most.  Easter is coming ladies and what a great way to send a greeting to an old friend that shares your passion for handwork or a favorite family003 member you miss seeing.  The caption reads “Stitching with Love”.  I don’t even want to use them, the rabbit is just the best, it pleases me to just look at them.  You get 6 cards and envelopes for $12.00.  More posts to come.

Happy Handwork!